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Botox® is by far our most popular anti-wrinkle treatment here in Liverpool and patients visit us to turn back time and regain their youthful looks.  We understand that you’re already a confident, successful individual and you simply want more. 


You want to look the best you’ve ever looked. 


Our patients report, “awe inspiring” results that “live up to the hype”, are “life-changing” and a class above the rest”. We’re thrilled you’ve chosen Dr MJ because like many others, you will see how Botox is done right and understand the benefits of more precise, better value and longer lasting anti wrinkle treatments. Here’s Dr MJ Explaining Botox treatment at Smileworks. You told us this treatment made you feel instantly better and that your new confidence will bring new possibilities…





Botox Liverpool


Whether you want to look better just for you or want to freshen your complexion for a wedding or birthday, it’s a scientific certainty that this treatment will help create dramatically smoother and fresher looks.


Dr MJ: “Botox is one of my favourites for helping patients look years younger.  It’s straight-forward, quick and affordable.  Happiness right out of a tiny bottle.  It’s ageing science at its absolute best and I wouldn’t risk my reputation on a treatment that wasn’t highly likely to make my patients feel something.”


Loved it so much I cried



If you’re here to learn, then this page contains everything there is to know about Botox, getting treatment, prices, aftercare and what to expect.  Many of you are here because you have heard about Dr MJ and want to book an appointment.  You can do that here too. 


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Dr MJ: “I’m no miracle worker, it is surprisingly simple really.  To get results you just have to take time to understanding what the patient wants, have a good grasp of facial anatomy and be able to draw on a lot of experience.”


Dr MJ has 147 reviews for Botox treatments with an average score of 4.9 our of 5.0 from GoogleTrustpilot and Facebook.  It’s been said she works miracles…


Miracle worker patient reviews

Why Trust Dr MJ?

MJ loves helping her patients look nice. It really is that simple.

Dr MJ: “I have all sorts of patients in their 30’s to 80’s! Everyone is different and it’s important to really figure out what a person wants from treatment so we can design a plan together and achieve remarkable results. You can only achieve perfection for an individual if you fully understand what they want and how they would like to feel.”

Dr MJ is a cosmetic dentist. This puts her in a uniquely well-qualified position when it comes to facial anatomy and injection technique, the two most important factors for creating beautiful results.


Botox Liverpool



She holds an MSc in Aesthetic Medicine and a Biomedical Sciences Degree, teaches Injection techniques and works on the faculty at Sinclair Pharmaceuticals as a Key Opinion Leader, Trainer and Advisor. She is also a thought leader in safety in the industry and works closely with regulator, Save Face to make sure unscrupulous practitioners do no harm to patients.     Finally she is an CUBS Expert Witness frequently being instructed in litigation to advise the court on proper record-keeping and injection best practices. All these qualifications and authorities are great but MJ claims that the secret to getting great Botox treatment has little to do with her qualifications.


Dr MJ: “Being highly qualified is the bare minimum.  People who practice on such an important area as the face should have a deep understanding of facial anatomy.  Each face is uniquely complex. As is each individual person. It’s not enough to inject well or use the best products.  You need to understand the complicated dynamic of a persons features to be the best you can be and make a real impact on people’s lives.”

MJ changed my life



There’s no such thing as a ‘famous’ dentist.  No matter what you might hear people say.  That said, Dr MJ has been featured widely in the press mainly for her work in complication management.  She has an active practice treating complications of filler and dissolving filler with hylase. Visit Dr MJ’s press page here:


MJ in the press and media

What is Botox and what does it do?

Here at Smileworks we use Allergan Botox® to ease wrinkles and create a refreshed, alert and youthful look for our patients.  Botox® is a product that is dependable, effective and reliable in the hands of an expert injector.  Not everybody is suitable for anti-wrinkle treatment and you must come along for a consultation where we will discuss possible outcomes and how this wonderful treatment can make you look and feel years younger in just a few days.  


Botox® is the brand name for Botulinum Type-A, a naturally occurring toxin that is safely injected into the muscles to cause them to relax.  This softens wrinkles and deep lines leaving you looking refreshed and rejuvenated.  If you have very deep wrinkles then you might be also interested in dermal fillers.  Our anti-wrinkle treatments are also popular amongst patients who also come for lip fillers.

  Botox works by targeting the root causes of wrinkles in the skin.  In everyday life we make facial expressions and in young individuals the skin has elasticity and contains lots of collagen so wrinkles usually don’t form.  As we get a little older and collagen begins to deplete, the skin loses its elasticity and hydration.  This means you start to notice lines and wrinkles forming first when you make certain facial expressions.


Botox® Treatment


Then over time these wrinkles and lines become a permanent feature of the face and give the appearance of an aged complexion.  Targeted Botulinum treatments can relax some of the muscles of facial expression and cause these lines to soften and disappear over time.  It’s sometimes difficult to understand how the process works but it is tried and tested on literally millions of patients the world over who choose to come back time and time again for the wonderful age-reversing properties of Botox®


Patients who are interested in Botox typically also benefit from treatments to improve skin quality.  Take a look at our Aerolase treatments for more information on how to achieve a complete skin glow-up this year!

Before & Afters


Here’s the treatment results you can expect from your anti-wrinkle treatments from Allergan, the makers of Botox®.  We have clinical images that you can see although botox before and after images just look like someone frowning and then not frowning so are pretty unhelpful!  But trust us, 11 million people can’t be wrong!  To see dozens of testimonials from our patients check below on this page.

      Botox before and after     Botox Before and After

Botox Price

  • Botox® 1 Area | £225
  • Botox® 2 Areas | £275
  • Botox® 3 Areas | £299
  • Botox® 1 Area (Dr MJ) | £250
  • Botox® 2 Areas (Dr MJ) | £299
  • Botox® 3 Areas (Dr MJ) | £319
  • Areas of Treatment:
  • Periorbital (crows feet)
  • Glabellar Line (frown lines)
  • Bunny lines
  • Forehead
  • Jaw
  • Chin dimples
  • Downturned mouth
  • Platymsal Bands
  • Underarms
  • Brow Lift

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How to make Botox® last longer

Discover the best kept secrets that the pro’s use to help Botox last longer


Risks & Aftercare Instructions

Like with any medical procedure, treatment with botulinum toxins carry certain risks of adverse events and complications.  The most common are tiny bruises from the injections and swelling in the treated area.    Following your treatment you will have tiny lumps where the Botulinum and saline is present in the tissue.  These will resolve in 10-30 minutes.  You may get small blue bruises that will resolve after a few days.  Then there are more rare complications that are typically caused by poor injection technique or cross-infection protocols not being followed.    Following treatment with Dr MJ you will be given detailed aftercare instructions on a card to follow.  Aftercre for Botox is very simple.  Don’t mess with it, don’t worry about small bruises and avoid smoking, hard exercise for 24 hours after treatment. No facial treatments or saunas or extremes of heat and cold for two weeks.    Some patients come to Smileworks having been to salons and ‘mobile’ Botox® providers with swelling, bruises and uneven results.  A ‘frozen face’ is an adverse reaction to Botulinum toxin and poorly trained practitioners will cause this in their patients.  Patients also come in with droopy eyes having been treated by amateur injectors at other practices.    Unfortunately a droopy lid or ‘ptosis’ is not immediately reversible and patients will be stuck with it for 6-9 months.  This type of complication does not happen at Smileworks because we are the best at what we do and carefully treat our patients.  However, if you have a Ptosis, there are ways we can alleviate the problem if you come in for a consultation.

Directions to Smileworks

(Or just Google ‘botox near me’)


Here are the most commonly asked questions from our first time Botox® patients and even people who have been coming to us for years.

  • Should I get anti wrinkle treatment?
  • If you're unhappy about fine lines and wrinkles or deep lines on your face then anti-wrinkle treatment could be suitable for you. You must come in for a consultation and can have treatment on the day if Dr Rowland-Warmann and you agree that this treatment can help you feel confident, happy and refreshed.
  • What should I do before getting treated?
  • Nothing. It's extremely rare that an individual will not be suitable for treatment. Good skincare is recommended along with daily sunscreen. If you would like to know the details of how to maintain Botox for longer or prepare then read our download "Secrets to longer lasting Botox"
  • At what age should I start?
  • Here at Smileworks we treat patients in their early 20's right up to their 80's and beyond! There is no recommended time to start having treatment and only you can make the decision.
  • What can't it fix?
  • Botulinum injections are, unfortunately, not magic and cannot stop time. The duration is temporary (between 3-5 months in the face) and when the treatment wears off your face will return to how it was before. Botulinum treatment cannot reverse the ageing process but it can slow it down dramatically and you will not see new deep lines following treatment if you keep up with your appointments. Botox cannot fix thin lips, saggy eyelids, facial volume loss or bad skin.
  • What can it fix?
  • Botox® is an extremely versatile product and in the right hands it can be used for fine and deep wrinkles, to turn up the corners of the mouth (to make you look less grumpy as you age) and also to lower a smile line to reduce a 'gummy smile'. It can also be used to stop patients sweating, help with tension headaches, minimise the bulk of the muscles in the jaw and many other 'off-label' uses.
  • How long does treatment last?
  • Botox lasts® 3-5 months depending on the particular patient and the part of the face that's being treated. Excess sun exposure and smoking will dramatically reduce the duration of the product and is not advised.
  • Is it painful?
  • No, patients tolerate the injections extremely well and the smallest needles are used causing little or no pain.
  • Who can inject?
  • Doctors, Surgeons, Dentists and Certain types of nurses can inject Botox® It is a prescription medication and must be proscribed by a medical person. Beauticians, hairdressers and anyone else are practising illegally if they are injecting botulinum and are labeled as criminals by the UK government.
  • Are anti-wrinkle injections safe?
  • Yes, although Botulinum is an extremely potent neurotoxin, the amounts used are safe. You will increase your risks of infection, complications or a poor result if you try to get cheap Botox® or go to the beauty salon for treatment. An individual would have to drink a dozen full vials of Botulinum to become ill and the amount injected to cause serious life-threatening illness would be extreme.
  • Will I be able to move my face?
  • Of course. A frozen face is a 'complication' of Botox® treatment and to be avoided. Patients often come to Smileworks wanting to be 'completely frozen' and we will turn them away.
  • Does it prevent ageing?
  • There are some studies that show continued treatment slows the ageing process.
  • What happens after treatment?
  • The treatment takes a week to really start to work and you should avoid strenuous exercise, the sauna and swimming for a few days after treatment to allow for the product to settle. You will notice small lumps on your face following treatment. This is the saline that carries the product to your muscles. They will disappear in about half an hour.
  • When can I get treatment again?
  • Many patients choose to come in every 3-6 months depending on how they respond to treatment. If you're asking us for more than this then we probably need to reassess your suitability for the treatment.
  • Is the review / touch up free?
  • Yes. After two weeks you'll have a review to see how the product has affected your muscles of facial expression and you may require a little more in places. This is part of the treatment.
  • Which are the best products to use?
  • Allergan Botox® is - in our medical opinion - the best product. It is dependable, long lasting and great to use. We have experience with other products such as Dysport® and the Merz product, BoCoture® and found them to be unreliable or weaker than their Allergan counterpart.
  • Are the results immediate?
  • No, you'll start to notice results after a few days and the product will not fully take effect for a week or so.
  • Can anyone have anti-wrinkle treatments?
  • some people may be unsuitable for anti wrinkle treatment for medical and health reasons, or because the treatment will not achieve the desired outcome. As this is a prescription only medicine, it must be prescribed by a doctor, dentist or nurse prescriber. Your full options will be discussed with you at consultation