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Lip filler is exploding in popularity here in Liverpool as the best way to guarantee your confidence and beauty in 2020.  You’ll be literally obsessed when you see the sensational results that are the norm here at Smileworks.   Patients rave about our lip augmentations and the precision and breathtaking artistry of Dr MJ is quite remarkable.  Watch this one minute video to see what treatment at Smileworks is like:

To see why you should trust MJ with your precious face, take a look at her bio in the prestigious Aesthetics Journal or see her magazine and press coverage. Dr MJ is also a medical aesthetics trainer for Sinclair Pharmaceuticals where she teaches doctors, nurses and dentists to inject.  She is also pioneer where safety in the industry is concerned, working with Save Face and appearing in the national news and in medical publications.  You absolutely could not be in safer hands.  


Lip fillers liverpool


But it’s not just a steady hand, decade of experience and encyclopaedic knowledge of facial anatomy and that sets MJ apart.  It’s that she fully understands that treatment is about getting it right for you.  It’s not about Instagram or Kylie Jenner but what you want and how the treatment can make you feel. That’s difference maker. And that’s the reason we’re Liverpool’s most popular. 





Expect dramatic improvements in shape, definition and volume without looking ‘done’ or ‘like a duck’. It’s quick, minimally invasive and doesn’t hurt because Dr MJ (a cosmetic dentist) uses dental strength numbing techniques so you literally won’t feel any sensation duration treatment. 


For a practitioner like MJ, lip shaping is more art than science.  She uses genuine Juvederm products and has perfected her art to create the most beautiful results you’ll ever see.  






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Why Patents Choose Smileworks


This is the last video you’ll ever need to watch about lip jobs. If you’re interested in knowing more than your friends or just getting your information from a trusted source then watch it all and enjoy.   


Before and After Pictures and Videos





full lips filler


lip filler with piercing






Lip fillers before and after



MJ is our lip virtuoso here at Smileworks. She’s the founder of Smileworks and has a strong pedigree of aesthetic medicine that runs in her family. Her mother is a GP in Germany and has been carrying out aesthetic procedures since the industry first got started in the 1980’s. Patients describe MJ as a “perfectionist”, “master” and a “genius”, and although she has more degrees than a thermometer, it’s her attention to detail and unwavering pursuit of greatness that sets her apart from the competition.   MJ is the holder of a Masters in Aesthetic Medicine and, as a results, is one of the most highly qualified aestheticians in Liverpool.



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How Long Do Lip Fillers Last?

Hyaluronic Acid Fillers are biodegradable so they break down over time. This is not a bad thing because the best results and most beautiful lips are the patients who return time and time again for their lip jobs.  This allows your practitioner to work with the shape and volume and gradually increase the size and shape of the lips.

Smoking will significantly reduce the time the lip filler is present in the tissue. This is because the act of making a pout to smoke a cigarette or e-cig means that the body breaks down the filler faster.  

Consultations with Dr MJ

Getting your lips done at Smileworks is a straight-forward process. That said, many patients are a little apprehensive and our helpful and caring staff will guide you through each stage of the procedure so that you are comfortable and happy.     First you come in and fill out your medical history and information on an iPad in our beautiful state-of-the-art office. This takes about ten minutes and then you’ll go through into a treatment room for your consultation.    

Following a short consultation, MJ will make sure you are happy with what to expect from your lip procedure. She will then administer a painless nerve block that will totally numb your lips. It takes a few seconds to work so MJ will usually sing you a song, tell you about her five cats or do a little dance. Lip augmentations can be painful and numbing cream is not enough to take the pain away.   Then you’ll have your procedure and be done in another 15 or so minutes. You then get told your aftercare instructions and you’re done. Your lips might be swollen right after the procedure but you’ll be advised on what to do with your aftercare instructions. Patients usually tolerate the procedure very well and our team will be in touch the next day to make sure you’re all ok and there is an emergency out of hours number on your instructions. You will be invited back for a two week review appointment to make sure everything has settled.  

Risks &Dissolving filler with hylase

If you think you’ve had a complication from a practitioner here in Liverpool then don’t hesitate to get in touch. Dr Rowland-Warmann is a trained medical professional with a great deal of experience dissolving filler with hylase and helping patients who’ve essentially been botched.     The main risks of lip fillers are bruising and swelling. The lips are a very sensitive area and some patients experience swelling and bruising that takes a good few days to resolve. Like with many aesthetic procedures, you can reduce risks by taking care of your filler at home. We advise you to cool the area with peas or an ice pack once you get home for a good few hours. If you do this the swelling will be significantly reduced.     You may also notice unevenness and bumps in your lips after treatment. This is swelling, bruises and small blood blisters under the skin that you can’t see. You will be advised to be prepared for this and told under no circumstances to mess around with your lips or squeeze them. When you have your review Dr MJ will manipulate the result to perfection if it is not already perfect.     Perhaps the biggest risk of lip injections is going to a practitioner who doesn’t know what they’re doing. Unfortunately anyone can inject lips and we see many cases of dreadful results from individuals who have decided to start injecting lips with little or no training. Here at Smileworks we often have cases where people come to us wanting problems ‘fixed’. Unfortunately there is sometimes not a great deal we can do so urge you to think carefully about who is injecting you and where they went to university.

Which are the best fillers?

Here at Smileworks we only use gold standard, CE marked dermal fillers. Although lip filler injections are, sadly, unregulated here in the UK, Smileworks pride ourselves on the highest standards of safety.  Our products of choice are Allergan products like Juvederm because Allergan put a great deal of research and development into their products to make sure they are longer lasting, safer and carry fewer risks to our beautiful patients.  

Lip Filler Prices for 2020

  • Juvederm Smile 0.55ml | £220
  • Juvederm Volift Retouch 0.55ml | £230
  • Belotero Intense 1ml | £300
  • Juvederm Ultra 3/4 1ml | £320
  • Juvederm Volift 1ml | £320
  • Teoxane RHA KISS 0.7ml | £260
  • Teoxane RHA 2 1ml | £320
  • Teoxane RHA 3 1ml | £320
  • Dr MJ Perfect Lips | £350

Looking to save some money? Then why not join our Lips membership and pay for your treatment in monthly instalments. Follow the link here for dermal fillers prices.


These are the only answers you need where lip jobs are concerned

  • Q: What are fillers?
  • A: Hylauronic Acid filler is a biocompatible and biodegradable gel that is injected directly into the lip tissue to restore volume, shape. and symmetry.
  • Q: Does it hurt?
  • A: When a dental anaesthetic is used to numb the lips, patients do not feel any pain. Where a cannula is used a nerve block is not possible but patients tolerate the procedure well, reporting only minor discomfort.
  • Q: How long do lip fillers last?
  • A: Lip filler lasts between 5-9 months depending on the individual and lifestyle factors such as smoking both cigarettes and e-cigs, exposure to UV rays (sun-tanning) and excessive physical exercise.
  • Q: Are there any side effects?
  • A: Fillers are considered safe and the most common side effects are transient bruising and swelling.  Risks of treatment include poor injection technique resulting in severe bruising and swelling, infections and very occasionally vascular occlusion that may cause necrosis or death of the surrounding tissue.
  • Q: How long will it take for the swelling to reduce following treatment? 
  • A: Bruising and swelling will reduce after a few days. If you are still experiencing bruising and swelling or suspect you might have a vascular complication then seek immediate assistance by dialling 999 or returning to your practitioner.
  • Q: My lips are lumpy and bumpy following treatment
  • A: Lumps and bumps following lip augmentations are caused by trauma to the underlying tissues and typically take 14 days to resolve.

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