Aqualyx® Fat melting treatment. Reviews, Price and Effects


Introduction to Fat Dissolving Procedures


Aqualyx could possibly just be the fat melting procedure that the world has been waiting for.  Approved by the FDA and EEA, this advanced new procedure h­­as sold over 2,000,000 vials worldwide.  So here’s Dr Rowland-Warmann, one of Liverpool’s most highly qualified aestheticians with an unbiased and frank review of the procedure and the results we’ve had on patients here at Smileworks.  Holder of a DDS in Dentistry and Masters in Aesthetic Medicine, you should listen to Dr MJ as she has treated hundreds of Aqualyx patients and uses the treatment in conjunction with other treatments or as a stand alone procedure.



Aqualyx Product Picture



Aqualyx can be used in the face and body to great effect.  For small areas such as the jowls and chin, just one sessions can dramatically reduce fat deposits and return a more youthful and defined facial contour. For larger areas like tummies, bingo wings and bums you may need up to 5 sessions to see dramatic results.



There is now plenty of clinical evidence and research that shows Aqualyx not only works but is also safe.  Here at Smileworks we have tested it on our nearest and dearest and even our very own First Officer is currently in Aqualyx treatment with Dr Raffaele Rauso and can be seen here having treatment at the Aqualyx Master class back in March 2015.  Dr Raffaele is a renown plastic surgeon and one of the pioneers of the Aqualyx treatment.  He shared insights with us that day on the perfect technique of injection and also on how to use the cannula to tighten the skin aver the treated areas, two factors that can dramatically improve the performance of the product.

Aqualyx treatment with Dr Raffaele Rauso
The First Officer and our many Aqualyx patients to date are delighted by their progress and excited about the future of this exciting treatment.



Aqualyx at Smileworks


Smileworks have been using Aqualyx since it was first available and are proud to be among the most experienced practitioners using the treatment in Liverpool and the UK as a whole.  You are in very safe hands here and we will not only guarantee you great results but also look after you before, during and after your treatment.





With Aqualyx it’s more important than ever to choose not only a competent practitioner but someone with talent and experience.  Aqualyx is a new product and you must check your provider’s experience levels to give yourself the best chance of success.



How do fat dissolving treatments work?


Aqualyx is a water-based solution that is injected into the fatty tissue, surrounds the cells and destroys them.  The remains of the fat cells are then excreted by the body safely as waste.  Aqualyx is used for people who want to get rid of stubborn areas of fat in their faces and in their bodies and is clinically proven for these purposes.


Aqualyx in the face

Smileworks are a facial aesthetics practice and we work mainly in the face.  Aqualyx has excelled against our expectations as an effective treatment for facial contouring and to help our patients look younger and feel great.



Aqualyx in the face



So what do we mean.  Take a look at the picture on the left.  As we age, fat pads in the upper face diminish and cause the skin to sag and jowls to develop.  Frequently the jowls contain fatty deposits that can be removed to restore a more youthful face shape and attractive contour.



Below is a diagram from Merz showing how the ageing process causes volume loss and how jowls can develop in later years.  Aqualyx is one of our main choices for treatment of these indications, along with dermal fillers and the Silhouette Soft thread lift.



merz triangle of youth diagram



In addition, patients may have fatty areas of the face that they are not happy with such as double chins and fat around the jaw.  Aqualyx can be used to reduce any fatty part of the face and you will be given a thorough consultation with our facial aesthetician to give you all the information you could ever need, tailored to your requirements and to assist you in making the right decisions about treatment.



Here is a fab before and after from the clinical studies carried out while Aqualyx was undergoing clinical trials.  As you can see, it did very well and the patients were delighted with their treatment.



Clinical trial SMFRS of aqualyx treatment



As you can see from the notes, this patient had six treatments in the face which is an extensive course.  But I think you will agree the results are marvellous!



Aqualyx in the body

Aqualyx is obviously of significant interest to people who have stubborn body fat.  We must make it very clear that Aqualyx is not a substitute for diet and exercise and cannot fix you if you are overweight.  It is for stubborn areas of fat that are resistant to diet and exercise.  So a perfect Aqualyx patient might be a young mother who has been left with an area of fat in her abdomen that cannot be fixed by all the exercise in the world.  Or a patient who has ‘muffin tops’ on an otherwise slender frame.


bingo wingsmuffin topstummy fat



We have lots of patients who come to us wanting their ‘bingo-wings’ reduced and report having done exercise and are at the right weight but cannot shift the excess fat.  Other common areas of the body for treatment are the knees, hips, back, waist and bum.  Take a look at the pictures to the right for some of the amazing results that can be achieved with Aqualyx in the body.



Technique and experience


Aqualyx is similar to other aesthetic procedures in that it’s success is hugely dependent on the skill of the practitioner.  Aqualyx requires a particular injection technique that must be correctly practiced to attain extremely good results.  So for this you need a talented and experienced practitioner.  You will need to be very careful to choose someone who has participated in training and kept up with their continuing professional development.



Here at Smileworks we have taken full advantage of the training given to us by the different companies involved in bringing Aqualyx to the UK and are among the leaders in the techniques and processes required to achieve the best results.



Both Aqualyx in the face and body require a specialist fanning technique to ensure even distribution of the product followed by a skin tightening procedure carried out with a cannula.  Your practitioner should be competent in both these advanced techniques and should be able talk you through the procedure with confidence.



What to expect during the procedure


At your appointment you will take a seat in our airline themed waiting area and fill out your details and medical history on one of our registration iPads.  Once we have gone through a few forms and signatures, you will have a consultation in one of our state of the art treatment rooms and Dr Rowland-Warmann will answer all your questions on treatment with Aqualyx.  Following the consultation, some patients like to rebook for a later time and others like to go ahead straight away.



If you decide to have treatment, you will be numbed up with a local anesthetic and MJ will begin her work.  The process takes about fifteen minutes and is not painful or even uncomfortable in the face but can be painful if you are having treatment in the body.  The solution has local anesthetic added to it and some patients do not report pain but others say the procedure is quite uncomfortable.



Once the procedure is finished, you will experience some swelling immediately and this will gradually diminish in the following days.  Here is our First Officer again having his treatment.  He isn’t going to lie to you, it was quite painful.  What is nice to see, is that Dr Raffaele is so confident he is actually fanning the product into his tummy while chatting away to a practitioner who was asking a question!



Fanning injection technique



Is Aqualyx right for me?


Aqualyx is a treatment for stubborn areas of fat.  It is not a substitute for diet and exercise and it is certainly not a substitute to liposuction.  We do have the occasional patient that is not suitable.  If you are not right for Aqualyx, we will refund your consultation deposit and refer you for free to a number of extremely talented liposuction clinics in the area.  Here at Smileworks we are well networked and have access to some of the best cosmetic surgeons the UK has to offer.  In the face, most people are suitable and we can achieve amazing things with either Aqualyx alone or with a combination of Aqualyx and other treatments.



Love handles treated with fat dissolving injections


muffin tops treatment



Aqualyx before and after shots

Here are some before and after shots of how aqualyx can be used in the face.  These are after just one or two sessions so the patients are technically ‘mid treatment’



Aqualyx Chin treatment


Aqualyx before and after



Aqualyx and other procedures


Aqualyx works well as a stand-alone treatment and also in combination with other treatments.  For patients who want to treat volume loss and jowls, Aqualyx can be used in conjunction with a thread lift or along with fillers to create a really special result.  Many of the amazing photographs that you see online and in advertisements for various clinics are actually combination treatments.



We are specialists here at Smileworks in every conceivable facial rejuvenation procedure so can advise you on the best treatment for you.  We often have patients who arrive for a treatment and end up leaving with something completely different.  Trust our expertise and trust that we are the best people to be advising you on the best way to get to where you want to be for the least money and with the most chance of success.



Aqualyx at Smileworks


Aqualyx at Smileworks costs £450 per session in the face and £450 per session in the body.  This does not depend on how much product we use and the prices are kept uniform to help you make choices based on what is best for you rather than what you can afford.  In the body, one treatment is rarely enough so we provide a quote for the whole process and then you just pay for each treatment.  Here at Smileworks we understand that the duration of time between treatments is very important and will advise you accordingly.  We also only use the best products and practitioners to ensure high quality outcomes for our patients consistently and reliably.



Aqualyx Prices


Aqualyx Face | £450 /session

Aqualyx FAQ

Is there any downtime and how long is recovery in the face?

Following treatment in the face, there will be swelling and discomfort around the treated area that might be slightly uneven.  This will last for around 3-5 days and subside dramatically.  Once the initial swollen phase is over, there will possibly be small lumps and bumps which are bruises under then skin that will take a couple of weeks to resolve.  These are not usually visible or only slightly visible.  The face requires only a small amount of solution so the side effects are minimal.



Is there any downtime and how long is recovery in the body?

Recovery after treatment in the body is slightly harder work than in the face. The technique is more aggressive for the body and you will be left with painful swelling for a number of days after the treatment.  We will recommend you wear compression bandages immediately after treatment to assist the healing process.  The painful swelling will subside after a few days and leave you with some bruising which will certainly be visible on the treated area.  The bruising is quite severe so be prepared to cover up the area if you are stepping out.  Generally, patients tolerate the procedure extremely well and frequently say that the downtime was welcomed because they are looking forward to their results.



Does it hurt?

Aqualyx can be an uncomfortable procedure in the body but much less so in the face.  In the body there will be some pain for the duration of the procedure and we will do our best to numb the areas.  Aqualyx also contains local anesthetic which helps manage pain during treatment.  In the Body there will be pain after the procedure and you may want to go home and rest. In the face, things are much easier and patients report no pain or even discomfort.



For an Aqualyx consultation with Dr MJ Rowland-Warmann call 0151 236 5166 to speak to a member of the team.