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Here at Smileworks we love dermal fillers because they’re quick, easy and inexpensive.  What’s more you can make a huge impact on the way you look and feel.  Patients who come to Dr MJ for comprehensive filler cases often say they look ten years younger.  It’s really that good.  This page relates to dermal fillers, cheek filler and tear trough fillers to lift, rejuvenate and sculpt the face.


There are other types of filler that have their own articles here: Sculptra to boost collagen, Lip fillers to plump the lips, for the nose see our Non surgical nose job Liverpool page and check out Botox here and our new treatment for the lower face and jowls, Morpheus8 or FaceTite. Before you read on, take a look at our outstanding reviews, here and see why you should trust Dr MJ with your beautiful face:



Patients come to Smileworks for a whole host of reasons.  Many want to look younger and less tired but we also have patients who want a more feminine, defined or slimmer appearance in their face.  Filler can ease deeper wrinkles, add volume and produce results similar to a facelift without surgery.  Patients typically report looking 10 years younger with volumising fillers.  Whatever your reason for visiting Smileworks you can be sure to get precisely the result you want that far exceeds your expectations.



Dr MJ Rowland-Warmann



We believe filler treatment is more art than science and our medical aesthetician, Dr MJ Rowland-Warmann is a virtuoso of advanced injection techniques.  Her popularity here in Liverpool has everything to do with her creativity, instinct and technical brilliance that consistently produces some of the best results you’re ever likely to see.



Facial aesthetics runs in Dr MJ’s family and her mother, a GP, has been injecting fillers since the 1980’s.  MJ followed suit and has been immersed in the aesthetic medicine revolution since it’s very beginning.  Aside from an extremely punchy cosmetic dentistry CV, Dr MJ has recently completed her Masters in Aesthetic Medicine from BPP and received the highest mark awarded, making her one of the most highly qualified aestheticians in Liverpool.



Visit Smileworks and we guarantee you an outstanding experience of exceptional care and masterful talent at the careful hands of Dr MJ.  Our patients can be assured of the very best results, helping them look forward to a future of youthfulness, energy and confidence.  We have the tools to not only create perfection but to change your life for the better.  So book today and join hundreds of women and men who’ve taken the first step towards a new life of confidence, happiness and success.



If you’re suffering from a complication of filler treatment and are looking for expert treatment with hyalase to dissolve filler then follow the link to our article about lip fillers gone wrong.


Lower facial volume with Voluma

This patient presented wanting an improvement overall with a focus on the lower face. The lower face is a widely misunderstood and difficult treatment area but here at Smileworks we are proud to be able to show you how it’s done by the professionals.  For a more profound lower face treatment take a look at our brand new SARD treatment Morpheus8.


This patient had two sessions of volume replacement using Voluma and other Vycross HA fillers. She had volume added to the cheeks and lower face including the jawline, chin, marionette lines and nasolabial (nose to mouth) lines.


She was delighted with the result which costs £950-1,250 a session depending on your individual needs.




Treatment Areas

Cheek Filler

Cheek filler has a great dual action in the hands of an experienced injector.  When placed in the cheeks, the HA fillers fill the tissue to create defined and beautiful cheeks that help patients regain their youthful looks.  But the best part about treating the cheeks is that this is treating the cause of volume loss and the treatment helps reduce the nasolabial lines.  Gone are the days when practitioners put filler actually into the nasolabial folds.  This creates a ‘bulldog’ effect and makes patients look less feminine.     Cheek filler acts like a mini facelift and restores the area where the fat pads have diminished with age creating a subtle and beautiful lift.  Patients will sometimes get nasolabial filler treatment directly into the lines but this is usually reserved for particular patients with a great deal of volume loss.     Cheek filler can be used alongside a Silhouette lift for truly outstanding results.  If you’re interested in a non surgical face lift, follow the link.


Treatment Effects

Cheek filler defines and fills out the cheeks and softens the nose to mouth lines creating a lifting and rejuvenating effect

Recovery Time

There may be some swelling or bruising but this is significantly diminished with the use of a blunt cannula. you'll be supermarket ready immediately and photo ready in a few days


The treatment is virtually painless and some filler contains anaesthetic. Patients tolerate treatment extremely well.

Procedure Time
Procedure Time

Between 30 minutes and one hour.

Treatment Risks
Risks & Complications

The procedure is reversible and safe. The main risks are bruising and swelling. Use of a cannula reduces the risks of the procedure.


You'll be advised on aftercare but cooling with ice / peas and not messing with the treated areas is the best aftercare advice to follow.

further information

How long does filler last? Filler is biocompatible which means that it is slowly absorbed by the body over time.  Your results will last for around 12-18 months.  The rate at which filler stays in your tissues is determined by environmental factors like sun exposure, smoking and how well you look after your skin.   How do I make it last longer? You can give your filler the best chance of lasting for longer if you look after your skin with sunscreen and a good skincare regime.  You must also not squeeze, massage or mess around with your filler as this can make it break down faster and shorten the duration of your results.  Incidentally in areas of the face that have little or no movement, dermal fillers last significantly longer.  For instance, in nose fillers procedures, your filler can last up to three years compared with lip fillers, that last only 6-12 months   How much does filler cost? The products we typically use on the cheeks and midface are Voluma.  Voluma costs £390 per ml.  This is one syringe of product and a good starting point for many patients. If we decide that you need two ml of filler then the price will increase accordingly.

Tear Trough Fillers

Many patients come to Smileworks complaining of looking constantly tired.  This is because they have dark circles around their eyes.  This can be caused by volume loss as you age, the shape of the undereye area (or ‘tear trough’) or because of environmental factors.  This treatment is typically referred to as ‘filler for dark circles’, ‘eye-bag filler’, ‘tear trough treatment’ or treatment for ‘eye hollows’.  It’s all the same though and you can read all about it here.     If you have sunken eye hallows or tired-looking eyes, this can have an impact on your confidence and perception of beauty.  Everyone likes to appear awake, up-for-it and refreshed, and tear trough treatment is extremely popular for this reason.  It’s not just tiredness or late nights out that cause hallows or sunken areas beneath the eyes.  It can be from your genetics, volume loss as you age or other factors.     Injectable tear trough filler can be used to fill out these hallows and create a refreshed, bright and awake look that is extremely popular with patients.  The Juvederm filler is placed extremely carefully with a cannula that doesn’t damage the surrounding tissues and reduces the swelling and downtime following your procedure.  Tear trough filler is different from a non surgical blepharoplasty or Plexr treatment.  This is where the eyelid is sagging and Plexr can be used to zap away the saggy skin to create a wakeful and refreshed look.  You can read about Plexr Soft Surgery here.   If you have wrinkles or fine lines around the eyes these can also be treated with Botox® and Plexr or you can ask for a treatment plan that combines two or three treatments with Plexr, tear trough filler and Botox® for a full rejuvenation of the eyes.



Tear Trough filler fills out the hollows beneath the eye to produce a refreshed, youthful and alert result


Using a blunt cannula, the procedure produces minimal downtime and you won't need time off work.


The procedure is painless and local anaesthetic is used around the eye. Patients tolerate this procedure very well.

Procedure Time
Procedure Time

20-40 minutes

Treatment Risks

Using a blunt cannula significantly reduces any risks that can cause swelling or bruising.


As with all filler avoid messing with the treated area and don't rub your eyes immediately following treatment.

further information

Tear Trough Treatment

Tear trough rejuvenation is a non-surgical aesthetic treatment for patients with lower eyelid dark circles or dark hollows. Tear troughs are the part of the face beneath the lower eyelid and the upper cheek.  As we get older this area often suffers from fat and bone loss, making the eye appear more sunken, and producing an ageing effect.  The tear trough is a groove that develops between the eyelid and the cheek. Treatment for this area involves facial filler, a synthetic product that is injected into the skin, to smooth out creases and folds. They are often jelly-like in consistency, promoting volume in the creases of the skin to fill out the area and smooth the contours of the face.


This cosmetic treatment is primarily used to combat signs of ageing. Many people think they look older than they feel, and the area around the eyes is a key factor in this. Facial filler replaces lost volume and at the same time retains skin hydration, ideal for those who want a soft and natural correction of shadows. The filler is injected with a very fine micro needle under the skin surface along the line of the hollow.  Dermal fillers are not permanent and will break down over time. The results of tear trough treatment vary from patient to patient; however, in experienced hands, the results should last around 9-12 months.


I get 8 hours of sleep, why do I have eye hallows?

The skin under the eyes is extremely delicate and as you age the fat disappears and the skin loses it’s elasticity and volume.  This can cause dark circles even if you get lots of sleep and avoid alcohol and smoking.   What causes under eye bags? Volume loss in the fat pads and delicate skin losing it’s elasticity as you age.   How long do under eye fillers last? Under eye fillers can last up to 12 months to 2 years.

Tear trough makeup & concealer

There are many makeup techniques designed to eliminate the severity of hollow-looking eyes and bags. A quick Youtube search on “makeup for eye bags” will wield 405,000 results, thus there are plenty of options when it comes to covering up these pesky shadows. However, makeup is of course only a temporary solution, and must be applied daily.


Avocado oil tear trough alternatives

Most women choose medical remedies for the improvement of sunken eyes. However, there are natural alternatives to sunken eyes, though these remedies can take a fair amount of time to show results.  Avocado oil is one such natural remedy. The essential fatty acids present in avocado oil thicken and nourish the under-eye skin. This oil also enhances the collagen production and wound healing processes of the body. Thus, the under-eye skin area will become supple and glowing.  Simply apply a few drops of the oil on the under-eye area and leave it on overnight. After a few weeks, you may notice the dark circles fading away.


Risks and Complications

Any substance injected into the body may cause an allergic or inflammatory reaction. However, the risk of an allergic reaction is extremely rare and can be treated with oral or injectable corticosteroids. If results are considered unsatisfactory, there is also the option of removing the product using an injectable enzyme (hyaluronidase).  Performing treatments to the hollow area under the eyes requires meticulous technique. When done correctly the results are satisfying. The most important factor is to go to a very experienced injector, such as Dr. MJ Rowand-Warmann at Smileworks Liverpool. She has treated hundreds of satisfied patients with injectable filler.


Contour irregularities occasionally occur as a side effect of filler treatment. Massaging can usually smooth any inconsistencies in the skin, however if lumpiness is persistent, the filler can be rapidly dissolved using hyaluronidase.  Because the area around the eyes is so delicate, it is much more prone to bruising than other parts of the face. You can expect to have noticeable bruises and some swelling for a short period proceeding the treatment.  It is also very normal for the area to feel sore after a treatment; however, if you experience unusual pain and discomfort afterwards, it is advised to contact the practice and speak to a doctor.


Does massage work?

A facelift massage is a type of massage that is intended to elevate sagging tissues, smooth wrinkles, and give you a more youthful appearance overall.  These massages typically target the tear trough, and facial folds like nasolabial lines or parentheses lines. However, the effectiveness of this treatment is still questionable. There are no studies on the procedure, therefore its validity as a treatment is based on the claims of providers.


Do treatment creams work? 

Wearing SPF 30 every morning, sunglasses, and using a retinol or collagen cream under the eyes can potentially provide some benefit. It is best to speak with your dermatologist or skin care professional to see what options are most suitable for you.


Can you get rid of tear trough lines naturally?

There are a variety of ways to treat dark circles, as well as under eye wrinkles and bags. It is important to note however, that the majority of times the cause for discoloration is genetic, and due to the viability of the blood vessels below the skin.  A combination approach is always needed to get the best results in this area and this includes: topical skin care, and fillers if placed appropriately. Cold compresses can be used to eliminate puffiness or swelling.


Who is suitable for tear trough treatment?

Dermal fillers are not advised for pregnant or nursing women. Patients who suffer from puffy eyes are also not suitable for tear trough treatment as hyaluronic acid in this area tends to aggravate the problem. A full assessment of your suitability will be made at your consultation.

    What type of filler for under eye bags? Juvederm Volbella is the best treatment for tear troughs and Smileworks injectors always use a cannula which is like a blunt needle to insert the filler carefully and without causing swelling and downtime.  We tend not to use Restylane here at Smileworks as we do not feel it is as predictable as Juvederm.     How much do under eye fillers cost? Juvederm Volbella tear trough treatment costs £450 for most patients although you will need to come along for a consultation and get an accurate quote.  Each patient is different and you will be given a quote.  The cost of tear trough treatment depends on the volume of dermal filler required to achieve an optimal correction.

Your tear trough filler procedure

The purpose of a tear trough treatment is to replace volume loss, so fillers are injected into the under eye area to create a fuller and more youthful appearance. The fillers can be administered by a needle or cannula depending what the client or doctor prefer—each have their own benefits.


Needle or cannula?

There are two instruments that can be used for this procedure: a needle, or a cannula, which is a thin tube inserted into a vein or body cavity to administer medication.  Needles allow for more precision as the doctor is able to accurately tell what depth they are injecting at. However, there is more risk of bruising and swelling. Cannulas are slightly less precise than the needle, but do not cause as much bruising and swelling.


Does it hurt?

The discomfort experienced from injecting filler in the tear trough is minimal. Many patients find that treatment at Smileworks is comfortable, as MJ is a highly-skilled and precise practitioner. Many dermal fillers contain a local anaesthetic.  The skin around the eyes is a delicate area, thus we ensure that all of our patients are relaxed and secure during treatment here.


Downtime & Aftercare

Immediate reactions to tear trough filler may include swelling and redness at the injection site. Occasionally bruising can occur which if significant may last 5-7 days. During this time make-up can be applied.  You should avoid putting pressure on the area for up to two days after treatment, while the filler is still soft, to prevent disfiguration. Ice can be applied to the area and often helps with any swelling and bruising.  After a few weeks, all swelling and bruising should have subsided and your filler should have settled into its final result.


Chin Fillers

Smileworks offer chin fillers to shape a rounded chin or create a more defined look in the lower face.  This could include removal of a dimple or crease in the chin or even the creation of one. It can also correct an asymmetry of the chin.     A chin augmentation is less expensive than you think and is a simple and painless procedure because our master aesthetician Dr MJ Rowland-Warmann BSc BDS MSc Aes.Med. PGDip Endod. MJDF RCS (Eng) uses local anaesthetic so you won’t feel a thing during your chin filler procedure. The procedure is extremely safe and patients can opt for a needle or blunt cannula for their treatment. A cannula has less chance of damaging small blood vessels and there will be less bruising.     Dr Rowland-Warmann is one of the leading practitioners in Liverpool for this procedure having gained her MSc Aesthetic Medicine (with distinction) from Queen Mary University of London in 2016.  To see the chin fillers cost breakdown, take a look below at the price list.  This procedure is very popular with our patients of Asian ethnicity who visit Dr MJ to get a more defined chin and a perfect desirable look.

Chin Fillers Before and After

Chin Fillers Liverpool     The image shows a chin filler case were the patient complained about her masculine looking chin and to give an overall more oval appearance to her lower face.  She was concerned about having a dimple and wanted it removed.

    The patient was treated with Voluma which is a popular filler used in the lips and many different parts of the face.  In the hands of a professional, this product is dependable, long lasting and gives beautiful results.     The cost of the filler in this case was £390 and the results will last between 12 and 15 months depending on a variety of different factors.




Removal or creation of a dimple and more defined looking chin


Minimal downtime and you can return to work right away usually with minor bruising or swelling.


Patients can opt for a nerve block which will be painless but more likely to cause bruising or swelling. A cannula will be more uncomfortable but reduce downtime

Procedure Time
Procedure time

30 minutes

Treatment Risks

Low. Risks associated with a cannula are lower than with a needle and nerve block


Patients should avoid strenuous exercise, scratching, rubbing or messing with the treated area

Treating Volume Loss

Volume loss is a natural process where fat pads in the skin start to disappear and the tissues begin to sag.  This causes the deep lines that you see from your nose to mouth (nasolabial folds) and around the mouth (perioral lines).  There are a number of causes that are part of the natural ageing process, genetic or related to environmental factors like sun exposure and smoking.  Volume loss in the midface leads to signs of ageing that are similar across many individuals.  You may notice your cheeks flattening and losing their fullness and your skin beginning to sag around the nose and mouth.  Volume loss is the process that, over time, makes patients start to look older.  If you’re not looking older but tired, then read on for our tear trough and under eye treatments.


dermal fillers


dermal fillers liverpool


The skin is made from sugars and collagen that give it it’s elasticity.  In the youthful face, the collagen is present and the sugar (hyaluronic acid) are abundant.  As you age these chemicals diminish naturally and the skin loses it’s plumpness and cheeks lose their firmness.  This process also occurs in the lips.  For more information about volume loss in the lips follow the link here to Lip Fillers.


Dr MJ Rowland-Warmann

Dermal Fillers Cost

*2024 Filler Prices at Smileworks*


  • Chin Augmentation | £700
  • Jawline Augmentation | From £390
  • Jawline Augmentation (Dr MJ) | From £420

Treatment prices are bespoke and calculated at your consultation. Your treatment will be presented to you in a comprehensive and itemised treatment plan so you will get no surprise about the price of your treatment. You can also pay for your facial aesthetic cases on finance. Call the office on 0151 236 5166 for more information on how to make your treatments more affordable. Follow the link for more detail on lip fillers prices.

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