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If you’re looking for beautiful dental implants from the most talented professionals then Smileworks is the practice for you.



Having a good laugh, eating a delicious meal with friends or receiving a nice compliment – all these things make us feel good. Unfortunately, lots of people don’t feel like they can live life to the full because of their missing teeth. If this sounds like you then your answer may be implant dentistry.  As good as your natural teeth, Implants are fitted into your bone and have a beautiful, life-like appearance and a natural, long-lasting result.  Implants are the solution for people who never want to feel self-conscious abut their teeth again and want to eat, chew and smile with absolute confidence.


Not all restorations are created equal, and your options for implants in Liverpool need to be carefully considered.  Luckily Smileworks are right on your doorstep and we use the very best materials and the most talented dentists to get you precisely the result you want.  It will feel like getting your old teeth back and our patients say treatment has made them “feel positive for the first time in years” So if you want, “friendly, professional, relaxing and honest” advice from our “super-friendly, super efficient and super nice” team then book in for a consultation below.

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Quality, High-Grade Implant Materials

The Dental Implants we use are made from high-grade materials, as we source them from reputed manufacturers renowned for outstanding primary stability and integration success rates. Our clinicians also provide patients with predictable long-term results, and do not compromise on the quality of the materials used. Having good health, in general, makes you a good candidate for dental implants. Beyond that, jawbone thickness and sinusal anatomy are other important factors to consider when planning to get dental implants in Liverpool. Let our clinicians here at Smileworks determine if you are a good candidate for this revolutionary dental treatment. Call today to book an appointment.


The crown can be placed onto the abutment as soon as the implant has integrated into the bone. This can be 2-6 months after placement. In some cases crowns can be placed straight on the implant and our crowns are made with technologically advanced materials in the very best labs to make them lifelike and beautiful.

Crown | EMAX or Porcelain for lifelike quality
The implant is placed into the bone and takes around three months to fully integrate so it replaces the entire root of the tooth and is securely fastened in the bone. The healing period is painless and our implants are superior quality so they can remain in your mouth for a lifetime if you look after them properly.

Longevity | upwards of 20 years
This is the connection between the crown and the implant. It makes sure the crown is secure. An Abutment can be placed as early as 2 months or as soon as the implant has integrated into the bone.

Abutment | placed straight away or after 2 months

Am I suitable for Implants?


It is not advised to leave a gap if a tooth has failed.  Teeth are lost for all sorts of reasons including trauma (getting knocked out) decay, gum disease or any other reason that means your dentist would have to extract a tooth.  Here’s some information on why you shouldn’t leave a gap if this has happened to you.



Remarkable Technology


Straumann are the pioneers in implant dentistry and their Swiss heritage can be found influencing some of the biggest technological advances in dental implant technology over the last 30 years. Straumann have a reputation in Implantology that is similar to Rolex or Mercedes and their implants are made from the purest Titanium, etched with chemicals and lasers to enhance their ability to ‘osseointegrate’ or integrate with the bone. The type of Implant that you choose will be related to your specific clinical need and also guided by your friendly smileworks clinician.



ICX is one of the fastest growing dental implant systems in the world and is the biggest selling implant brand in Germany, known for its sophisticated dental market.  Developed by extremely clever scientists, the aim of this system is to simplify implants and give people with gaps or missing teeth an affordable option, whilst still retaining the precision and quality that we require. An all-round excellent product, ICX is a durable performance implant and can be used in many situations. Your clinician will guide you about whether ICX is suitable for you at your implant consultation.


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implant dentures (all on four)


For our main page on the remarkable All on 4 implant dentures treatment go here:  Smile in a Day Implant Dentures.


For patients who have lost all their teeth, dentures can be used to replace them. Often, as the bone shrinks, dentures may become ill fitting and not grip to the mouth as well. In these cases implants can be placed underneath the dentures and secure them into place with press-studs or magnets.  This is sometimes called ‘All on four’ and is a hugely popular implant treatment here in Liverpool.  All on four can hold extremely firm so that you can enjoy eating and chewing as normal with your dentures without the worry of them moving around, falling out or causing you pain.



Replacing the entire set of teeth with an implant-retained denture can be a cost-effective way of getting your smile back and they can last for a very long time. You do not need one ‘single implant’ per tooth lost and often dentures can be fixed with as little as two implants per denture on the lower, and as little as three or four on the top. We have completed many implant retained dentures and can help you find the most cost effective and suitable option for you.



For more information on our implants, please check out our downloadable information leaflet.



implant crowns and bridges


Implants can replace one or several teeth. An implant crown can be placed where a single tooth is missing in order to restore this tooth in the mouth. In this case, the crown is placed on an abutment, which acts as the connection between the implant and the crown. Single tooth implant crowns can look just like normal teeth if the necessary skill is used to prepare the tissues, including the gum. Luckily, you are in safe hands with our implantologist, Yannis, who has published work on how to do just that.  Implant retained bridges can be used when there are two or more teeth missing next to each other. The number of implants needed is actually less than the number of missing teeth in this case. You will be able to bite, chew and speak as normal.  With good care, implant retained crowns and bridges can last a lifetime.

For more information on our implants, please check out our downloadable information leaflet.

Smile in a day / teeth in a day


Sometimes a lot of the teeth in a mouth are missing or broken and need replacement.  Dentists call this a ‘full mouth rehabilitation. In these cases, a combination of implant crowns and bridges may be required alongside the patient’s natural teeth if they are to remain. Replacing some or all of the teeth with implants ensures that the facial profile does not change after tooth loss, and allows you to chew and speak like normal. Replacing teeth with implant bridges is a permanent, fixed solution that can last many years with good care.  Implants are not ‘bionic teeth’ and will need care and looking after like your normal teeth.

For more information on our implants, please check out our downloadable information leaflet.


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Easily the best dentist appointment I've had. I was recommended to go by a friend who couldn't have spoken more highly of them. The facilities are top notch, service friendly and comforting. The staff were great. The treatment was thorough, honest and well explained. First class (excuse the airline'll see why!)
Adam Samy
Adam Samy
19:10 01 Jun 17
I found Smileworks after looking online for the best specialist orthodontist, and after several visits now, I do believe that they live up to the hype! Every visit has been a pleasure, with the excellent reception always offering a warm and hearty welcome. Due to the severity of problems with my teeth, my treatment plan is extensive and means that despite being early days, I have met with and been treated by a range of the staff here; I can confirm that they're all fantastic and incredibly thorough - everything is explained in detail and nothing is ever rushed. I should also thank Paula (and her assistant whose name I've forgotten - sorry!) yesterday for cleaning the insides of my teeth so thoroughly when I don't even think it was necessarily part of the appointment (the appointment was for a filling). I look forward to continued excellent care from Smileworks and can't wait to get my braces on! Cheers guys!
Michael Kelly
Michael Kelly
08:04 14 Apr 17
Absolutely great find. Friendly staff and MJ who treated me was professional, reassuring and positively fantastic about what my needs were and what I was looking for. There was no pressure on anything and she spoke in depth about full details on every procedure without any rush in me in making an option. I will definitely be visiting again. Thank you once again!
Samina Mubarak
Samina Mubarak
20:02 06 May 17
Absolutely excellent service. All the staff are friendly and make sure all your treatment options are fully explained. Don't do anything unless your 100% sure of all that's available. Shiron made sure my treatment was the absolute best it could be.
Keith Chellew
Keith Chellew
18:41 24 May 17
I had dental work and a procedure on my top lip. I was really nervous on my first visit but the staff are truly lovely and put me at ease straight away. I loved the quirkiness of the waiting room- very different from any dentist/doctors waiting room I've been in. The treatment rooms are very clean, love the design and layout. I also loved the patients photo smiles on the wall!! straight away I relaxed and I could feel the friendliness of the staff. MJ really listened to my fears and listened to what I required, she understood completely my views and the treatment I received was given exactly as I requested!! They really want to help you and they're interested in what you have to say - they love their job!!! I've made a follow up visit and will continue to use them. I've also recommended Smileworks to my friends and will continue to do so.
Nicci Richards
Nicci Richards
20:11 26 Feb 17



Dental implants are not cheap.  They’re also not available on the NHS here in Liverpool so you can’t get them for free.  They are the most natural, long lasting and healthy method of replacing a tooth and like all good things, this doesn’t come cheap.  If you’d like details of precisely where your money goes when you buy dental implants then you can check out our blog for more detailed implant costs information.


The cost of implants is spread out in different areas.  There’s the cost of the actual titanium implant.  This is made of a special material so that it can integrate with your bone and integrate firmly in your jaw.  This process is called ‘osseointegration’ and you can read more about that here.  The implants are etched with lasers and chemicals to make their surface great for nesting the cells that make bone.  This provides you with a strong and stable implant that will last you a lifetime.


Then there’s the cost of the actual replacement tooth that goes onto the implant.  This is called the crown and has to be made by our master ceramist in his (ours is a guy) laboratory.  The crown is painstakingly fashioned from hard and durable materials.  As well as being durable, the crown has to be lifelike and the ceramist paints on layers of translucent material to create the perfect look.  This process is not cheap and the cost of the crown and implant make up about half of your implant cost.


The rest goes on paying your implantologist and running Smileworks.  Smileworks Implant dentists have gone to university for 10 years a piece and spend hundreds of thousands of pounds on their education in order to create beautiful implant dentistry and keep you safe.  Smileworks is brimming with technology.  You’ll need special panoramic x-rays, precise diagnostic procedures and the process will involve microsurgical tools and techniques.  This is expensive stuff and if you’re still worried about whether we’re spending your money well then implants probably aren’t for you.



Single tooth implant cost


Single tooth implants cost the most at about £1,800-£2,200 an implant  This is because if you just want one implant then all the overheads, preparation, xrays and everything involved in placing it is used on only one implant.  If you need bone grafting or a sinus lift then this will make the procedure closer to the top end of this estimate.  Once you start having multiple implants then the cost is spread out and they work out slightly cheaper.  You’ll get an itemised treatment plan from Smileworks and the cost of everything is on there so there’ll be no surprises.



Cost of multiple implants & Full mouth dental implant cost


All on four, smile in a day and multiple implant cases can cost anywhere from £8,000 to £50,000.  We usually tell patients that big implant cases cost the same amount as a car.  Then patients always ask ‘what sort of car’ and then they understand how it works.  You can get a great little job done for a few thousand or you can go for the Rolls Royce option for £50,000.  It’s totally up to you.





Here’s a helpful video showing exactly how a dental implant is placed in the mouth.