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Here at Smileworks we love creating beautiful pouts.  This is because lip augmentations are one of the quickest, safest and low cost ways of helping you feel sexy, confident and beautiful.  Lip injections are also one of our most popular aesthetic procedures and Smileworks practitioners are the most talented and experienced anywhere in Liverpool.  Get the very best talent, finest products and gold standard safety procedures that produce results that will make you the envy of your friends.  So for the absolute best lip fillers Liverpool has to offer, come to Smileworks and take the first step towards your beautiful new pout. 




In November and December Smileworks are running an exclusive lip filler promotion to celebrate our recent partnerships with Consulting Rooms and Save Face.  As you know we never run promotions so take this opportunity while it lasts.  It won’t be repeated.  Ever. 



New or existing patients can enjoy 6 months of beautiful lips with 1ml of PerfectHA for just £200. That’s £90 off!

That’s £90 cheaper than Juvederm and £60 cheaper than Belotero.  And a massive 45% reduction.

Just think of all the fun you can have over Christmas with an extra £90 to spend!


Offer not available for 0.55ml
No offer for 0.55ml
If you want 0.55ml, the price is not £100 – It’s £200 for 1ml
You cannot share with friends.
Offer only available in November and December.
Offer not available on Juvederm or other products.
Offer limited, when it’s gone it’s gone.




Following your lip enhancement procedure you can expect dramatic improvements in shape, definition, volume and overall plumpness with a quick, minimally invasive and painless procedure.  We’re also great value and due to the sheer volume of treatments we carry out, our prices are low enough to keep you coming back time and time again.


Easily the best dentist appointment I've had. I was recommended to go by a friend who couldn't have spoken more highly of them. The facilities are top notch, service friendly and comforting. The staff were great. The treatment was thorough, honest and well explained. First class (excuse the airline'll see why!)
Adam Samy
Adam Samy
19:10 01 Jun 17
I found Smileworks after looking online for the best specialist orthodontist, and after several visits now, I do believe that they live up to the hype! Every visit has been a pleasure, with the excellent reception always offering a warm and hearty welcome. Due to the severity of problems with my teeth, my treatment plan is extensive and means that despite being early days, I have met with and been treated by a range of the staff here; I can confirm that they're all fantastic and incredibly thorough - everything is explained in detail and nothing is ever rushed. I should also thank Paula (and her assistant whose name I've forgotten - sorry!) yesterday for cleaning the insides of my teeth so thoroughly when I don't even think it was necessarily part of the appointment (the appointment was for a filling). I look forward to continued excellent care from Smileworks and can't wait to get my braces on! Cheers guys!
Michael Kelly
Michael Kelly
08:04 14 Apr 17
Absolutely great find. Friendly staff and MJ who treated me was professional, reassuring and positively fantastic about what my needs were and what I was looking for. There was no pressure on anything and she spoke in depth about full details on every procedure without any rush in me in making an option. I will definitely be visiting again. Thank you once again!
Samina Mubarak
Samina Mubarak
20:02 06 May 17
Absolutely excellent service. All the staff are friendly and make sure all your treatment options are fully explained. Don't do anything unless your 100% sure of all that's available. Shiron made sure my treatment was the absolute best it could be.
Keith Chellew
Keith Chellew
18:41 24 May 17
I had dental work and a procedure on my top lip. I was really nervous on my first visit but the staff are truly lovely and put me at ease straight away. I loved the quirkiness of the waiting room- very different from any dentist/doctors waiting room I've been in. The treatment rooms are very clean, love the design and layout. I also loved the patients photo smiles on the wall!! straight away I relaxed and I could feel the friendliness of the staff. MJ really listened to my fears and listened to what I required, she understood completely my views and the treatment I received was given exactly as I requested!! They really want to help you and they're interested in what you have to say - they love their job!!! I've made a follow up visit and will continue to use them. I've also recommended Smileworks to my friends and will continue to do so.
Nicci Richards
Nicci Richards
20:11 26 Feb 17
I went to Smileworks to have the composite reconstructions on my two front teeth replaced as well as my teeth whitened. On my first appointment with M.J I was given detailed explanations of what these processes involved, which not only eased my apprehensions but stood out from all the previous dentists I had visited. The teeth whitening took approximately two weeks, after which I had the most amazing reconstruction done on my front teeth by Dr Billal Arshad, including a flawless colour match to my newly whitened teeth. The treatment I received was incredible and the end results speak for themselves, I have had numerous people within the fist week comment on how incredible my teeth look. To all the staff at Smileworks I say thank you so much, you have made me a very happy customer.
David Birtles
David Birtles
11:55 26 Jul 17
The staff at Smileworks are fantastic, very welcoming and accommodating. They are always happy to go the extra mile to help you. I had fast braces and 1ml lip filler, i absolutely love the result. Would 100% recommend to anyone looking to get braces or facial aesthetics, they really listen to what you want and combined with their professional knowledge you achieve the perfect result.
Kerry Browne
Kerry Browne
10:46 27 Jul 17
I received my Spmu eyeliner treatment today at Smileworks. I am completely over the moon with the results and would highly recommend the treatment. The clinic itself it just wonderful really clean, fresh and highly professional. My therapist was Hannah Taffe who was extremely knowledgeable, but also so warm and welcoming and put me completely at ease. The treatment was really relaxing and didn't hurt one bit. So very impressed and will certainly be back. Next time I will be booking in to see an orthodontist. Huge thanks to Hannah you really are just fabulous. Sarah Bell xx
18:10 05 Aug 17
Visited smileworks Saturday, place is amazing everyone was really welcoming and friendly. I was given all the answers to any questions i had before I even asked them!. Hannah was fantastic she gave me a full consultation. I am really happy with the outcome. I will be visiting smileworks in the future.
Laura Harte
Laura Harte
18:39 07 Aug 17
The most welcoming and friendly staff I have ever experienced anywhere, let alone a dentist. I felt in safe hands from the get-go and was so happy with the staff arranging appointments for me even outside of the practice. The creative and clever practice design (airplane) topped the fun experience off! Thanks MJ, Georgiana and Heloise.
Sean Donohue
Sean Donohue
22:03 03 Sep 17
Had my fast braces fitted at Smileworks at the beginning of the year and recently had my lips done, MJ and the team are Lovely! Always a Friendly and professional service! Perfect opening hours which work around my job. Highly recommend! 😀
Elle Benson
Elle Benson
13:25 05 Sep 17
I did went Saturday morning as an emergency customer. No previous contact with them in the past. I was extremely happy of what I found. The place itself & location is great. But even better the staff; They were very understanding and helpful. MJ who finally attend my case did work the extra mile (and extra time too :)) so later than 17:30 Sat. Quick/Nice/Effective & Reliable. So far the best dental clinic I have been. Definitively I will recommend & use them again.
13:30 03 Oct 17
After breaking a tooth whilst away in Liverpool, I googled local dentist and called the first number in the list. Smileworks offered me an A1 service and managed to temporary fix my tooth until I returned home allowing me to continue my few days away. Not only was the cost very reasonable for an emergency appointment their practice is the funkiest I’ve ever seen. The dental staff were all fantastic too, I couldn’t have asked for more. Just gutted that there isn’t a smileworks in Cambridgeshire!
Lee Clayton-Harvey
Lee Clayton-Harvey
16:21 24 Oct 17
If you're looking for the best place for your treatment, you've got to choose and visit smile works. They make you feel beautiful, their all friendly and talented personnel. Their welcoming smile alone will make you feel at ease that you're in the right place for your treatment. Their smile really works.
Tiana Bukolami
Tiana Bukolami
22:52 11 Nov 17
teamI'd like to provide you with some feedback on my treatment to date:After 1:1 advice and guidance with the smile-works team, I recently attended for my first treatment (root canal). I was greated and treated professionally throughout, experienced no pain, and was informed and entertained by MJ, whom I found to be extremely reassuring, competent and also hilariously funny. Withought hesitation I can fully recommend this practice, and I am so excited about completing my planned course of treatment, which is bespoke and excellent value for money, just in time for Christmas !Kindest regards DaveSent from my i
nicola jonnes
nicola jonnes
15:31 22 Nov 17
5 Star service and quality! Had my lips done for the first time and couldn't be more happy with them! MJ works wonders, would recommend 100% !!
davina Johnston
davina Johnston
14:10 25 Nov 17
Wow what an absolute amazing experience said no person ever going to the dentist. Well until now...Had severe pain due to a Wisdom tooth and couldn't sleep the night before and knew I had to finally face my fear and go to the dentist and get this sorted. Sat up all night due to lack of sleep watching and reading horror stories on having a Wisdom tooth removed and was dreading it more and more as time went on.Called Smileworks at 9am Saturday morning to get an emergency appointment and was given one within 3 hours. When i arrived I was greeted with cheer into what could only be described as the coolest dental reception area of all time. The receptionist (forget her name) automatically put my mind at ease.Normally my experience at dentists was sit and wait for an absolute age to be called. Not at Smileworks. MJ came into the reception area so cheery and got me and brought me to the room which was something out of a futuristic movie it was absolutely amazing.From start to finish MJ kept my mind at ease telling me every step of the way on what was happening and what the plan of action was. We even meditated over the removal of my wisdom tooth which really calmed me down. MJ was absolutely amazing in the removal and I had built up such a hype and horror pictures of what was going to happen. The exact opposite happened.This had made me build up my confidence in a dentist again and I would highly highly highly recommend Smileworks to anyone.
Kyle Boyd
Kyle Boyd
14:03 27 Nov 17
Me and my mum came here for the first time last year,and I can’t praise Mj and the staff anymore we felt so welcome and at ease straight away. My lips where and still are amazing and i get so many compliments! They literally do go “above and beyond” and totally make you feel “first class” x
Vicky Diamond
Vicky Diamond
20:49 28 Nov 17


Here at Smileworks we see lip shaping as more art than science.  We use the best Allergan products and Dr Rowland-Warmann has perfected her art to create some of the most beautiful results you’ll ever see.  We’re also a primarily female practice and our practitioners are in touch with what women want and can consult with you to produce perfect results that you’ll be amazed with.  What’s more the cost of lip fillers has come down dramatically and now everyone can enjoy this fabulous treatment. 



If you’re looking for volumising anti-ageing fillers for the face then see our dermal fillers page.  Many patients augment their lip procedure with a small amount of botox around the mouth to bring down the smile line and create a beautiful Hollywood smile.



lip fillers cost


How long does treatment last?


Hyaluronic Acid Fillers are biocompatible and biodegradable so they are slowly broken down by your body over time. This is not a bad thing because the best results and most beautiful lips are the patients who return time and time again for their lip jobs.  This allows your practitioner to work with the shape and volume and gradually increase the size and shape of the lips.



Smoking will significantly reduce the time the lip filler is present in the tissue.  This is because the act of making a pout to smoke a cigarette or e-cig means that the body breaks down the filler faster.  It’s not the contents of the cigarette but the action of smoking that has an effect so unfortunately e-cigarettes have the same effect as normal cigarettes. Kissing, pouting and generally being awesome will not reduce the longevity of your procedure.


Your Consultation


Getting your lips done at Smileworks is a straight-forward process.  That said, many patients are a little apprehensive and our helpful and caring staff will guide you through each stage of the procedure so that you are comfortable and happy.



First you come in and fill out your medical history and information on an iPad in our beautiful state-of-the-art office.  This takes about ten minutes and then you’ll go through into a treatment room for your consultation.  If you’ve brought friends or family with you then they can come in too.  Unfortunately we don’t allow children under 10 in the practice because it’s not the place for little ones.



Following a short consultation, MJ will make sure you know what you want and are happy with what to expect from your lip procedure. She will then administer a painless nerve block that will totally numb your lips.  It takes a few seconds to work so MJ will usually sing you a song, tell you about her five cats or do a little dance.  One of the benefits of having a fully qualified dental surgeon carrying out your lip job is that she can give a numbing injection so you won’t feel a thing.  Lip augmentations can be painful and numbing cream is not enough to take the pain away.  Smileworks patients don’t feel a thing because, as dentists, we’re experts at numbing faces.



Then you’ll have your procedure and be done in another 15 or so minutes.  You then get told your aftercare instructions and you’re done.  Your lips might be swollen right after the procedure but you’ll be advised on what to do.  Patients usually tolerate the procedure very well and our team will be in touch the next day to make sure you’re all ok.  You will also be invited back for a two week review appointment to make sure everything has settled.


Injection Risks


The main risks of lip fillers are bruising and swelling.  The lips are a very sensitive area and some patients experience swelling and bruising that takes a good few days to resolve. Like with many aesthetic procedures, the risks can be significantly mitigated by how you take care of the treated area when you get home.  We advise you to cool the area with peas or an ice pack once you get home for a good few hours.  If you do this the swelling will be significantly reduced.  Patients who choose to ignore this advice and go out partying may end up with swelling that takes longer to resolve. 



You may also notice unevenness and bumps in your lips after treatment.  This is swelling, bruises and small blood blisters under the skin that you can’t see.  You will be advised to be prepared for this and told under no circumstances to mess around with your lips or squeeze them.  When you have your review your trained practitioner will manipulate the result to perfection if it is not already perfect.  These lumps and bumps are not filler they are your own body’s reaction to being stuck with a needle!  Do not attempt to massage or manipulate your lips, you’ll just end up making them uneven in the long run.  We’re the experts and we can only get you the best results if you follow your aftercare instructions. You’ll be given detailed instructions at your appointment.



Perhaps the biggest risk of lip injections is going to a practitioner who doesn’t know what they’re doing.  Unfortunately anyone can inject lips and we see many cases of dreadful results from individuals who have decided to start injecting lips with little or no training.  Here at Smileworks we often have cases where people come to us wanting problems ‘fixed’.  Unfortunately there is sometimes not a great deal we can do so urge you to think carefully about who is injecting you and where they went to university.


Which are the best products to use?


Here at Smileworks we only use gold standard, CE marked dermal fillers.  Although lip filler injections are, sadly, unregulated here in the UK, Smileworks pride ourselves on the highest standards of safety.  Our products of choice are Allergan products like Juvederm because Allergan put a great deal of research and development into their products to make sure they are longer lasting, safer and carry fewer risks to our beautiful patients. Allergan also invest in their clinicians and we are lucky to take part in lots of learning and training provided by Allergan and their partners.



Allergan products not only get great results but are great to inject and make our lives as clinicians easier and safer. Allergan have a whole host of different products that work harmoniously together for our patients.  There are over 250 brands of dermal filler available in the UK.  This is because in the UK it is not necessary or relevant to obtain FDA clearance, like our colleagues in the USA do.  The FDA clearance process is costly for companies producing fillers, and time consuming.  It is for this reason that less than 20 brands are licensed in the USA.  This is not always a good thing, however, as some of the brands in the USA are now well-outdated in the UK.  It does, however, make the market in the UK full of low-grade brands that pretty much anyone can buy, as dermal fillers are not prescription and actually have no more legislation surrounding their use than a ballpoint pen would do.  We use the cutting edge materials at Smileworks, and make sure that we practice in line with regulation, and make sure that the producers of our products are at the forefront of science.



We urge our patients to familiarise themselves with the products that are being used on them.  Unfortunately, many providers of cheap Juvederm products in the UK use counterfeit products.  Allergan UK are big on stamping this out, and we help them by remaining vigilant and only buying from regulated pharmacies here in the UK with distribution rights from Allergan, or direct from Allergan UK.  Non-healthcare providers (those that don’t have a medical, dental or nursing degree) will not be able to buy from these sources a lot of the time, and patients are putting themselves at risk as often the products are obtained from outside the UK.  Practitioners who are unlicensed may be inadvertently, or intentionally, be buying counterfeit dermal fillers – this could have disastrous consequences.



To read more about the products we use in your lips, take a look at the Juvederm website here.


Lip Fillers Prices for 2017-2018

Here at Smileworks we pride ourselves on offering patients the best value facial aesthetic treatments anywhere in Liverpool. Our prices are set purposefully low so that we can attract younger patients away from the salons and into a safe environment where they can get the results they deserve. Here's the cost of lip fillers per syringe:

  • Juvederm Smile 0.55ml | £170
  • Juvederm Volift Retouch 0.55ml | £190
  • Belotero Intense 1ml | £260
  • Juvederm Ultra 3/4 1ml | £290
  • Juvederm Volift 1ml | £290

Looking for something a little less expensive? Then why not join our fab Lips membership and pay for your treatment in monthly instalments. Take a look here for all the options to make your treatment more affordable. Follow the link here for dermal fillers prices.

How to get the best lips in Liverpool - download

Lip Job Myths:


Bust some popular myths about lip fillers so you’re in the know about your procedure.

lip job myths

How to get the best lips in Liverpool:

Here’s our most popular guide on how to choose the right practice, right practitioner, products and aftercare.  We include tips on the big question: how long will my fillers last and how to help your lip filler stay looking perfect for longer.

get the best lips in liverpool



Dr MJ is our lip virtuoso here at Smileworks.  She’s the founder of Smileworks and has a strong pedigree of aesthetic medicine that runs in her family.  Her mother is a GP in Germany and has been carrying out aesthetic procedures since the industry first got started in the 1980’s.  MJ always took a keen interest in aesthetics from a young age and following her graduation to dental school started treating patients and working on faces. Patients describe MJ as a “perfectionist”, “master” and a “genius”, and although she has more degrees than a thermometer, it’s her attention to detail and unwavering pursuit of greatness that sets her apart from the competition.



MJ is completely obsessed with being the smartest girl in the room and with making sure her aesthetic patients are supremely happy.  As well as a formidable talent in lip augmentations, MJ is also interested in complex aesthetic treatments like Silhouette Soft, Plexr and some of the more advanced filler applications.  MJ is the holder of a Masters in Aesthetic Medicine and, as a results, is one of the most highly qualified aestheticians in Liverpool.


How to find us




Patient FAQs

  • Q: What are dermal fillers?
  • A: The filler we use is Hylauronic Acid (HA) gel that comes in a pre-packaged syringe from the pharmaceutical companies and is injected by a professional directly into the lip tissue.  The HA is biocompatible and fills out the tissue making it fuller and more prominent.  Lip fillers come in different quantities and types and are used for adding volume, sculpting the shape of the lips and restoring symmetry.  As we age, the collagen is lost in the lips and they may start to appear thinner or less full.  This can have an effect on some patients so they choose to have lip filler.  Otherwise, patients just want bigger lips as bigger lips make them feel more attractive.
  • Q: Does it hurt?
  • A: Injecting into the lip area is painful.  Many practitioners use topical numbing cream to reduce the pain but the only way to make the procedure painless is with a nerve block.  Such nerve blocks can only be administered by trained professionals. Smileworks patients never complain of pain and are typically surprised that the procedure is completely painless.  Especially those who have previously had a lip augmentation with topical cream as an anaesthetic. 
  • Q: How long do lip fillers last?
  • A: The filler in your lips lasts between 5-9 months depending on your individual face and factors such as whether you smoke.
  • Q: Can I make them last longer?
  • A: The main way is not to smoke.  But also don’t mess with them or squeeze them.
  • Q: What about lip plumping devices? Like Juvalips? 
  • A: If you don’t want to look silly and possibly do yourself some harm then avoid products like these.  They are a fad and will likely soon be gone from the internet. 
  • Q: What about permanent lip implants?
  • A: Here at Smileworks we don’t use permanent lip fillers.  Part of the mastery of lip injections is having patients who return a few times and have different products in different areas to improve their lip shape and volume over time.  This can lead to some really beautiful results. 
  • Q: Are there any side effects?
  • A: Fillers are considered safe and the main side effects are transient bruising and swelling.  The side effects long term are limited. In the wrong hands or with poor injection technique, lip fillers can cause severe bruising, pain, scaring and asymmetry.  In rare cases the filler can occlude vessels and cause necrosis or loss of sensation.  Smileworks have never experienced any of these more serious side effects because we are highly trained, supremely experienced  and very careful.  Lip augmentations are considered ‘reversible', so there are few long term side effects save for what’s mentioned above.  During her masters degree in aesthetic medicine, Dr Rowland Warmann wrote a first class essay on complications of dermal filler procedures that you can read in our blog.
  • Q: How much does the procedure cost?
  • A: Here at Smileworks we are proud to offer lip fillers at a price most people can afford. 1.0ml of filler costs £260 and 0.55ml Juvederm Smile costs £170
  • Q: Which products are the best?
  • A: There are many quality brands of lip filler but here at Smileworks we choose to use Allergan products such as Juvederm and Volift.  We find the results are predictable and the products feel good in our hands during the procedure and create the best outcomes.
  • Q: How long will it take for them to settle after treatment? 
  • A: Any bruising or swelling will reduce after a few days and then you will return for your follow up appointment at Smileworks after 2 weeks from your initial treatment. 
  • Q: What if they go lumpy and bumpy? 
  • A: This is normal in some patients and to be expected.  When you come for your consultation we will advise you or the extent of the bruising and swelling and how to manage it best.