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Smileworks are Liverpool’s most popular dental practice – and we’re always recruiting for pretty much every position in our practice and are on the lookout for the very best dental talent on the market.  We have employees and associates who’ve joined us from many different countries including all over Europe, the USA, South America and Australia.  Some were in Liverpool and some moved here for the incomparable opportunities that Smileworks presents to the people  who work here.



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Our working environment is futuristic, calming and allows you to be creative and work without distraction at the top of your competencies, allowing you to do your best work and create smiles that will change our patients lives.  But we don’t just hire anybody.  In fact we hire less than 0.5% of applicants.  You need to care about what you’re doing and care about our patients.



This is sadly becoming increasingly rare in dentistry in the UK and we are struggling to find the caliber of employee.  But recently high caliber people have been finding us – which is why we’ve created this article.  So if you’re motivated to come to work and solve difficult problems with some of the brightest minds in modern dentistry then this is for you.



Do you get excited by helping people feel happy, confident and successful every day and do you want to work in a high-performance team to challenge yourself to change people’s lives?  If this sounds like you then you’ll fit in just fine.



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About Smileworks & our Standard



Since we opened back in 2014, Smileworks have become the fastest growing independent dental practice in the UK and have doubled in size each year for the last three.  In 2018 we built a new practice with an additional 3 surgeries and a facial aesthetics suite and need more stellar team members to help us serve our exploding patient base.  Take a look at our video to see what it’s like here:





We have become the most popular, largest and most successful dental practice in Liverpool with one simple technique:  Hiring the right team members who will look after our patients and keep them coming back to us.  Here are some of the standards you’ll be assessed against at interview and then in your role at Smileworks.  We hire, train and even fire against  these principles.  So they are very important to us.



   Love our patients   

   Have a keen eye for detail and a love of beautiful things   

  Be analytical and rarely make mistakes   

  Work as a team and be prepared to accept brutally honest feedback from peers   

  Be interested in learning and progressing your career   

  Have a strong educational background   

  Have a strong learning and development portfolio 

  Have done something awesome recently – we need exceptional people   


Sticking rigorously to these pretty basic  rules has allowed us to amass a following of highly committed and wonderful patients who tell their friends about us and write reviews, allowing other patients in Liverpool to make the right decision about where to get their treatment.





Current Dental & Support Positions



Dental Specialist Jobs

At smileworks we currently have a range of specialists who are on the specialist register.  This doesn’t include dentists with a special interest.  For that, see below.  For your application to be successful you will need to demonstrate mastery of your area of expertise within your specialism.  You may have a recently registered specialty or show a distinguished pedigree, apply according to the instructions and you will be considered for a position at Smileworks.  Our specialist dentists work in our multi-disciplinary team and are an essential part of what we do.  You will be able to build your referral practice using your excellent relationship skills both within our team and with external referring dentists.  Take a look at Laurence our Orthodontist for some inspiration.




General Dentists Jobs

We prefer our generalists to have special interests because our dentists typically develop a niche whereby they can treat patients to the very best standards in their chosen fields to achieve the best outcomes. We recruit for aptitude and attitude and caring, patient centric dentists will be successful at interview.  If you can demonstrate an intrinsic motivation to want to progress your career or genuinely help people feel good when they smile, you’ll fit right in.  Take a look at Dr Rowland-Warmann’s profile here to see our best general dentist with a special interest




Orthodontic Therapist jobs

We do a great deal of orthodontic treatment at Smileworks and orthodontic therapists are an essential part of delivering a fast and efficient service to our orthodontic patients.  If you want to be working at the absolute top of your game under the mentorship and prescription of our orthodontists then this is an opportunity not to be missed. Take a look at Paula “Bambi” Reed here.




Dental Hygiene Therapists

Our dental therapists are the absolute rockstars of our practice and act as the glue that holds the entire patient journey together.  You will be encouraged to deliver dentistry that you only dreamed of while studying and will be involved in almost every patient’s treatment plan in some way or another from dental implants, gum disease, whitening, bonding and every discipline of dentistry.  Take a look at Rebecca’s profile here




Dental Nurse Jobs

At Smileworks our dental nurses are right at the centre of the practice delivering what patients want most – simply to be cared for.  Supporting the dentists, motivating patients and managing surgeries will be your day job. You will also need to not only come with impressive additional qualifications but also take an avid interest in furthering your skills and qualification to assist the patient journey.  Our nurses all take impressions, take X-rays, are experts in dental photography and create a calm and creative atmosphere for our dentists to work with the finesse and mastery that our patients have come to expect.




Front of House & Reception positions

Our front of house look after our patients and deliver an exceptional service for long hours maintaining extremely high standards throughout.  Scheduling, PA duties, and an encyclopaedic knowledge of products and processes is a must.  We usually hire from customer services industries like luxury hotels and airlines.  There is no point applying directly out of university.  You will need maturity and be able to handle yourself in sometimes difficult situations.  This requires emotional intelligence and at least three years of work experience. 




Digital marketers & social media professionals

Smileworks have an in-house digital marketing, SEO, PPC and Videography team.  We utilise an enterprise-level suite of marketing assets and are analytical, creative and superb at what we do .  To be considered for this role and to be mentored by our CEO and head of marketing you will need impressive academic qualifications including at least a 2:1 (preferably a first class degree)  and be able to demonstrate further study in marketing and digital that is bang up to date and effective.  I am not interested in social media mavens or PR execs or failed agency workers.  This is a specialist role for an elite individual with resilience and intellectual agility who wants to dramatically further their already impressive digital marketing abilities.  Take a look at Ed Challinor’s page here for some insight into the sort of quality we require.




Treatment coordinator Jobs

A Smileworks TCO is an expert relationship builder, a masterful communicator and ethical sales person.  You will take pride and joy in enabling patients to make the right choices about their dental treatment and work to strict targets and metrics.  You will be able to liaise with members of the clinical and non-clinical team to create a seamless and perfect patient journey that will enable our patients to shine with confidence. Take a look at our TCO Abby Harding here.



The Application Process



It’s very important here at Smileworks that you can read and follow simple instructions.  So please get this part right or you might miss your opportunity.




Please upload your CV and Cover Letter using the form below and we will receive it and get back to you if we would like to interview.  We get lots of applications and because we have a lot of patients to look after it’s impossible for us to get back to everybody.  So we’re sorry about this.




Please do not call the office – our receptions staff are not trained to screen candidates – we have special systems for that and you’ll be wasting their – and your – valuable time.



Please do not turn up without an appointment as you will not be be seen.  We have a small but extremely busy practice and any disruptions above the normal amount created by the volume of patients will not ingratiate you with our extremely busy team! 🙂 

Your Cover letter

Your cover letter is very important and will make or break your application.  It must demonstrate why you believe you are a good fit for Smileworks.  This might mean an extremely high performance environment you’ve worked in or something cool you do like a great Instagram or Facebook profile with all your beautiful work on it.  We’ve had lots of extremely interesting and varied candidates and you must stand out.  But be aware we will pressure test your claims at interview so don’t overcook your application as this will invariably lead to embarrassment.



If we believe you are just looking for a job you will be rejected.  You need to convince us you want our job. And Everybody knows that Smileworks is the best place in Liverpool to work – so work hard on this part and we’ll surely take the time to interview you.






    Rewards and Compensation



    Smileworks are becoming talked about (are achieving legendary status) for the sheer amount of time, effort and love we put into each and every one of our employees and associates.  But we are not your family.  We like to think of ourselves more like a sports team and your performance will be privately coached and publicly reported to peers and management frequently.  So you need to be tough enough to take feedback and resilient enough to improve when things get tough and not quit.  When you perform, you will be rewarded.  Rewards include:



    ❤️  Top tier pay for employees and nursing staff (depending on experience)  We want the best and the best doesn’t always come cheap.

    ❤️  Unlimited learning and development opportunities (some funded/partially funded by us under certain circumstances)

    ❤️  The opportunity to work with some of the best dentists in the UK

    ❤️  The opportunity to work with some of the nicest dentists in the UK

    ❤️  Total freedom from sexism, arrogance, nastiness and emotional abuse

    ❤️  Christmas bash at a penthouse in an undisclosed location out of town

    ❤️  Summer party at a holiday village at an undisclosed location out of town

    ❤️  Tailored scrubs designed by designer OksanaAnilionyte from the Royal College of Art & London College of Fashion

    ❤️  The feeling that you’re making a difference every day

    ❤️  Support from senior managers and coaches to help you through problems

    ❤️  For associates, exceptional opportunities to do complex work

    ❤️  For associates, exceptional opportunities to receive unmatched financial rewards

    ❤️  A practice that doubled in size in 2018 where you will have the opportunity to become an important player in the team much more quickly than in a stagnant or shrinking business

    ❤️  After a certain amount of time has passed you will be eligible to have treatment from our clinicians at discounted rates or at cost.

    ❤️  In 2018 we took the existing support team to Las Vegas and holidays like this will happen for employees once every three to five or so years depending on targets and business objectives being achieved and maintained.


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