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Inman aligners are the gentle, safe, efficient and super quick removable braces taking Liverpool by storm in 2020.  Their popularity is due to a number of factors including the low cost, remarkable speed and the fact that patients can remove them to eat.

These factors together make the Inman Aligner appliance the most exciting development in adult orthodontics in decades.  This article covers the Inman Aligner appliance in detail.

To learn more about  braces in general  take a look at our main services page where you can make an appointment to get Braces. Alternatively if you’re interested in Invisible, removable or Incognito hidden braces then take a look at our main pages here: Invisalign®, Incognito braces®.

For more information on Inman aligners like their cost, before and after pictures, the procedure and whether this cutting edge orthodontic treatment is for you, then read on!

Inman Aligner Braces
Inman Aligner Appliance

Benefits of Inman aligner braces

  • A gentle, safe and extremely effective orthodontic treatment for simple cases
  • The appliance is completely removable for eating and cleaning
  • Inman Aligners are much cheaper than other removable braces at just £1,599
  • Aligners are discreet and almost invisible when you’re wearing them
  • Inman retainers are also versatile and flexible and work well with other treatments
  • Align the front teeth only and are only suitable for simple cases

Aligners are also the orthodontists choice for adult relapse cases.  This is where patients might have had treatment before but their teeth have moved out of position or ‘relapsed’.  The Inman Aligner is an extremely effective treatment for these cases.  As far as the cost of Aligners is concerned, compared with Invisalign® at £4,000 they are significantly more affordable at just £1,599.

The aligners only move the front six teeth and this makes them quick and able to be removed.  It also makes them significantly less expensive than some other systems:

Inman Aligner before and after

Patients typically choose to have other treatments like whitening and composite bonding with their aligners treatment.  In veneers cases aligners are used to align the teeth so the veneers can be fitted with less damage to the underlying healthy dentition.  They are also great for the lower teeth where a patient has chosen veneers for the upper arch and wants to straighten the lower teeth.

And then the number one benefit is that treatment can be over in as little as 6-16 weeks!  This is significantly shorter than even the quickest conventional braces (6-9 months) and Invisalign (18-24 months).  Obviously not every patient is suitable for the Inman Aligner and at Smileworks you have the option of being seen by a general dentist or a specialist orthodontist.

Social six alignment

Here at Smileworks we pride ourselves on providing you with a number of choices for your braces treatment and this could include any number of conventional or specialist appliances.  But whatever you choose you can feel secure in the knowledge that you’re getting the absolute best braces treatment in Liverpool from some of the most talented professionals.

How does the system work?

The Inman Aligner retainer works by applying constant and even mechanical pressure on the front and back surfaces of the teeth.  This gently and efficiently moves them into line, solving issues with crowding and misalignment.  The entire treatment takes only 6-16 weeks in total – one of the most remarkable benefits of aligners.

The appliance is removable and clips into the mouth.  The pressure is provided by a technologically advanced spring system that applies precisely the correct amount of pressure as the teeth move over time.  Orthodontists and dentists have been literally amazed by the efficiency and precision of aligners, making them one of the most exciting developments in orthodontics in a long time.

Patients are advised to wear your retainer for around 20 hours a day, removing them mainly to eat meals and to clean the appliance.  You can take the aligner out for eating drinking and even on the odd special occasion.  But remember that if you don’t wear it enough then this could increase your treatment time.

Most of the retainer is hidden behind your teeth and there’s just a clear band in front of the teeth that is barely visible, making the aligner almost completely invisible.  Take a look at this great video that shows how the appliance works in the mouth.

What can Aligners Accomplish?

There are a whole hose of problems that aligners can correct.  Firstly, it can align the front teeth.  This includes fixing crowding (sometimes called overcrowding) and ‘protrusions’ which is the dental name for teeth that stick out.  The system can also rotate teeth, something other invisible retainers are notoriously slow at.

The aligner can also correct a ‘crossbite’.  This is where the bottom teeth bite down outside the top teeth.  Aside from the teeth straightening jobs of an aligner it is also an extremely versatile treatment.  It can be used with whitening and composite bonding (or composite veneers) to create a complete smile makeover!

Crossbite correction

Are Aligners right for me?

Smileworks is a specialist orthodontic practice and we have some of the most talented orthodontists and dentists helping patients feel great about their smiles.  Your treatment will begin with a full assessment of every aspect of your mouth including general health, gum health, a tooth check and assessment of your bite.  Here at Smileworks we refer to this as the ‘Braces Assessment’ and you’ll be given the options that are best for you to reach your particular goals.

At the end of the day, only you know what you want to achieve so it’s very difficult for us to say who is suitable before you come in for a braces assessment.  If you think you might have gum disease then you should come in for a braces assessment and the dentist or orthodontist will be able to offer solutions so that you can get it under control and start your braces treatment.

Aligner reviews

Inman Aligners produce beautiful results.  Here at Smileworks we have literally almost 600 5 star reviews on Facebook, Trustpilot and Google. You can see some of our Inman Aligner reviews on Google by following this link: Google Reviews.

Our Inman Aligner patients are usually so happy that they choose to have other treatments here at Smileworks.  This is partly because of the versatility of treatment but also because of the low price.  Common additional treatments are teeth whitening and composite bonding or composite veneers.  This is where the shape of the teeth is improved by sculpting special composite material over broken, worn or chipped teeth to produce a wonderful ‘smile makeover’ type result.

Our patients love us.  We have literally hundreds of five star google reviews and below you can read a specific review for a patient who had the Inman Aligner system.

329 Reviews at 4.9 / 5.0

five star google reviews

Five Star Google Rating
“Best investment in myself, service and stuff were amazing, I was treated not just like a simple client, I was in middle of attention, I felt like I was most important. I would recomend to everyone, the best place to come for best investment. I definetely know this is not the last visit, if I will need to see dentist this is going to be first place I am going to think of!”

03 March 2017 – Gintare Rapoport

I've had quite a bit of dental work done by Zoe over the last year to help me feel more confident with my smile. I... can't thank Zoe enough as I absolutely love my teeth now. Zoe really went above and beyond to help me and was so caring. Her attention to detail was so nice to have as you could really tell she cared about her work and making sure I was happy and also comfortable with what she was doing, nothing was too small or too big for her to help with. I highly recommend her and Smileworks to everyone. Thank you Zoe 🙂read more
Katie L.
Katie L.
14:00 24 Jan 21
Just had braces fitted at smile works by Eduardo and his assistant Ashleigh. They were very professional, informative... and courteous. Procedure couldn't have went any better. The reception staff are all very welcoming and kind too. This dentist is second to none and would highly recommend to more
12:34 23 Jan 21
I've had composite bonding carried out at Smileworksin the past month by the brilliant Paula and Savannah. Throughout... the procedure staff communication was top class while they constantly make you feel relaxed. They provided in depth advice for the aesthetic nature of the bonding whilst also implementing the procedure perfectly. I'm delighted I chose Smileworks!read more
Tracing Ireland's P.
Tracing Ireland's P.
16:55 03 Jan 21
State of the art surgery. Everyone who works there is lovely and makes you feel great. Customer care is important to... them as well as you . Hygiene appointment was actually fun. Lovely people. Was there 2 days ago to fit my composite veneers. Not finished yet , but omg the difference is unbelievable. Don't just think about it. Change your life and do it . Clare and Ashleigh were brilliant . Thank you so much. I've got my confidence back. I can smile without feeling self more
Sheila Birch (.
Sheila Birch (.
09:39 01 Jan 21
I went here today for the first time as an emergency patient. I’m so so happy with the treatment I’ve received, never... thought I’d be so happy to have a tooth out! Edwardo & Savannah were amazing. I cannot thank them enough for being so friendly yet thorough & professional. I get really anxious about dentists & I they couldn’t have been more calming. All the staff I met were absolutely lovely & so friendly. Would highly recommend & thank you again so muchread more
jennifer P.
jennifer P.
22:40 11 Dec 20
Everyone who works here are so lovely, kind and welcoming! I always feel comfortable receiving treatment. Zoe is my... dentist at the practice and she makes my treatment feel much less nerve-racking, as I tend to feel nervous when it comes to dental treatments. Would definitely and highly recommend Smileworks to anyone!read more
Amy S.
Amy S.
19:35 30 Oct 20

Watch the video or read on for the costs of this remarkable braces system…

Inman Aligner cost

So how much is the Inman Aligner?  The cost is a huge benefit for many patients.  At only £1,599, this treatment is one of the least expensive types of braces systems available.  Also many patients prefer to pay for their treatment with finance and the monthly repayments can be very low indeed.

CostDeposit ChargesTotal Amount
of Credit
(12 months)
(12 months)
(24 months)
(60 months)

Inman Aligner Before and Afters

Inman Aligner liverpool aligners before and after patient clinical before and after before and after & cost

What are the risks?

The Inman aligner is one of the safest treatments we have here at Smileworks.  And Inman Aligner problems rarely occur.  In over 20,000 reported cases there have been no instances of teeth becoming damaged or root resorption.  Root resorption is a risk associated with some orthodontic treatments but has never occurred with the Inman Aligner.  Aligners feeling uncomfortable for the first few days is common.  You will get used to them.  Also your speech might be slightly affected for a few weeks but this will pass as you adapt to wearing the retainer.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Does the Inman aligner really work?

The Inman is best for straightening the front six (social six) teeth and is a simple device that is used for simple orthodontic presentations.  If you have a more complicated orthodontic problem than you may need a different system.  The only way to find out is to have a consultation with a dentist.  It is an excellent choice for relapse cases where most of the complex tooth movement has been done already and the front teeth have slipped out of position because you’ve not worn your retainers.

How do I clean my Inman Aligner?

The system is removable so this makes it much easier to clean than traditional braces. If you’re interested in how to brush your teeth with braces then follow the link.  Simply remove the retainer and clean it with a toothbrush as normal using warm water.  Do not use toothpaste as this causes the materials to become brittle.  Also don’t use water that it too hot as the system is heat-sensitive. Do not soak it in mouthwash, use denture cleaner instead.

Will it affect my speech?

It will take you a few weeks to be able to speak normally while wearing your aligner but if you have an important talk or meeting then just take it out.  Practice here makes perfect!

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