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Do you have loose teeth, missing teeth or gaps? Do your dentures drive you mad because they don’t fit and constantly need adjusting?  If this sounds like you then the advanced All on 4 treatment from Nobel Biocare is your best option for a stable, long lasting and perfect-looking outcome.    


Sometimes called smile in a day, same day implant-retained dentures will change your life for the better making you happier, more confident and free to live the life you imagined.  Our dentists and implantologists come across so many patients with these problems and with cutting edge dental techniques we can take all the worry away and literally transform your life.  This page is about Smile in a Day treatments, for general implantology treatments see our main page here: dental implants Liverpool.  If you are looking for regular dentures then take a look at our main dentures page here.    


Here at Smileworks we believe everyone has the right to feel great when they smile and we’ve gathered together some of the best dentists, finest labs and most advanced technology to give you smile in a day – the ultimate dental treatment for patients with missing teeth or loose fitting dentures.  Smile in a day (also known as ‘All on four’ or ‘implant-retained dentures’) gives you a complete smile transformation where the replacement teeth will look, feel and function exactly like your old teeth. Patients say having their dentures retained makes them free to enjoy chewing foods again. Out patients have told us that implant-dentures have even helped them start to relive times gone by and feel like they’ve got their old teeth back.  


Up until about ten years ago, the only choice for patients missing many teeth or wearing dentures was individual implant screws.  The process could take months and involves temporaries, hassle and a great deal of surgery. Now, thanks to advances in technology, Nobel Biocare have developed a much simpler solution that works in just one day.  So you literally can leave the office at the end of your treatment with a new fixed and permanent smile.  




Benefits of All on 4

  All-on-4 is the Rolls Royce of dental treatments.  Here are the benefits:  


  All on four liverpool  

How does All on Four work?

 With All on 4, the denture is replaced by fitting four tiny titanium micro-structures into the bone that act like anchors.  The denture and replacement teeth is fitted to these anchors and you get a full set of beautiful teeth that never cause you any discomfort or worry.  You can relax in the knowledge that your smile is secure and fixed in place even when you’re eating tough or hard foods.  You’ll literally feel like you’ve got your old teeth back.    




Smile in a day Procedure

All on four uses specialised screws that can be placed and then will be fully functional in just one day.  The screws are placed at a special angle so that there’s no need for a bone graft even if you’ve been wearing dentures for some time and the bone in your jaw has receded significantly.  The individual restorations are finer and each full arch of teeth is supported by only four of these special screws. 


These factors make the procedure much less invasive and able to be successfully carried out in one visit to the dentist.  Also when compared with the cost and time it would take to restore your smile with conventional methods, the ‘teeth in a day’ procedure is not only quicker and less hassle but also significantly less expensive. 


That’s not to say the procedure is ‘cheap’ – far from it.  Teeth in a day is one of the most technologically advanced procedures in dentistry and requires an exceptional level of training and skill to undertake.  This is the reason it is a significant investment for most patients.  Your smile in a day system is specially designed for fast healing and patients will not be required to wear temporary dentures, healing caps or go through the extra procedures required with conventional treatment.    


All on Four Prices

*We're the best value in Liverpool*

Smile in a day is the absolute Rolls Royce of dental procedures and we are lucky to have some of the most experienced practitioners working for our beautiful patients here at Smileworks.  A great deal goes into the procedure and this is reflected in the price.  Most people don't have thousands of pounds sitting around in their bank accounts and there are certainly affordable all on four procedures available here at Smileworks.  There is a number of patients deciding to have this treatment abroad. To learn about the dangers of dental treatments abroad read our unbiased medical opinion piece here: Cheap All on Four Abroad


The price can be affected mainly by the quality of the denture and restorations.  Factors such as the durability and finish of the visible tooth parts of the restoration will depend largely on how much you want to spend. Buying dental work is similar to buying a car.  You can get the basic model or all the extras.  The choice is totally up to you and will be affected by how much you want to spend and the goals you want to achieve. How much does smile in a day cost on finance? Call the office to find out. It's usually much less than patients think.


  • All on 4 (lower range) | £10,000 (per arch)  
  • All on 4 (upper range) | £19,000 (per arch)


Many of our patients choose to pay for their procedure on finance.  Here’s the cost breakdown and finance options available to Smileworks patients. All our finance plans are wither 0% over 12 months or interest bearing over 24-36 months.  Patients will need to pay a rough 20-30% deposit and at Smileworks we have a pre-credit checking process so you can find out your credit score so that you can be better informed about which option to go for. 


We want you to be able to comfortably afford your treatment and appreciate some work can be expensive.  Pay with 0% finance and get an instant result from the comfort of your own home.

We offer patient finance through Tabeo. Click the link to calculate your monthly payments and get a quote.


finance calculator



  • Example Treatment Cost | £15,000
  • Deposit | £4,000
  • Total Amount Borrowed | £11,000
  • 0% Interest free over 12m | £916/pm
  • 9.9% interest over 60 m | £231/pm

Smileworks are not a financial advisor but we have a consumer credit license registered with the Financial Conduct Authority. Smileworks have commercial arrangements with lenders for the purpose of offering patient finance.

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