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A Discussion of Interceptive Orthodontics

  Author:  Dr MJ Rowland-Warmann Student ID BP0150715     Note: This is an academic resource for dentists and orthodontists written by Dr Rowland-Warmann for her Orthodontics Masters at BPP.  If you’re a patient and want to know more about braces and orthodontics at Smileworks and how we can help you or your child with…

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Factors Influencing Choice of Extractions in Orthodontics

 Discuss the factors that may influence the choice of extraction in orthodontics Author:  Dr MJ Rowland-Warmann Module 2: Principles of Orthodontic Diagnosis and Treatment Planning Submission March 2017 Student ID BP0150715   Note: This is an academic resource for dentists and orthodontists written by Dr Rowland-Warmann for her Orthodontics Masters at BPP.  If you’re a…

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Inman Aligner | Smileworks Liverpool

Inman Aligner Liverpool Inman aligners are the gentle, safe, efficient and super quick removable braces taking Liverpool by storm in 2021.  Their popularity is due to a number of factors including the low cost, remarkable speed and the fact that patients can remove them to eat. These factors together make the Inman Aligner appliance the…

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Composite Bonding Before and After Pictures

Composite Bonding Before and After Gallery   The one treatment our patients can not get enough of is composite bonding, or composite veneers to some (they are the same thing). We have performed hundreds, if not thousands, of composite cases. Treating patients who just want to fix a chip or gap, to others who want…

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Braces Before and After Gallery

    Braces Before and Afters   Here at Smileworks we help literally dozens of beautiful braces patients a week.  We not only straighten their teeth, we help them feel better about their entire lives.  Braces are a lifestyle choice and whether you’ve gone for invisible, fixed or removable, the results are always really special….

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Braces Colours Gallery

      So here at Smileworks braces are all about looking perfect and changing your life for the better.  We love taking photos of each patient and their braces journeys and a number of these photos have been based on the cool braces colours they have chosen for their treatment.  This article is about…

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Composite Bonding Liverpool: The best (and worst) of 2021 compared

    What is composite bonding? Composite bonding is where a dentist or dental hygiene therapist applies dental composite resin to the teeth to make them look better.  It is safer and less expensive than traditional veneers.  It is also faster, being completed in minutes not days. This treatment is available for chips, cracks or…

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Overcrowding in Adults

  Crowded teeth (also known as overcrowding in adults)   Crowding is a term used in dentistry to describe when patients have misaligned teeth.  People refer to crowding as overcrowded teeth, malocclusion of teeth or simple ‘overcrowding’.  The proper dental terminology is just ‘crowding’.  This is where the teeth are scrunched together and become crooked….

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Are Porcelain Veneers Right for You?

    What are porcelain veneers? Porcelain veneers are beautifully crafted slivers of material that fit over damaged teeth to make them look perfect.  The easiest way to think of them is like fake fingernails that you might get at the nail salon. But unlike fake fingernails they are made of durable, lifelike and advanced…

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