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Selfie Competition

  Show us your smiles! After your treatment you look stunning  – and you know it!  Now it’s time to show off your smiles in our selfie competition. Win £100 treatment voucher every month by simply submitting your selfie.   We will gather al the submissions each month and choose a winner at random. We…

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Have your fillers gone wrong? | Help and advice from the experts

    Have your lip fillers gone wrong?  Here, Dr MJ Rowland-Warmann BSc BDS MSc Aes.Med. PGDip Endod. MJDF RCS (Eng) gives comprehensive help and advice on a broad range of filler treatments including emergency complications and how you should act when things don’t work out.  She talks about the benefits and risks of dissolving…

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Orthodontist: How to brush your teeth with braces in 2019

  Here’s our very own orthodontist, Dr Laurence Masters with 7 expert tips on how to brush your teeth with braces.   To learn more about all the amazing things Laurence does for his patients and to see all our different types of braces that we offer here at Smileworks take a look here at…

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Smile Makeover Liverpool | Affordable Celebrity Smiles

  Here’s How a Smile Makeover can Change Your Life If you want to improve your look because you feel self conscious then there are many different ways you can get help.  Many patients come to us asking for a ‘smile makeover’ or ‘smile design’ and this excites us because it’s giving us a blank…

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Clip on veneers Liverpool | A Professional review from UK Dentists

Snap on Smile Review by the professionals Here at Smileworks we’re here to help you make the right choices about dental treatment.  And with the rise in popularity of clip on veneers UK and Europe-wide, we decided to give you a professional assessment to help you avoid getting ripped off or even harmed.  We are…

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More great Work from our Friends at Save Face.

  Here at Smileworks we are active in the fight against budget, poorly trained and downright rogue practitioners ruining the faces of the lovely people of Liverpool.  Save Face are a government approved register of practitioners and have an easy to use search engine that will tell you the best places to get treatment wherever…

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