Refresh your under eyes with tear trough filler from our aesthetics clinic in the heart of Liverpool.

Your eyes are the first thing people notice about you. Many consider them the most attractive and alluring part of the face. But what happens when your eyes are shadowed by dark hollows and leave you looking tired even after a full night’s sleep?

Meet tear trough filler: the best and most effective way to banish the hollows under your eyes. With this treatment, your under eye area will be completely transformed and rejuvenated. Say hello to beautiful under eyes and renewed confidence in your appearance!

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tear trough filler
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As you age, your tear troughs, the area beneath your lower eyelid and upper cheek, can become dark or sunken in. Deep tear troughs make you look older and tired. If this sounds like you, tear trough filler will work wonders.

At Smileworks, we specialise in the art of tear trough filler. Not only will your undereyes look smoother than ever before, this treatment also enhances facial symmetry, leaving you with a more balanced and youthful look.

treatment times

Appointment length: 60 minutes

Results expected: Immediately, with further improvement once healed

Results last: Up to two years. Results will last longer with top-up treatments

conditions treated

Eye Hollows: Tear trough filler is the key to combating eye hollowness. Our injector will expertly place filler beneath your eye to restore lost volume and dramatically smooth out hollows.

Dark Circles: Goodbye dark circles! This treatment erases pesky signs of fatigue and banishes dark shadows. This is a surefire way to effortlessly brighten your look.

Signs of Ageing: Tear trough filler is also effective at smoothing out signs of ageing. Expect restored volume, smoother fine lines, and overall renewed youth!

tear trough filler risks & side effects

Like all aesthetic treatments, tear trough filler is not without its risks. However, when performed by a trained medical professional, this treatment is very safe. Tear trough filler is an incredibly complex and technically demanding procedure. It must be performed by an experienced injector to ensure the safest and best outcomes possible.

Although the treatment doesn’t inherently have additional risks, tear trough complications are significantly more common than in treatments like lip filler or Botox. When tear trough fillers go wrong, it is almost always due to unskilled practitioners.

At Smileworks, we prioritise patient safety above all else. Facial ultrasound is used during every treatment to ensure safety and precision. This significantly reduces the risk of tear trough filler migration or complications. In our safe hands, you shouldn’t experience anything more than minor bruising or swelling.


"I am very happy with my treatment! I get lots of compliments on how lovely and natural it looks."

Sarah C.

"They're amazing at what they do and pay so much attention to detail!"

Mia S.

"I can’t say enough good things about Smileworks."

Jane W.

"It’s a 5 star rating from me! Thank you for making me feel comfortable and safe 💓"

Brianna C.

how does tear trough filler work?

Tear trough filler is an injectable treatment used to add volume to fill under eye hollows caused by your tear trough. When the hyaluronic acid dermal filler is injected, your under eye area will appear more smoother and more full. Every treatment is tailored to your individual needs to make sure you get the most stunning results possible.

who is the ideal candidate?

Many patients come to us with a misunderstanding of what tear trough filler does. It does not necessarily fill in your under eye bags. Adding more volume to an area that already has too much doesn’t help. Tear trough filler is used to fill your trough, not your bags. This is why we recommend tear trough filler to those with under-eye ‘hollows’ rather than puffy ‘bags’.

Tear trough filler aims to correct a tired appearance. They can rejuvenate your under-eye area and offer a refreshed look. However, because 60% to 70% of patients seeking tear trough filler are not eligible, we recommend booking a consultation. At this appointment, our injector will determine whether you are a suitable candidate for tear trough filler.

tear trough filler cost uk

At Smileworks, we keep our tear trough filler prices competitive while maintaining our high standards for safety and patient satisfaction. If you're looking to save even more money, become an aesthetics member and get 10% OFF all dermal filler treatments!

Tear Trough Filler (Grade 1) | £450

Tear Trough Filler (Grade 2) | £575

Tear Trough Filler (Grade 3) | £750



why choose smileworks?

Choosing where to get treatment can be a big decision, but luckily Smileworks makes it easy. We are proud to be Liverpool’s leading tear trough filler provider, and we treat dozens of cases every week. With the rapid rise of aesthetic complications, it’s never been more important to choose a reputable clinic that’s run by medical professionals.

At Smileworks, all of our clinicians and technicians are highly trained and experienced in what they do, so you can rest assured in their hands. We strive to offer safe yet effective treatment plans that will leave you with results to rave about.

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If you can, avoid caffeine, alcohol and other supplements for 24 hours prior to the appointment. Try to come to your appointment without any makeup on your skin.

Don’t mess with the treatment area. If you develop small bruises or minor swelling, don’t worry. This is completely normal and should go down within a couple days.

Smoking and strenuous exercise should be avoided for 24 hours after treatment. For two weeks, please avoid facial treatments, saunas, and extremes of heat and cold.

If you develop a very painful bruise, contact us right away. Again, minor bruising and swelling are normal and will reduce after a few days. If you are still experiencing extreme bruising and swelling or suspect you might have a vascular complication, then seek immediate assistance by dialling 999 or contacting us at 0151 236 5166 right away.

A tear trough is the hollow or depression that runs from the inner corner of the eye, diagonally towards the cheeks. It can give the appearance of dark circles or shadowing under the eyes.

An eye bag, on the other hand, is a puffiness or bulging that appears below the eye, often due to fat pads pushing forward.

While both can make one appear tired or aged, they are distinct concerns and might require different treatment approaches. Not everyone has a tear trough, but in those that have a tear trough and eye bags, tear trough filler can also mask the appearance of the bags.

We use lidocaine-based injected anaesthetic. This makes the treatment area completely numb, and you won’t be able to feel a thing.

With tear trough filler treatment, there is zero downtime, but you may experience minor bruising or swelling.

While many patients see significant improvement after just a single session, individual needs do vary.

Some people might benefit from a combination of treatments, especially if addressing volume loss in adjacent areas like the cheeks. Regular touch-ups, typically after 12 months or more, can maintain optimal results.

It’s always best to contact our team so we can tailor a treatment plan specific to your needs.

For individuals who aren’t ideal candidates for tear trough fillers, several alternatives can address under-eye concerns:

  1. Topical Creams: Over-the-counter or prescription creams can reduce dark circles, puffiness, and minor wrinkles.
  2. Chemical Peels: They can improve skin texture and tone around the eyes by removing the outermost skin layers, prompting new growth.
  3. Laser Resurfacing: This treatment can tighten and rejuvenate the skin, addressing wrinkles and improving skin texture.
  4. Microneedling: Stimulating the skin to produce more collagen, this can improve the appearance of the under-eye area over time.
  5. Lower Eyelid Surgery (Blepharoplasty): For more severe cases or pronounced eye bags, surgical removal or repositioning of fat and skin might be recommended.
  6. Fat Transfer: Instead of synthetic fillers, fat from another part of the patient’s body can be purified and injected into the tear troughs.

It’s crucial to speak with a member of our team to discuss the most appropriate treatment for your individual needs.

Our injectors use ultrasound in every tear trough treatment to ensure maximum safety and precision. Ultrasound allows us to see your veins and arteries, therefore greatly reducing risks like serious bruising or tear trough migration.

Ultrasound is especially helpful with tear trough filler treatments. An artery within the infraorbital foramen is nearly the same size as the cannula we employ for injections. Ultrasound not only allows us to visualise this artery but also ensures the procedure remains both safe and consistent.

Tear trough filler can bring you a new level of confidence without having to undergo an expensive surgery. It’s impossible for us to definitively answer this question, but based on the reactions from our patients, tear trough filler is very worth it.

To book your tear trough treatment at Smileworks, you can call our clinic at 0151 236 5166 or book directly through our booking form. Our team will be happy to assist you in scheduling your appointment and answering any more questions you may have.

If you have any more questions about tear trough filler, please send us an email at reception@sexydentistry.com.


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