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Here at Smileworks we believe everyone should feel confident when they smile.
Every single treatment from a filling to complex cosmetic work is done to help you look and feel great.


We want you to live happy, confident and successful lives.
Our dedication to this mission is the reason we're Liverpool’s most popular dentist.
Take a look at our best treatments: composite bonding, whitening, smile makeovers and porcelain veneers.
Our patients say we’re “miracle workers” and their treatments are “life changing”, “unreal” and “a class above the rest”.

It's important to be able to trust your dentists, specialists and aestheticians.
Gone are the days of rip-off dentists charging exorbitant prices for invasive and destructive treatments. 
Liverpool needs a decent, honest, good value private dentist, and we are it.


We earn your trust with honesty and most importantly by treating you with respect. Our google reviews reflect this.

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Firstly Sefa and Aniesa achieved the impossible they’ve actually made me look forward to going to the dentist. I felt reassured throughout the entire process. I can’t thank them enough for giving me my confidence back, first class... service.A special thank you to all the dental assistants that have been supportive. Highly recommend Smileworks, they genuinely care 😊read more
Angela H.
19:38 03 Jul 22
I couldn’t ask for more with Eduardo and Ashleigh they was fantastic with me an took good care of me while I was at smile works, explained perfectly how to look after my braces an left me with a lot of trust in them.
Lewis G.
08:44 30 Jun 22
Lovely place and friendly staff! Dr Eduardo did my brace and shared his knowledge with me on what and how the process would be like.
20:20 24 Jun 22
My son's brace fitting appointment with Dr Eduardo and Ashleigh was fantastic. If you want to be treated well, this is the place. They will make you feel relaxed during the fitting and even asked to put favorite music on 🙂
Dorin Cel V.
18:38 22 Jun 22
Great experience using Smileworks, Emma & Andreea are great! Emma always takes time to explain what she's doing and why, and always makes you feel at ease. Best dentist I've been too!
Jack W.
12:50 22 Jun 22
Smileworks Liverpool has managed the impossible - getting me into a dentists chair!Originally my journey as a patient began with an emergency appointment for a toothache I had been ignoring for years (after a traumatic, botched... experience at a previous dental surgery).Sefa & Becca, Aniesa & Andrea are now working with me to fix the damage done, and have been insanely patient and attentive all the way.Undoubtedly it is a lot of work that needs doing, but it is all at my own pace, with thorough documentation and explanations, as well as the ability to say "no" at any point.When I left the previous surgery, I swore I would never let anyone near my teeth again. But Smileworks is so far proving to be the exception to that rule, and I have cautious optimism that my smile may return to what it was before!read more
Laura M.
19:05 20 Jun 22
Aniesa and Marta are absolutely brilliant, they made me feel very relaxed and will be going again
Karen K.
17:48 20 Jun 22
Called up for an emergency appointment and was booked in for the next day with Clare. As someone who hates even thinking about going to the dentist never mind getting a procedure done, they made me feel really comfortable and they did an... amazing job, was in and out in 30 to 40 minutes and will definitely be coming back for future checkups and dental work.read more
Lewis R.
12:50 20 Jun 22
Last week, I had a treatment for my son with Zoe and Marta, who are both extremely talented and friendly. They completely transformed my son's negative experience with a dentist, and he is now more confident in visiting them at any time.... Thank you so much, Zoe and Marta!read more
Nada A.
12:43 19 Jun 22

Dr. MJ and our highly trained team treat our facial aesthetics patients at Smileworks.
Browse the most popular treatments here or book an online consultation below.


Today’s most popular Aesthetic treatments

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"Fab service and amazing prices! MJ and team treat you like a VIP, treatment results are amazing, I would recommend to everyone! X"


"Absolute shamazin! The practice is fantastic."

Mrs Smith

"Welcoming, friendly and very professional. Great value and top class aftercare. I would highly recommend."


I couldn't thank everyone at Smileworks enough, MJ, Kerry, Charlene, Ed and all the reception girls! You have changed my life and you are never getting rid of me!"

Antonia Jones

"I cant speak highly enough of this place. The people are so professional and friendly! I had a brace fitted and some fillings completed recently and the level of care was brilliant!"

Dan Kennaugh

"Just simply amazing!!! Everything about smile works is top class."

Kate Boylan

"Absolutely amazing I wouldn't go anywhere else! I go to the fabulous MJ for lip fillers and I also had a non surgical nose job last year which has completely boosted my confidence!"

Charlotte Aldridge

"Love my lips!! Excellent service! I had so many compliments about looking different but no one guessed what I had done."

Claire Pearson

"Had an amazing experience at Smileworks, now have beautiful composite veneers and I'm not afraid to smile anymore! The staff are really beautiful and friendly"

Victoria Evans

"My saviours. Fantastic service, appointment on the day I called."

Amanda Worthington

"Absolutely amazing!!! Some of the best people in the industry work here. Quality of work is faultless. You will not be disappointed. Keep smiling ☺ ☺ ☺"

Manzur Ahmed

"Special thanks as well to Dr Yanis for replacing my front dead tooth with a brand new implant. I have regained my confidence to smile just on time for the Christmas and New Years."

Nigel Chatwin

"The Enlighten tooth whitening is the 8th wonder of the world. I was resigned to having brown teeth for the rest of my life until I met these guys."

Rod S