Why do Veneers cost what they do?
An Unbiased Veneers Price Comparison to Save you Money in 2020



In this article we’re going to answer the question, how much do veneers cost?  There isn’t always a simple answer but we are dentists and have your best interests at heart.  We’re going to be as upfront and open about our prices as we can be.  At Smileworks we’re really proud of our prices because you get the best quality treatment for a reasonable price that you can afford.  This is an article about the cost of veneers.  If you want to know about veneers in general then take a look at our main veneers page.



Getting a consultation is important if you’re thinking about getting veneers.  And I know what you’re thinking;  ‘you just want me to come into the practice so you can sell me stuff, right?’  Or you may be thinking ‘you don’t want to give me the price because you don’t want to scare me.  Because it’s going to be astronomical!’  Well neither are true.



The importance of a consultation

We’re going to give you all the prices in this article and I promise you they’re not at all scary.  If you’re someone who cares about the way they look and you value what we do here then the prices are not going to frighten you at all.  The reasons you need to come in for a consultation are nothing to do with the price really.  They are more to do with which type of veneers you choose and whether veneers are even the right treatment for you.  It’s very difficult to answer these questions over the phone or in a blog.  But we’ll try our best to do so here. So read on.  Here are the real reasons you need to come in:


You might not even need veneers!

You’d be amazed how many patients we see who think they need veneers.  Patients who come in and realise there are actually much simpler (and cheaper) ways to fix their aesthetic problems.  To give you an example, some people have been told by their dentist that their teeth cannot be whitened with professional teeth whitening.  They’ve been told that they will need veneers.  This might be the case but did you know that there are special types of whitening procedures called ‘internal bleaching’ that can whiten even non-vital, grey teeth?  Also you might be much better off with solutions that are more functional than aesthetic such as dental crowns and a dental bridge if there is significant damage to the teeth.



So plenty of people come to us thinking they need to spend thousands on veneers when in fact a simple teeth whitening treatment can change their entire smile for the better.  So telling someone they need to spend £4,500 when in fact they need only spend £400 is just silly.



And we care about you and hate for you to go through life thinking, “I need veneers to make my life better but I can’t afford them” when in fact you can afford the right treatment that will improve your smile and fill you with confidencee and bring you happiness.  It’s important to remember that you don’t want veneers.  Nobody wants veneers.  What you want is a beautiful smile, confidence, status amongst your peers and most of all happiness.  And there are plenty of dental treatments out there that are significantly less costly that can bring you all of those things – and more.



So this is the first reason that you need to make an appointment with your dentist.  You might not actually need what you think you need.  The dentist is the only person who can do the proper diagnostics to tell you precisely what you need to make your smile beautiful.  Other less invasive alternatives to veneers is Invisalign® treatment.  See our main page by following the links.  We also have a specific article about the costs of Invisalign® and invisible braces.  You can read that here: Invisalign Cost.


Make an appointment




There are lots of different types of veneers

The other reason you need to book an appointment is that there are tons of different types of veneers – and we need to speak to you about which ones might be right for you.


Again, you can’t really decide this – unless you come for one of our award-winning consultations. The information you receive from our team will change everything you know about veneers and make you feel smart – and possibly change your world for the better.

There are many different types of veneers and they all cost different amounts of money.  We often tell people that veneers will cost you as mush as you want them to – within reason.  You can get Ferrari veneers or you can get ford veneers.  Composite resin or a fulll smile makeover.  The choice is absolutely yours and our talented cosmetic dentists will guide you through the process of choosing the right fit based on your needs.


Smile Makeover Consultation with Dr Rowland-Warmann BSc BDS (Manc) MSc Aes.Med. (Lond) MJDF RCS (Eng) GDC: 178642


Ferraris and Fords aside, you will see people walking around Liverpool with the equivalent of third-hand souped up Vauxhall Astra veneers.  You know the dreadful toilet-bowl white, massively conspicuous ridiculously white teeth.  Well we don’t do those here at Smileworks.  This is a caring, responsible  and sensible environment and we won’t put dreadful veneers in your mouth no matter how much you pay us.



As well as different costs for each type of veneer there is also the amount of work to think about.  If you only want one veneer then that’s obviously going to be less expensive than the cost of a full set.  What’s more; the state that your original teeth are in is going to affect things as is the difference between new veneers or replacing existing ones.



So once you’ve come in for your consultation and your dentist has helped you decide what veneers to choose, here’s the range of costs that you’ll get here at Smileworks.  And maybe even get a result like this:


composite veneer before and after

The Appointment

This is a really exciting experience and one that our patinets talk about alot in our reviews.  We do the most comprehensive assessment with lots of photos, diagnostics and finding out everything we can about your smile and how to improve it.


  1. You fill out some forms
  2. We speak to you for usually about an hour about what is the best treatment plan for you
  3. We print it off and vive it to you in a nice folder to take away.
  4. You may have diagnostics or x-rays.  All painless (and sometimes even fun because you can learn about your mouth in ways you never imagined.  And it’s not ever as bad as you think it is!
  5. You leave happy, better informed and ready to choose what’s right for you.


Performing tests and diagnostics
More complicated diagnostics and x-rays are included in your consultation fee of just £50. Not bad considering the machinery and experts time usually adds up to easily £100,000 or more!


Taking some professional digital photos with our SLR high definition clinical cameras – you’ll already feel like a movie-star!


Costs of Veneers in the UK – broken down

Composite veneers are less expensive than porcelain because they’re sculpted from special composite resin in a single visit to the dentist. This is different from two or three visits and the expensive lab-work required for porcelain.



Composites cost between £200-500 per tooth and last 5-10 years.  Porcelain are £650-1000 per tooth and last 10-25 years.




Composite veneers are the veneers that are made out of a paste that hardens and is polished by your dentist.  Not every dentist does composite veneers because they are as much art as science.   Here at Smileworks we use a fabulous product called Renamel® that produces lifelike, beautifully translucent results.  But you don’t have to get Renamel if you don’t want to.  We have other materials that are good for different reasons.


Composite veneers will set you back between £150-£200 per tooth.  This is quite a bit cheaper than their porcelain counterparts for good reason.  Porcelain veneers are not made by us.  They are made by our master ceramist in his fancy laboratory.  So everything is done in house with composite veneers so they are less expensive.  This doesn’t mean they are less good.  In fact that’s far from the truth.  If you have cosmetic problems that need fixing and your teeth are not badly damaged or worn then composite veneers are the veneer of choice.  Whether they will cost £150 or £200 depends on the size of the teeth.  Smaller tooth surfaces take up less composite and take our dentists and therapists less time.  So they are less expensive – and the beautiful results speak for themselves…

Before and after 6

How much for a porcelain veneer?

Porcelain veneers cost between £650-£950 per tooth.  They are three times the price of composite veneers but are often not three times better looking.  The reason that they are more expensive is that they are made in a lab by a ceramist.  He has his own tools, his own office and his own stuff which he (or she – ours happens to be a he) uses to craft beautifully translucent restorations.  Making veneers is pure talent and we use a great lab who gets us the best results.  The difference in cost is simply that we have to pay him to do his work and this is factored into the cost that you pay.

So whether your veneers are EMAX or feldspathic porcelain, they are made by someone else and that’s why they cost more.  EMAX is super lifelike and porcelain is super strong, that’s the only difference really.  Whether you get one or the other will be determined by your case, the colour of the teeth underneath, the presence of any factors that would require a specific material (e.g. tooth grinding) and of course your preference.


The price of new vs replacement veneers?

New veneers must be critically evaluated.  We work very hard to make sure that they are the right choice for our patients.  A mouth full of porcelain veneers may be great if you are older, or your teeth are very damaged, or your old set needs replacing.  However for younger people, a new set of veneers means a lifetime investment.  the average set of 6 front veneers in the lifetime of a 20-something year old can be considerable.  Veneers need to be replaced about three times (every 15-25 years so the full lifetime investment is around £20,000.  This allows root canals when teeth flare up and any common problems associated with veneers.


In addition you may need to replace your veneers with implants as you get older and this can lead to a significant investment.  For our younger patients, prepress veneers or composite veneers cost less and are a much better option because they do little to no damage to the underlying teeth.



What if I need a full set?

A full set of veneers costs between £3,600 and £10,000.  How did we work this out?  Well six teeth is usually £3,600.  So if you want your ‘social six’ replacing with veneers then this will be the rough cost.  But consider with a full mouth of veneers there are always things like root canals, periodontal appointments and other work that may need doing that can increase the price by 10% or so.


8 veneers cost around £4,800, 10 costs £6,000 and more than ten will be £10,000 plus.  There is a range of prices because you might need a combination of veneers and crowns.  Also when you place veneers there is always the risk of damage to the underlying tooth.  This can mean root canals which increase the cost.  You may also want additional cosmetic treatments.  Crown lengthening is a great cosmetic treatment to do at the same time as getting veneers.  This is where the gums are reduced, giving you more of a ‘Hollywood smile’.


Also teeth whitening will always be required before the veneers are placed.  Veneers don’t whiten like natural teeth.  Their shade and brightness is set.  So we require patients to whiten and get their natural teeth to the desired whiteness before fitting the veneers.



Can I get them on finance?

So who has 6,000 sitting around in their bank accounts?  Well more people than you’d think actually.  But for those who don’t there’s finance.   About 75% of Smileworks patients prefer to pay on finance.  Smileworks offer the best 12 months interest free dental finance and also 5 years 9.9% interest bearing loans for your dental treatment.


So there you have it.  An itemised, no messing about assessment of the cost of veneers at Smileworks.  We are not the cheapest.  But if you are shopping around on price then be very careful for two reasons.


  1. Oftentimes ‘special offers’ are not what they seem.  And offers that are too good to be true usually are.  This is complex dental work and believe it or not your Dentist doesn’t make huge profits on the work they do. 
  2. Customers won’t pay a huge amount for this type of work in 2020 and do, unfortunately, shop around on price.  So dental practices tend to put lower prices online to get patients in to their practices. Usually with free consultations. But practices like us – the true professionals – are efficient and charge for the consultation because it’s one of the most important parts of getting the work done to perfection. You will not speak to a non-dentist ut find a team of caring and responsible dentists waiting to advise you and answer all your questions, making the whole process run smoothly and giving you the information and tools you need to make a choice.

Veneers Prices in 2020:

  1. Composite Bonding  |  £150-£200
  2.  Porcelain Veneers  |  £650-£950
  3. Veneers Full Set  |  £3,600-£25,000


Finance Calculator


Take a look at the price and finance calculator here and work out your monthly repayments:


Veneers Prices Compared


So how do these prices stack up to some of the big main competitors?  The Harley Medical Group quotes porcelain veneers starting from £795 per tooth (but it’s usually more like £1,000 when it’s all added together.  The Liverpool Smile Studio here in Liverpool quotes prices starting from £389 for Porcelain.  This is crazy and they are certainly more expensive than this unless you are getting very cheap materials.   Tracey Bell here in Liverpool quotes Porcelain veneers starting from £700 per tooth, more than the upper limit of many Liverpool providers in 2020 here in Liverpool.


However, many of the companies that you look at locally simply say ‘enquire’ rather than giving out ballpark prices.  And hopefully you now know the reasons for that.  They think that once they get you in the door they can ‘hard sell you’ or ‘up-sell’ you.  We are professionals and what you see is what you get. That makes for happy dentists and happy customers.





You can see a great comparison of prices in the WhatClinic listing here.  Although many of the prices may not be up to date and it’s always best to check the individual website of each provider.



The danger of ‘cheap veneers’

Cheap cannot mean quality.  The two things are opposites.  So you may get a great deal but your veneers won’t look natural.  Also  you’re unlikely to be happy with them.  Then you have to remember that if you’re in your 20’s or 30’s then they’re going to need replacing.  They need replacing a few times in a lifetime so it’s going to be much better in the long run  to choose a quality provider.  If you’re interested in getting cheap veneers abroad than take a look at this extremely interesting account from some of our best cosmetic dentists on dental tourism.



To be frank, getting a better smile at any price is a bargain.  If you think that you will gain confidence and satisfaction from being able to smile again then that is truly a priceless commodity and it’s the reason we get out of bed in the morning and do these things for our patients.



To speak to a professional or find out which veneers might be right for you call the office on 0151 236 5166 or fill out the form to get yourself in with a Smileworks cosmetic dentist.  Once you see our practice and speak to our people you’ll soon see that you are in very safe hands.


If you’re looking for a veneers consultation or to speak to an expert, fill out the form in the footer or watch our video / look at some before and afters below;



Before and After Photos


Smile makeover with implants before and after  Composite resin bonding before and after Composite bonding best case Composite bonding before and after

patient Before and after picturecomposite veneers composite veneers composite veneer before and after


Patient Reviews: They will literally melt your heart!

Having a brace to straighten my teeth and I can honestly say serve has been outstanding and my teeth are straightening... so quickly! I’d like to thank Eduardo for making me feel so relaxed (I get a little nervous!) along with Lacy, Emily, Paula, Kerry, Georgie and everyone else who has made it such a lovely experience 😆read more
Andi Culkin
Andi C.
21:47 11 Feb 20
After years of having hardly any eyebrows I recently decided to have semi permanent eyebrows done at Smileworks with... Hannah. I felt quite nervous at the first appointment but Hannah was so professional, took her time to explain the procedure and I was happy to go ahead. I felt really relaxed by the end and everything went well.I can honestly say I’m absolutely made up with my eyebrows now. It was a bit of a shock at first after having none for some time, but I love them.I have had loads of lovely comments too off people saying how great they look.I have one more top up appointment to go and I’m really looking forward to it and eventually to seeing the end results. I would definitely recommend Hannah to anyone, she done an amazing job on mine.Thanks so much again Hannah xread more
Alison H
Alison H
17:51 11 Feb 20
Had my eyebrows done by Hannah and they are nothing short of amazing! I’ve gone from having next to no eyebrows to... having eyebrows I could never even dream of! She was so professional throughout the experience and genuinely wanted the best for me and my brows! Cannot thank her enough! Already had people complimenting me on them and I will be sending everyone Hannah’s way! Xxxread more
Sian Wilson
Sian W.
18:54 07 Feb 20
I had to seek emergency help after an incident involving some super sticky toffee...Ismail and Georgie were incredibly... professional, quick and efficient. As a VERY anxious patient, this has been the easiest dentist trip ever. Thank you so much!read more
Ty Pike
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09:20 02 Feb 20
Amazing place didn’t feel like a dentist. Really nice staff and a nice vibe from everybody. Were very helpful and... professional. Had an amazing experience with Paula and Nikola for my first check upread more
Tia Bernard
Tia B.
21:53 31 Jan 20
Simply the best, I can't recommend this dental practice highly enough, visited recently as a new patient requiring... treatment and the advice, welcome and professionalism is second to none. An extended thank you to Dr Ahmed, Lacy, Kerry and all the supporting staff who have been fantastic from the start.read more
Alun Davies
Alun D.
14:13 30 Jan 20
I've never been so impressed with a dental practice before. All the staff are so friendly and helpful. The place is... very clean. I currently have braces fitted from Smileworks and have been seeing Eduardo and Emily for my follow-up appointments. The process has not been daunting at all and actually enjoyable to get my dental work done in such a friendly atmosphere. I'll be sticking with Smileworks as my regular dentist for the foreseeable future.read more
Colin Goodman
Colin G.
13:05 29 Jan 20
First time coming to the surgery, I was made to feel at ease. I had followed my previous dentist (Clare) who had... already looked after me before, she instantly explained everything about Smileworks and how they work. After having my consultation with Clare and Tasmin, a dental plan was set up and a detailed explanation was given outlining what initial work needed to be done and a plan was set up.I would highly recommend there service if you are nervous about the dentist.read more
Declan Hulme
Declan H.
10:50 22 Jan 20
I went to see Hannah for my top up microblading treatment yesterday. Hannah was very professional as always. She put... me at my ease and explained what she was doing throughout the treatment. She checked that I was comfortable throughout the treatment. Hannah has a lot of pride in and clearly enjoys her work and this shows in her treatment results. I am thrilled with my brows and will be back to see Hannah again for more treatments.read more
Sally Bentley
Sally B.
17:09 19 Jan 20
I have had a fear of the dentist for a long time and was very anxious to go. I wanted to have a composite veneer and... whitening ready for my wedding. I booked an appointment for a consultation with the lovely Paula and I cannot thank her enough for putting me at ease throughout each visit. She has been professional, friendly and has done a wonderful job. I will definitely be back and can recommend smileworks to anyone who has a fear of the dentist . Thank you Paula for my new smile 🙂read more
Susan Woodcock
Susan W.
16:20 17 Jan 20
The staff here are always very helpful. I wouldn't go anywhere else for facial aesthetic or dental work. Dr MJ is... incredibly knowledgeable and I personally wouldn't use anyone else. I felt very well looked after and listened to. My outcome on both occasions has been nothing short of amazing. Would highly recommend. In very safe hands.read more
Michelle Barrow
Michelle B.
21:39 04 Jan 20
Who looks forward to going to the Dentist?... Since signing up with Smileworks...I certainly do!The experience is... literally second to none with a clever visual set up, including a waiting room which is designed as the interior of a plane... Random yet intriguing, and setting good first impressions of what is yet to come.I've been here now on a number of occasions and each time I am impressed with the exceptional service and professionalism of every team member. Zoe, my Dentist is warm and friendly, always making me feel at ease and happy to answer in depth any questions I have. I'm very happy with all the results I have gained since signing up with Smileworks and can not recommend this service enough!read more
Kirsty Maples
Kirsty M.
21:26 18 Dec 19
It was my first time visiting and had a brilliantly warm experience. The staff are very welcoming and professional, and... Dr MJ is fantastic at what she does. She’s a hoot! I highly recommend Smileworks.read more
Kella Colton
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22:34 17 Dec 19
My 1st visit here a month ago, such a professional experience from the staff at reception and of course and Dr MJ who... has done and absolutely amazing job on my lips.... I love them!! Would totally recommend to anyone thinking of having any kind of aesthetic work.read more
15:18 13 Dec 19
Always a great experience from start to finish! All members of staff are friendly, helpful and professional, the... whole process is very easy. MJ is fantastic and always makes you feel at ease, she's very knowledgeable, personable, a good laugh and highly skilled. Highly recommended!read more
18:25 19 Nov 19
Great experience! MJ was calming, reassuring and knowledgeable, definitely put me at ease and guided me through my... procedure. Staff were always helpful and friendly. I would thoroughly recommend smile works for anyone, they will take care of you 100%!read more
Rosa Sun
Rosa S.
20:37 17 Nov 19
Recently had some aesthetic work with MJ. Consisted of fillers to mid and lower face, chin and lips . This woman is an... absolute genius. She really takes her time discussing your expectations and what you would like to achieve . She is highly professional and really good fun. I never felt rushed and the results are amazing...actually better than I’d hoped. She is a true artist .Discomfort during the procedures was minimum to none. The staff are friendly and make you feel at ease .I highly recommend this lovely lady.Thank you so muchread more
20:24 13 Nov 19
Highly recommended! Had my first pro facial with Hannah, she was lovely and professional. She talked me through each... step on my treatment. My skin is super lovely and clean! The whole team is fabulous and it's a wonderful environment. Thank you!read more
Mary .
Mary .
19:01 08 Nov 19
MJ is amazing and a big thank you to her. Her aesthetic work is second to none and she is extremely professional and is... willing to spend a lot of time making sure she does the best job. All the staff are exceptionally friendly and I would highly recommend Smileworks.read more
Janet Clare
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Had scale and polish today with Zoe and Georgie couldn’t be happier. They explained the procedure step by step and... continuously checking and making sure I was comfortable. My teeth looked noticeably whiter when they had finished this has never happened before at my previous dentist. I would definitely recommend.read more
Denise Greenway
Denise G.
13:09 11 Oct 19
Had my eyebrows done today with Hannah they look amazing. Hannah had a real attention to detail and was a perfectionist... and also very friendly and professional the procedure didn’t hurt anywhere near what I had imagined. I have previously had dental work done at the practice with Patri and Eva. Everyone is so friendly and welcoming I wouldn’t go anywhere else now.read more
lauren gates
lauren G.
19:09 09 Oct 19
Had lip fillers on Saturday by MJ and i love them! she made me feel so relaxed and comfortable, talking me through... everything and always asking was i okay. It was my first time so i was very nervous. She made me feel like i had nothing to worry about and it was over in no time! 🙂 Thanks again xxxread more
Amanda Samuel
Amanda S.
08:36 07 Oct 19
Finally gained the courage to get my eyebrows done. Was pretty nervous going but soon as I entered the room Hannah made... me feel so relaxed with her lovely personality. She took her time creating the perfect brow shape; she was professional, caring and an absolute perfectionist 😊 Can’t believe the difference my new brows have made to my face. Thank you so so so much!!! Leeanneread more
Leeanne Conteh
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22:41 05 Oct 19
Smileworks have certainly put a smile on my ‘mysteriously youthful’ face!When you’re not getting any younger, and your... confidence needs a boost, this first class team of aesthetic art, work wonders in subtle ways. I’ve recently had my forehead smoothed and my lips very subtly filled to regain their shape from ten years ago! Smileworks captain’s outstanding skills are her ability to actually listen to you and then produce precise, awe inspiring results - FANTASTIC!!read more
17:19 25 Sep 19
Clare and Georgie were the dream team. They worked together to share ideas and find the best solution to fix my broken... tooth. I was treated with care and respect and am so pleased with the result. I have no hesitation in recommending smileworks and all the wonderful people I met there on Saturday. Thank you so muchread more
Marie Morgan
Marie M.
20:33 23 Sep 19


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