Angie Gil

Angie Gil Liverpool
Front of House

  • University of Alicante (Master Degree Planning and Management of Natural risks)
  • University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (Degree in Geography and Land Planning)
  • Dental Hygiene Diploma

Angie is our bright and bubbly front desk star. She has studied and worked in dental hygiene for years. She’s a pro at understanding our treatments and assisting our patients.

Born in Caracas, Venezuela, Angie moved to Spain at an early age and then to the UK a few years ago. She loves travelling and discovering new places and people. Her favourite place she’s visited is Lisbon, the colourful city and it’s incredible food and culture captured her completely.

Angie is also a part-time entrepreneur, she runs an Etsy shop selling maps and stationary. Move over Bezos!