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Emergency Appointments at Smileworks


If you’re looking for an out of hours dentist or have a dental emergency such as pain or swelling and are in need of emergency dental treatments then you’re in the right place. Sometimes you need to see your dentist right away and there’s no better place to get treatment than right here at Smileworks.  We’re open at our Liverpool ONE practice right in the centre of Liverpool, 6 days a week including Saturdays.  We’re open from 9:00am until 9:00pm and have emergency slots throughout the day which are allocated on a first come first serve basis.  We also have dedicated emergency sessions:


Wednesday 09:30-13:00

Saturday 10:00-15:00


In addition to our dedicated emergency sessions we have one emergency session each day allocated on a first come first serve basis. We’re sorry if you have a dental emergency and cannot be seen.  Please don’t be upset with us if you can’t get an appointment.




This page is for emergencies.  This is when you need a dentist right away.  If you are looking for routine dental treatment or any other type of dentistry then visit our homepage here.  Dentist Liverpool.


Dr MJ Rowland-Warmann also treats patients for emergency aesthetic complications such as vascular complications from filler or bad outcomes. Take a look here for more help and advice if you’ve experienced lip fillers gone wrong.



Quick Booking Here

Call us immediately on 0151 236 5166 and speak to a member of the team, dentist or specialist who will be able to help you right away

  • Open | 0900-2100
  • Open | Monday to Saturday
  • Emergency Assessment Fee | £50
  • Availability | Immediate
  • Time | 30-60m
  • Appointment | Usually Same Day
  • Queue? | Never
  • Call | 0151 236 5166

If you have a recurring need for an emergency dentist you could benefit from our Smileworks dental membership. This means your teeth will always look their best and you’re mouth will always be healthy because you’re in the hands of the true professionals.


Pain & Toothache Treatment

Here at Smileworks we see many patients with all types of toothache.  Toothache can be caused by many different things and can range in severity from mild discomfort to severe pain.  Patients will often present with toothache for the following reasons:



Pain can be treated by your dentist extremely efficiently and patients are often be amazed at how we can put an end to their toothache very quickly.  Antibiotics, painkillers and many other types of dental work can minimise pain.  Sometimes the painful nerves can be removed under local anaesthetic and this can leave you pain free.  To learn more about endodontic therapy take a look at our main page here: Root Canal Liverpool.  Infections can be treated by antibiotics and the pain from abscesses and swelling will soon subside if treated with the correct prescriptions.




Patients often come in for emergency appointments if they notice swelling.  Swelling in the mouth is often accompanied by pain and discomfort and can be caused by:


Swelling is mainly treated with antibiotics.  Your dentist will identify the cause of the swelling and fix it for you leaving you pain free.


Sometimes problems with dentures can cause you pain and swelling.  If you have denture pain then Smileworks can help.  Call us to make an emergency appointment or visit our dentures page.




Bleeding in your mouth can be caused by a number of things.  And we’re not just talking about a bit of blood in your spit after brushing.  This is not ideal but it’s also not an emergency either.  Bleeding can be caused by:



If you’ve had an extraction at another practice or an implant placed and it starts bleeding then you’ll need to see us immediately.  Your dentist will have advised you what’s the normal amount of bleeding to expect but if it’s more than expected or uncontrolled then you’ll need to come in to see us straight away.



Trauma & Knocks



Dental trauma can be anything from a broken or chipped tooth to a bad accident involving breaking of many teeth and trauma to the jaw and gums.  Here at Smileworks we frequently see sportspeople who have been injured playing sports.  It goes without saying that protection is very important when engaging in contact sports like football, rugby, hockey and sparring.  We can fix chips and cracks very easily and the restorations will be so natural as to be impossible to detect.  You’re teeth will look just the way they were before the accident.


If you’ve lost a filling or are experiencing pain from an old filling and thing it might need replacing then take a look at our dedicated page to replacing fillings.



We also have people who’ve had accidents at home or work and need a tooth repairing.  But you don’t need to be a boxer to suffer dental trauma.  Patients can break teeth chewing pens, biting their nails, grinding or clenching or even eating.  The damage can be done to your natural teeth or existing dental work can become damaged.  Your dentist can repair your smile and have you looking great again in no time.  Remember that your £50 fee is for your assessment only and you will be quoted for any emergency treatment at your appointment.  If you need crowns, implants, veneers or other permanent dental work then this will be subject to our normal fees.  Follow the links here to read more about the dental implants cost.



Wisdom Tooth Pain

A huge amount of dental emergencies are caused by wisdom tooth pain.  This is pain that occurs mainly in 18-30 year olds and can be moderate or severe pain.  Wisdom tooth pain happens when the tooth is half in and half out and has not properly erupted.  This can be because there’s not enough space in the mouth.  The partly erupted wisdom tooth has a flap of gum covering it and food gets caught under the flap.  This causes infection and inflammation.



You may experience a bad taste and bad smells and maybe abscess-like symptoms.  The pain and swelling can involve just the gum and tooth area or be all around the side of the face and neck.  Your lymph nodes can become inflamed and you might have difficulty opening your mouth because of the pain. Although pretty nasty sounding, this type of problem is very easy to fix with rinsing out the infection and perhaps, in very limited instances, with antibiotics.


Read more about treating wisdom tooth pain and surgical extractions here: wisdom teeth removal.


When to dial 999


In the following circumstances you should dial 999 and ask for an ambulance:



If you’re not sure whether to call an ambulance then just call 999 and they will be able to help you.  Alternatively dial the NHS 111 number for emergency assistance.


How to Find Smileworks




Had an appointment with Patri for a painful wisdom tooth. I was terrified of the extraction but she was absolutely amazing. Fantastic job! Also, if you think Smileworks might be a bit pricey, think again. I ended up paying considerably less than what another dentist would have charged me. A super happy customer 🙂read more
Minodora Zidaru
Minodora Z.
22:05 22 Mar 19
Susan (dentist) and Eva did my composite bonding and Susan is excellent at her work! I am in love with my new smile and can't recommend her enough! The staff at Smileworks are so professional and friendly. Thank you!read more
Sophie Siu
Sophie S.
11:40 10 Mar 19
Went to Smileworks for lip fillers and had a wonderful experience! I had Susan doing my fillers and she is absolutely amazing at what she does.. She is so so lovely and easy to get on with and answered all my questions and worries before I even asked and made sure she discussed exactly the outcome I wanted. She made me feel completely safe and at ease which is what I was hoping for as it was my first time. I cant recommend Susan enough, she is an absolute gem and is truly amazing at what she does, I love my new lips! Also the girls at reception were lovely and very helpful, I even had a call from Davina the day after (who was really really lovely) to see how I was and if i had any questions. It is obvious that they care about their patients and the work that they do for them.read more
Maddie Dooley
Maddie D.
17:30 08 Mar 19
I had semi-permanent makeup (eyebrows) done by Hannah. What can I say? I LOVE them. They have changed my face and my confidence! Hannah is lovely and takes her time to talk you through everything. I felt at ease with her-she's friendly and approachable and doesn't make you feel silly for asking questions. She goes through the design process and makes sure you are 100% happy before continuing. She spent hours designing my brows with me until they were perfect. Seems nothing is too much trouble for her!! Would definitely recommend and I shall most definitely be back in the future! (Should also note everyone I have come into contact with at Smileworks has also been lovely!!) 😁😁read more
Ellie Roberts
Ellie R.
20:35 04 Mar 19
I had semi-permanent eyeliner with Hannah. it was a great experience I came back 3 times in all for all the top ups.(included in the price ) She made sure that I was 100 percent happy with the look and pain free. She took the time, and was extremely friendly and welcoming as well as totally professional .I will definitely come back as it fades It's amazing to not put eyeliner on and know you look good at 6.30 am at the gym!read more
J Lo
J L.
19:31 12 Feb 19
Visited here today staff were so warm and friendly! I had an aesthetic appointment with MJ she made me feel so relaxed and at ease. I would highly recommend Smileworks!read more
E Bailey
E B.
17:08 12 Feb 19
Great place with professional staff and nice atmosphere. My appointment was with Louise and Eva who were very helpful, friendly and knowledgeable. They have explained everything clearly and made me feel relaxed. Would highly recommend.read more
Denise Colley
Denise C.
22:42 27 Jan 19
I had my lips done here in November and a quick check up in December... I was amazed at how professional it was and I love the aesthetic of the office too. MJ made me feel a home, as did the rest of the team, and I will definitely be returning when I need to!read more
Danielle Piper
Danielle P.
20:12 20 Jan 19
Been coming here for the past few months, teeth are so much better since coming here, teeth whitening under way and look boss. Thanks to Zoe for sorting my pegs out and for the laughs. See ya soon gorj xxxxxread more
James Selsby
James S.
09:39 16 Jan 19
Probably the best visit to the dentist's ever! I would recommend without ant second thought! Keep up the good work!!!
Σοφια Αλεξιαδου
Σοφια Α.
15:17 05 Jan 19
Refreshing new look of the "dentist". I found Smileworks quick with no hassle. They know what they're doing and not stuffy. Would definitely recommend.read more
Carolyn Wagstaff
Carolyn W.
20:07 27 Dec 18
I find myself recommending more people to these guys every day at work, I wouldn’t go anywhere else now! Amazing service delivered in a friendly and welcoming environment.read more
Jared & Co Barbers
Jared & Co B.
19:28 11 Dec 18
I absolutely love this place. Staff are amazing. And what can I say about the wonderful MJ....Try it yourself, I guarantee you wont disappointed.read more
pamela Bretland
pamela B.
18:46 11 Dec 18
First time for lip fillers, so obviously a little nervous on the outcome but I am over the moon. A natural yet full look could not recommend smileworks anymore. MJ is unreal at what she does and puts you at ease within a few seconds of the consultation whilst also giving all the right info and questions. Excited for another ml already!read more
Rosa Horsley
Rosa H.
12:13 26 Nov 18
Great experience. Very happy with my new smile. All the staff are faultless and so welcoming!!
Jessica Hudson
Jessica H.
16:13 14 Nov 18
Can't recommend smileworks enough amazing service! Really helpful over the phone and booking my first visit was so easy. Laurence and Georgie were so friendly and discussed the different options and treatment plan in detail. Nothing was too much trouble 🙂 Thanks guys!read more
Sam Abbott
Sam A.
16:06 07 Nov 18
I feel 5 star is not enough and those guys deserve an infinite number of stars and a unicorn on top of that! I have a severe phobia if it comes to my teeth, I'm a survivor of Polish public dentist care and let me tell you that's something straight from nightmares and torture chambers. As a results my teeth are not in a great way (those that did survive), to add to the "fun" I also have major orthodontic issues. I knew I needed help and it took me about a year and a half (this is not an exaggeration) to make my way to Smileworks. In the meantime I tried two other 5-star rated places and I wasn't convinced enough to stick around. The second I called Smileworks I had a warm fuzzy feeling in my belly that this place is the right place finally, It took a few months and multiple appointment before the right treatment plan could be created, since my case is complicated to say the least. I feel that there was a LOT of thoughts put into finding a solution, which made me feel at ease and gain enough trust to go ahead with the treatment. Every time I come to visit everyone is just brilliant. All the ladies and gents are nice and bubbly, which definitely helps to relax. Their approach is very gentle, a lot of attention is given to the patients and you just get the feeling that this guys really know what they do. I feel spoiled and I stopped fearing every dentist visit as I used to in the past. I know it sounds odd, but if anyone is able to make dentist appointments as pleasurable as possible, that's the people at Smileworks! As to address the money, things like that cost a lot, that's the unfortunate reality and there's no way to avoid that. For what I've been offered i think that's worth every penny. If it comes to the plane theme, I think it's amazing and I absolutely love it, especially because of all the little details. Finally a place with a sense of humor! I get how people scared of dentist AND flying can find it disturbing, but I think that's just an edge case.I will preach the genius of this place forever and share it with anyone who is eager to listen (or is not eager to listen at all but just haven't ran fast enough from me).read more
Joanna Skorupa
Joanna S.
10:24 26 Oct 18
Had my first appointment today with Paula and Jess. It was very nice, friendly and professional! I was talked through a plan for future treatments that I wanted and given a price estimate, so helpful! Appointment was also 2 days after I phoned them, so seen very quickly!read more
Laura Johnston
Laura J.
14:22 19 Oct 18
Had bad experiences with other dentists. Went to smileworks. I could not have been treated better. The staff are amazing and my dentist Susan is fantastic. She put me completely at ease. I've never said this before but I now enjoy going to see her and get work done on my teeth. Would highly recommend smileworksread more
Karen Wells
Karen W.
04:22 11 Oct 18
I went to smileworks last week for a new retainer. The service I received was great, from meeting the receptionists to when I was receiving treatment from Paula and the dental nurse. Everyone was very smiley, friendly and helpful. Paula especially took the time to explain whitening treatments to me (as I mentioned I would like whiter teeth on my patient details form) and also explained treatments such as composite bonding which could help me achieve the perfect smile I was looking for. The dental nurse helping was also very calming and patient. I would definitely recommend to others and would really like to compliment their great customer service. Thanks smileworks and all their lovely staff.read more
Victoria Thomas-Hui
Victoria T.
20:33 10 Oct 18
Went to smileworks to have my eyebrows done by Hannah! From the moment you walk in everyone is super friendly and Hannah greets you like an old friend! This was my second visit as it was a top up! My eyebrows are really not easy as they pretty much non existent and what was there was super wonky! Hannah was amazing! She was so patient and spent a ridiculously long time making sure I went home happy! Would 100% recommend to everyone!! Xread more
Bethany Sheldon
Bethany S.
16:31 06 Oct 18
I couldn’t recommend Smileworks more! All staff are so friendly and make you feel welcome. Hannah is absolutely amazing! An absolute perfectionist in semi-permanent makeup. Anyone who is considering having eyebrows/eyeliner/lips done should 100% have Hannah do them, you won’t regret it!read more
Abby Cowdell
Abby C.
16:26 17 Sep 18
Very pleased with the dermal fillers administered by MJ and the semi permanent makeup from Hannah. Both took the time and effort to ensure I received the best options for treatment. In addition, the reception staff were very polite and welcoming which added to my positive experience. Would definitely recommend.read more
21:59 10 Sep 18
I unfortunately lost a tooth a few years ago due to a nasty abscess that too many root canal treatments could not cure. I decided at the beginning of the year that it was time to fix my smile and went for a consultation for a dental implant. I visited a couple of dental practices and decided on smileworks due to the friendliness of staff and their ability to answer all of my questions and put my mind at ease. Plus an added benefit was that they offered credit to help finance the treatment. I could not be more happy with my decision and my results. I have a perfect smile once more and dealing with the team was an absolute pleasure! I cannot recommend their services highly enough.read more
Grainne Mulholland
Grainne M.
12:34 05 Sep 18
One of the best dental practice I have ever seen. Thank you all for your helping me during my emergency visit. للأخوة العرب المقيمين أو الزائرين إلى ليفربول، هذه العيادة من أفضل عيادات الأسنان التي رأيتها في حياتي بدء من الاستقبال وحتى الطبيب المعالج. اذا احتجت الى زيارة طبيب الاسنان اجعل هذي العيادة خيارك الأول!read more
Ali Alsolme
Ali A.
14:19 01 Sep 18

Your Dentists

Preventing Emergencies



With the exception of trauma and bleeding, pain and swelling are dental emergencies that are probably 90% avoidable. Here at Smileworks we love seeing emergencies because we can advise you of the simple steps you need to take in the future to avoid getting yourself into an emergency situation again.  If you’re seeing your dentist regularly and having check-ups, xrays and ongoing dental care then you’re much more likely to avoid needing us in a hurry.



Smileworks believe everyone in Liverpool deserves to feel great when they smile. And this means not being in pain. Call us on 0151 236 5166 to speak to someone about joining one of our exclusive memberships. They’re better value than the leading dental plans available and the service you get is superb.  Follow the links below for more information on the range of services available:

Implants to replace broken of missing teeth: Implants Liverpool

Permanent Dental Veneers or Composite Veneers

Orthodontic Emergencies: Braces Liverpool