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FaceTite is a facelift without surgery. It’s safe, affordable and the results are astounding. The procedure was designed for the lower face and patients are suitable if they have:


Jowls A ‘Turkey neck’ Sagging skin A loss of definition in your lower face Fat under your chin or a double chin Loose skin around the jawline


These age-related changes happen to us all and make us look older, tired and grumpy. FaceTite precisely targets these areas.  The results are dramatic tightening of the jawline, neck and chin for a slimmer and more defined look. Patients are awestruck by the way FaceTite restores your youthful contours, making you look refreshed, toned and young.


Facetite Liverpool


As we age our faces go through three types of changes.  These are descent, deflation and degradation (the three D’s).  We can treat deflation with filler and degradation with skincare but until recently, we needed surgery to treat descent.


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“Finally we can treat descent with FaceTite. It’s outrageous – it’s the closest we can get to surgical results without cutting. The industry has looked at every which way of addressing descent and this is the closest you’re gonna get without going under the knife.”

– Dr MJ Rowland-Warmann – 2022


FaceTite near me - Dr MJ


The proper name for the procedure is ‘Radio Frequency Assisted Liposcuplting’. A cannula is put into the skin and radio waves dissolve the fat which is then removed. This has a profound contouring and remodelling effect on the fat layer. So what about the skin? This is why we call it a ‘combination treatment’. The next stage is to use Morpheus8 to tighten the skin so the entire tissue is significantly reduced leaving you looking the best you’ve ever looked.


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“Previously we had thread lifts. They attempted to treat descent rather unsuccessfully. They’re expensive and only last for about 8 months. People also say filler can lift the skin but it can’t filler fills. And camouflages. It does not lift. Practitioners who attempt to ‘lift’ with filler typically use too much and their patients look weird.”  – Dr MJ



About Dr MJ

Dr MJ is the InMode trainer and is qualified to teach this procedure to doctors, dentists and plastic surgeons. Dr MJ will personally conduct your treatment.


Dr MJ runbiased eviews facetite


Before and afters


Facetite before and after 2


Facetite before and after 2


FaceTite before and after 1


Jawline recontouring before and after

FaceTite Costs

At the HUB, we are the InMode FaceTite trainers so do this procedure a lot. This means we can offer significantly reduced prices. Be assured it's the same procedure personally carried out by Dr MJ.

  • FaceTite | £2,999
  • FaceTite Light (small area) | From £1,799
  • Additional Morpheus sessions | £675
  • *BEST RESULTS* FaceTite & Morpheus8 combination | £3,900


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Your treatment


Patients will have a consultation before treatment to assess your face and suitability for treatment. On a different day you will come in, fill out the consent forms and get properly consented for the treatment. Following this you will undergo the numbing procedure which is a quick round of painless injections that will cause profound numbness in the area to be treated. Then the procedure will take around 2 hours and following this a compression garment will be applied to the treated area. Then you will go home and rest. The procedure takes a full morning or afternoon session. Adding sedation means you’ll need someone to take you home. We will entertain your chaperone with scintillating conversation and lots of tea. Your chaperone will not be allowed into the treatment room because it is a sterile procedure and practitioners are fully gowned and scrubbed.


We asked Dr. MJ some of the frequently asked questions and here are her answers.

  • Does it hurt?
  • Dr MJ delivers tumescent anaesthesia meaning the procedure is painless. This is an infiltration of anaesthetic that will leave you profoundly numb from the corner of your eye right down your face to your neck.
  • How long does it last?
  • “The distributor and manufacturer, Neil, has never seen a case redone and the technology has been around for 7 years.
  • Will it work for me?
  • The perfect patient has what we call mild to moderate lower face laxity. “Patients who want to avoid having filler and adding weight to the lower face are perfect." “It gives patients a long term solution that compliments your facial structure and doesn’t make things worse. The ideal patient is in their 30’s-50’s.”
  • What are the risks of FaceTite?
  • “The risks are bruising and quite significant swelling. You must wear a compression garment for almost a week to combat the swelling. If you’re not prepared to do this then this treatment is not for you. Some people get temporary numbness in the lips or skin which resolves after a few days. Things will be a little tender but generally patients feel fine. FaceTite is safer than filler or Threadlifts and there are no risks of occlusions or see of the more serious things we see going wrong with filler.”
  • Am I awake during the procedure?
  • Patients are awake and numb during the treatment. If you are nervous we offer oral sedation. This is pills that make you extremely relaxed but fully aware. Some patients choose IV sedation. This is anaesthetic in your arm and you will not be aware or have memory of the procedure. A sedation clinician will look after you throughout and you will need a chaperone to take you home. IV sedation costs around £600 because we need a sedation clinician in the room during your procedure taking care of you.
  • When can I return to work
  • “The downtime is 3-6 days of quite significant swelling. With a procedure this effective there will be downtime. We cannot wave a magic wand and get you results like these without some downtime. We’re Smileworks not Hogwarts”.

Discover the most effective solution for lower face laxity and sagging today. Book an appointment and receive the best care available from Dr MJ at the Smileworks HUB,

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