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Tooth Filling

Sometimes teeth crack or get damaged.  This can be because of tooth decay, grinding or trauma.  Usually on the back teeth the reason is tooth decay or fractures caused by biting and chewing.  This is where tiny fissures in the teeth allow bacterial into the tooth and this damages its internal structures.



Dental filling material can be used to block these fissures and cracks to repair the damage.  Sometimes if this decay is left untreated the bacteria creates acids and harmful by-products that can literally eat away at the tooth causing cavities or holes in your teeth.



Dental fillings are a very common procedure and patients can choose from a variety of different materials.  In the past fillings were made of precious metals like gold and silver or a substance called amalgam.  The problem with using these materials is that they don’t look like natural teeth and can be seen when you laugh, smile or eat and some patients want white fillings that are more subtle and look just like your natural teeth.



visible amalgam fillings


Sometimes people need fillings on their front (anterior teeth) and these will typically be made of white filling materials to give you the best aesthetic outcome.  Consult with your dentist or dental hygiene therapist to find out the best course of treatment for you bearing in mind the aesthetic outcome, health benefits and any other concerns you might have.



Our dentists and hygiene therapists are obsessed with listening to precisely what you want and getting you the result that makes you feel great every day.     Here’s what it’s like to be a patient at Smileworks:



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The care smileworks have given me over the last 12 months has been incredible, all the staff are really friendly and helpful, especially working around my shifts to give me appointments. Eduardo is very professional and caring, making me feel at... ease. Over the last 12 months he has treated my TMJ pain and been very thorough on assessing and adjusting my braces. It feels great to have them off and have such lovely teeth with no jaw pain! Karen was also really friendly and helpful throughout my final appointment. I will never go elsewhere for dental care now, I am signing up to a membership because I fully trust the staff, for their professionalism and outstanding more
Clare M.
Clare M.
07:50 11 Dec 23
As a dentist myself, I've been receiving treatment from Smileworks Liverpool and Dr. MJ since the practice's inception. To say that I have high standards when it comes to dental and facial aesthetic treatments would be an understatement, yet... Smileworks has consistently met and exceeded those expectations.From the moment I walk in, I'm greeted by a welcoming and friendly team that instantly puts me at ease. Over the years, I've had orthodontic treatment as well as some facial aesthetics work done, and I've been consistently impressed by the level of care and skill displayed by Dr. MJ and the entire staff.When you're in the business, you become incredibly particular about where you choose to get your own treatments done. I can confidently say that Smileworks Liverpool earns my highest recommendation. If you're looking for a place that delivers top-notch treatment and can be trusted implicitly, look no further than more
Karim S.
Karim S.
16:20 22 Sep 23
I was incredibly nervous about my treatment and wasn’t sure if I would even be able to go through with it until I got there! Doctor MJ put me at ease with her expert knowledge and by talking me through everything that was happening. Amazing results... and I cannot recommend more
Laura G.
Laura G.
09:31 10 Aug 23
MJ is possibly my new favourite human! I've never had any kind of aesthetic treatment before, I knew the moment I met MJ that I completely trusted her with my face. She is an absoloute MAGICIAN, her attention to detail is on another level! Across... two sessions she was extremely safe and kept checking in to make sure I was doing okay. I'm beyond grateful to have met such a wonderful person and cannot thank her enough for the massive confidence boost this has given me! I now don't have the fear of wedding photos! 🤣💖💖💖read more
Lauren V.
Lauren V.
16:31 11 Nov 22
I had lip filler done by one of the trainees at Smileworks. She was amazing and I’m over the moon with them. She was so gentle and reassuring as it was my first time I was a bit nervous. The doctor who was training was confident and reassuring,... helping me feel relaxed too. The reception staff were great, shout out to Lucy who was so lovely! Would 100% recommend paying a visit! Thank you very much smileworks!!read more
jodie J.
jodie J.
08:24 16 Dec 21
I’ve had filler in my nose, lips and chin by both Dr MJ and Dr Clare, and couldn’t have had a more positive experience on both occasions. The results are fantastic and I felt extremely safe and assured. The facilities are extremely clean and the... whole team are very pleasant and well-trained!read more
Jessica W.
Jessica W.
09:50 03 Nov 21
After a dreadful experience with my NHS dentist, I decided to try Smileworks and I'm so glad I did. Clare is an amazing dentist, I'm so pleased with the work she's done and Tasmin does a great job assisting her. Everyone is so professional and... friendly, from Dr. MJ to all the girls on reception. I wouldn't go anywhere else now. Highly more
caroline J.
caroline J.
19:13 26 Sep 20
Nicky.OK, so I've never had an aesthetic treatment before. Before contacting Smileworks I spent months researching clinics trying to find somewhere trustworthy for my first treatment. I chose Smileworks because of the amazing reviews and also... because Dr MJ has a great reputation in her field, from what I've read online.I wanted Ellanse cheek fillers which was due to the long-lasting results and again, the online endorsements.To say I was nervous was an understatement. My main fears were having an adverse reaction to the procedure and the treatment being painful. Also, I was worried about visiting a clinic at this time, concerned about whether the treatment area was thoroughly cleaned before I attended.I have to say that when I attended the clinic everybody I saw was extremely professional. Also, I didn't need to be concerned about cleanliness as the premises were immaculate, with social distancing measures and PPE use apparent throughout my visit.Dr MJ did a great job of putting me at ease. I would say she is definitely an expert in what she does if my treatment is anything to go by. I did feel a little discomfort but nothing major and the results were immediately visible. The effects of Ellanse are continual so I hope to see further improvements along the line.One of the things I was particularly impressed about is that there was no hard sell, even when I visited for a check-up a couple of weeks after my treatment. Had another treatment been pushed onto me there is a likelihood that I would have opted to book in for another treatment. That alone speaks volumes about Smileworks in my more
Rippin Marvelous W.
Rippin Marvelous W.
20:02 23 Sep 20


And here are some of our favourite patient reviews in a short 30s video:



The benefits of dental fillings

The benefits of fillings are that they keep your teeth healthy.  They are a reparative measure and also can be an aesthetic one.  So they fix it and make it look nice too.  Fillings are less invasive than many other procedures and are a better option than what you may face if you leave the tooth decay to spread or don’t visit the dentist when you feel something is wrong. This can:



  1. Cause teeth to break and crack requiring expensive dental crowns or porcelain veneers.
  2. Cause painful abscesses and infections that require emergency dental treatment and cause distress.
  3. Create an unaesthetic appearance of the smile and confidence issues when you smile or laugh.
  4. Cause pain and discomfort when you chew your food.
  5. Cause sensitivity on hot or cold when the root of the tooth is exposed or when the enamel is cracked or very thin on the surfaces of the teeth.
  6. End up with you needing a a root canal.


How do I know if I need a filling?

As with many dental problems (except gum disease) it’s usually pain that brings people to the surgery.  Teeth are made of hard enamel that protects the pulp and living parts of the teeth beneath.  These living structures have nerves and blood vessels and when bacteria get past the protective enamel layer it can cause pain such as sensitivity and cause serious problems with the function and prognosis of the tooth.



Anatomy and structure of a tooth



In some cases the bacteria can cause an infection and an abscess can form.  This is a red flag (and usually really hurts) so you need to visit the dentist for an emergency appointment if you are in pain and think you might have an abscess. Sometimes the  pain can be very severe but don’t worry, we can get you out of pain and on your way within a short while so you an enjoy the rest of your day.

What is amalgam?

Dental amalgam has been one of the most popular materials to use to fill cavities for the last 100 years.  Amalgam is also sometimes referred to as a ‘silver filling’ because they have a silver appearance.  They are actually an alloy (mixture of metals) containing silver, tin, copper and small amounts of mercury.



Sometimes other metals are used in trace amounts like zinc and palladium.  Mercury in fillings is not dangerous and we’ll explain why if you read on.



Amalgam is extremely popular simply because it’s a very good material to use.  It’s less expensive (most patients don’t want to pay a huge amount for gold fillings) and it’s durable and great for posterior (back teeth –like molars) that undergo a great deal of wear and tear from chewing food.

Is Mercury Safe?

There are literally hundreds of millions of people in the world who have amalgam fillings containing mercury and it is one of the most studied materials in dental science.  The authorities in the UK and US have deemed it safe for use in amalgam for anybody over the age of 6 but not for pregnant women or people with kidney disease.



The reason dentists use amalgam is because it makes the other metals more malleable and creates an ‘Excellent and versatile restorative material’


To read more about the safety of amalgam you can see the research here:


FDA Research

British Dental Association Research

Department of Health Statement on Toxicity of Amalgam

Leading Article in the Journal “Nature”


This is pretty complicated stuff so the TL:DR is as follows.  Mercury is a hazardous substance and ideally we don’t want to be using anything hazardous in our dental work.  This is why Smileworks is a Mercury-free practice.  But the damage you might cause to your teeth and underlying health by avoiding the dentist far outweighs any dangers that amalgam might cause you.  People ingest all sorts of toxins and mercury is commonly ingested in much higher amounts from foods, the air you breathe and even your drinking water.



As with any toxin it’s all about the amount that’s ingested.  And the tiny amounts of mercury in amalgam fillings are dwarfed by the amount you consume unwittingly from the environment.  Ever wondered why they tell pregnant women not to eat shellfish and tuna?  it’s because of the accumulation of heavy metals like mercury.  Also once the mercury is in the amalgam it’s almost ‘locked in’ and has formed a compound with the other metals and is safe.  The amount released into your body (in vapour form) as the filling wears, is almost nothing.  As we shall see, the best way to release mercury from amalgam is by drilling it out of your teeth by removing perfectly viable amalgam fillings.  So this is something you must think about.

Can I be allergic to Amalgam?

Yes, like anything some people are allergic to amalgam.  Just like some people are allergic to pollen, honey, bees, nuts, cats and caffeine. Of the hundreds of millions of people with amalgam fillings, only 100 cases of allergy have ever been confirmed. So getting any type of sickness from Amalgam is like winning the lottery twice in a week.



It often depends on the clinical considerations of a patient whether amalgam is used and your dentist wants to do the best job for you taking into account factors like your underlying dental health, systemic health, overall health and your budget.  We don’t use amalgam at Smileworks. But don’t take our word for it.  If you don’t want amalgam fillings then there are dozens of other materials that we can use that don’t contain mercury or even any metals at all.

Should I have my amalgam fillings removed?

We wouldn’t advise removing amalgam fillings if they are functioning well.  If it’s not broken – don’t fix it.  That’s a good rule of thumb in dentistry.  We are clinical dentists and our training involves the management of risks and keeping you safe and healthy. So if you come to us worrying about mercury poisoning but have a perfectly functional amalgam filling then we are going to advise you that replacing it may cause you real – not imagined – harm.



Out job is first to do no harm.  But it’s your choice and if you want amalgam fillings replaced then this is something we can do, will do and do quite frequently.  Incidentally the best way to release the most mercury from an amalgam filling is to replace it.  So bear that in mind.  An entire lifetime of chewing on an amalgam filling releases less mercury into your body than having it drilled out and removed.


White Fillings (composite fillings)

Composite fillings are used to solve the same problems as their amalgam cousins.  If you have decay, cracks or damage then we use composite materials to fill the holes to stop anymore bacteria getting in and prevent the spread of any infections.



Composite fillings are not the same as composite veneers or composite bonding that is usually chosen for aesthetic reasons rather than health ones.  But just because fillings are about keeping the teeth healthy does not mean they cannot also look aesthetically pleasing and improve your smile by helping you not feel self-conscious laughing, smiling or chewing.



How a composite filling works on a back tooth


Composite material is a resin (plastic) mixed with glass to make a hard enamel-like material that is very similar to your natural tooth enamel.  It is sculpted into the cavity and finished to produce an extremely life-like and translucent look.  Just like your natural tooth.  Composite fillings can be used on the back teeth and the front teeth and are an extremely popular choice in 2024.



The price of composite fillings depends on how many of the tooth surfaces need filling.  Here’s an idea of what we mean by tooth surfaces.  Basically the more surfaces the more work and materials and the higher the cost.



Tooth surfaces

White Fillings Cost

How much is a white tooth filling? Here's the itemised prices for 2024


Many people are worried about the cost of white fillings but you’d be surprised how inexpensive they are. Your qualified dental hygiene therapist can create them for you so you can have this treatment at your hygiene appointment at Smileworks. The cost of your filling depends on how many of the tooth surfaces are damaged or decayed. Your teeth have a number of surfaces and we will usually calculate the cost based on how much work it takes to restore the tooth.

Anything more than 4 surfaces may need other types of treatments that you can read about here: dental crowns or porcelain veneers. The price will also depend on who is doing the treatment for you. Dental hygiene therapists will not charge as much as dentists and then specialists or restorative dentists will charge more as they have more experience.


In the case of an emergency there may be extra costs. These are itemised below.


  • One tooth surface filling | From £170
  • 2+ tooth surfaces | From £200
  • Re-cement crown or veneer | £150
  • Tooth Extraction/ surgical extraction | £200-495
  • Emergency assessment | £90
  • Removal of nerve | £190
  • Temporary dressing | £150
  • Fissure Sealant | £32.50/tooth

Anything more than 4 surfaces may need other types of treatments that you can read about here: dental crowns or porcelain veneers. The price will also depend on who is doing the treatment for you. Dental hygiene therapists will not charge as much as dentists and then specialists or restorative dentists will charge more as they have more experience.


We understand some work can be expensive. We help you pay with 0%APR finance options.  Get an instant result in our office or at home. We offer patient finance through Medenta Finance (subject to age and status, minimum spend applies)


White fillings vs Dental Onlays?

An onlay is like a filling that’s made in the dental lab. So an impression is taken of your teeth and the onlay is created by a ceramist in a laboratory chosen by your dentist. The master ceramist will construct the onlay to be strong, durable and aesthetically beautiful and make it out of EMAX, Zirconia, gold, non-precious metal, alloy or other types of porcelain.



Imagine an onlay like a mini-crown. It covers the cusps of the tooth and is different for a composite filling and is indicated when a composite filling cannot be used because the filling is too large to survive in the tooth and covers too many or to much of the tooth surfaces.   Below the image explaining how an inlay works



dental onlay / Inlay


Fissure Sealants – How to Prevent Tooth Decay

Prevention is better than cure. And we now have treatments that can prevent the small fissures in the back teeth from accepting bacteria and causing damage. Dental sealants prevent tooth decay by filling in the tiny recesses in the molar surfaces – so the back teeth.



These are susceptible to cracks and holes because they are under immense pressure from your biting down on them when you chew. The human bite force is 140kg for a normal adult or 70kg per side. Also they are harder to clean and food sticks to them. Fissure sealants create a smoother surface that’s easier to clean and also provide a protective layer to prevent harmful bacteria and the build up of tartar and plaque. Your dental health practitioner can advise you of the best treatment and sealants are not expensive at all and can save you costly dental treatments in the future.



We will usually offer this treatment in the course of most hygiene appointments where appropriate and the scientific evidence is very compelling that this is one of the best ways to prevent dental caries and tooth decay.

Tooth Filling Process

The process for a filling is very simple for a dentist or a dental hygiene therapist. You don’t actually need to see a dentist for this type of work but some patients like to have front teeth filled by dentists or even extremely qualified restorative practitioners if they are interested in getting a superior aesthetic look. That said, our dental hygiene therapists and dentists make the most beautiful front tooth fillings so most patients are happy to have wither perform their treatment because they will get a consistently good result at Smileworks.



The first thing to do is assess the position and remove any decay, tartar or remains of any other failed work. The area is then thoroughly cleaned to remove any bacteria and the damaging chemicals that bacteria leave behind on the teeth. Then the filling material is applied in layers to give it a lifelike and translucent appearance.  To help the filling stay in place for a long time the tooth is coated with special materials. The tooth is then sculpted by your dentist or dental hygiene therapist and hardened with a special light. It is then finished to look precisely like the tooth that was damaged and match your surrounding teeth so you can smile again with confidence.


How a Front Tooth Filling Works


Depending on how well you look after your new filling it should last for several years and protect the tooth from additional damage. The materials used are extremely hard and durable and will be able to withstand pressure and chewing just like your natural teeth.

Risks & Alternatives to Fillings

All dental procedures carry risks although hundreds of millions of fillings have been carried out successfully for the last 100 years. The main concerns of fillings are usually down to the skills of your dentist, the correct diagnosis, the materials used and the size of the filling.  Here at Smileworks you’ll find some of the most highly qualified dentists, dental hygiene therapists and specialists anywhere in Europe. Some patients come to us when their fillings have fallen out. This is usually because they have failed.



It is a fact that the benefits of fillings far outweigh the risks – and the common problems we encounter are when people have neglected their failing fillings or have not replaced older or broken fillings. The benefits of white fillings are that they look just like your natural teeth and can restore your smile helping you feel happy, confident and healthy.

where to find us

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Here are some frequently asked questions about white fillings

  • White filling vs Silver
  • Silver is another word for amalgam and we don’t do amalgam fillings at Smileworks (not necessarily because they are harmful but because we want the most aesthetic results for our patients). There is still some potential hazards that are largely unsupported in the mainstream medical literature so we would rather keep people 100% safe than take even the tiniest risk.
  • How long does a filling last?
  • Like any dental restoration, a filling will last longer if you look after it. Brushing and going to the dentist regularly and flossing can make it last longer. If you eat lots of sugar, don’t brush and avoid the dentist it will fail more quickly.
  • Are white fillings worth it?
  • Yes. If you want your tooth to look natural and not be noticeable when you smile, eat or laugh then composite fillings are the best option and are certainly worth it. The filling material is more compatible and can be shaped better to look natural, lifelike and beautiful.
  • Pain after Fillings?
  • After a filling there can be pain and the most common cause of dental pain is a recently placed filling. Cold sensitivity is routine but pan on hot or biting needs to be investigated because this could mean that the nerve of the tooth is compromised (dying off and may need to be removed) if the nerve is compromised you might need an extraction or a root canal treatment.
  • Why do fillings fall out?
  • Sometimes fillings fall out because either you’ve not looked after them well enough or cause them trauma. There are cases of fillings being torn out of the patients mouth from DIY dentistry such as clip on veneers purchased online.
  • Where can I get white fillings near me?
  • Smileworks are the leading provider of dental restorative work in Liverpool and there is no better place to have a thorough examination by a dentist or dental hygiene therapist to get you the best results for a happy, confident and successful life.