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Here at Smileworks we believe in perfect – and there are so many ways modern women and men can perfect their features. So whether you want to say goodbye to wrinkles with Botox®, create a perfect pout with lip fillers or provide a lift with silhouette, then get in touch today for a consultation.  Here at Smileworks we are very lucky to have Dr MJ Rowland-Warmann, holder of the prestigious Masters in Aesthetic Medicine from Queen Mary University of London carrying out all our aesthetic treatments.


MJ loves her patients and uses a broad and varied selection of aesthetic treatments and tools to create the most beautiful results.  Patients often tell us we’ve made them feel ten years younger and that their lives are now more positive, confident and successful.



Easily the best dentist appointment I've had. I was recommended to go by a friend who couldn't have spoken more highly of them. The facilities are top notch, service friendly and comforting. The staff were great. The treatment was thorough, honest and well explained. First class (excuse the airline'll see why!)
Adam Samy
Adam Samy
19:10 01 Jun 17
I found Smileworks after looking online for the best specialist orthodontist, and after several visits now, I do believe that they live up to the hype! Every visit has been a pleasure, with the excellent reception always offering a warm and hearty welcome. Due to the severity of problems with my teeth, my treatment plan is extensive and means that despite being early days, I have met with and been treated by a range of the staff here; I can confirm that they're all fantastic and incredibly thorough - everything is explained in detail and nothing is ever rushed. I should also thank Paula (and her assistant whose name I've forgotten - sorry!) yesterday for cleaning the insides of my teeth so thoroughly when I don't even think it was necessarily part of the appointment (the appointment was for a filling). I look forward to continued excellent care from Smileworks and can't wait to get my braces on! Cheers guys!
Michael Kelly
Michael Kelly
08:04 14 Apr 17
Absolutely great find. Friendly staff and MJ who treated me was professional, reassuring and positively fantastic about what my needs were and what I was looking for. There was no pressure on anything and she spoke in depth about full details on every procedure without any rush in me in making an option. I will definitely be visiting again. Thank you once again!
Samina Mubarak
Samina Mubarak
20:02 06 May 17
Absolutely excellent service. All the staff are friendly and make sure all your treatment options are fully explained. Don't do anything unless your 100% sure of all that's available. Shiron made sure my treatment was the absolute best it could be.
Keith Chellew
Keith Chellew
18:41 24 May 17
I had dental work and a procedure on my top lip. I was really nervous on my first visit but the staff are truly lovely and put me at ease straight away. I loved the quirkiness of the waiting room- very different from any dentist/doctors waiting room I've been in. The treatment rooms are very clean, love the design and layout. I also loved the patients photo smiles on the wall!! straight away I relaxed and I could feel the friendliness of the staff. MJ really listened to my fears and listened to what I required, she understood completely my views and the treatment I received was given exactly as I requested!! They really want to help you and they're interested in what you have to say - they love their job!!! I've made a follow up visit and will continue to use them. I've also recommended Smileworks to my friends and will continue to do so.
Nicci Richards
Nicci Richards
20:11 26 Feb 17
I went to Smileworks to have the composite reconstructions on my two front teeth replaced as well as my teeth whitened. On my first appointment with M.J I was given detailed explanations of what these processes involved, which not only eased my apprehensions but stood out from all the previous dentists I had visited. The teeth whitening took approximately two weeks, after which I had the most amazing reconstruction done on my front teeth by Dr Billal Arshad, including a flawless colour match to my newly whitened teeth. The treatment I received was incredible and the end results speak for themselves, I have had numerous people within the fist week comment on how incredible my teeth look. To all the staff at Smileworks I say thank you so much, you have made me a very happy customer.
David Birtles
David Birtles
11:55 26 Jul 17
The staff at Smileworks are fantastic, very welcoming and accommodating. They are always happy to go the extra mile to help you. I had fast braces and 1ml lip filler, i absolutely love the result. Would 100% recommend to anyone looking to get braces or facial aesthetics, they really listen to what you want and combined with their professional knowledge you achieve the perfect result.
Kerry Browne
Kerry Browne
10:46 27 Jul 17
I received my Spmu eyeliner treatment today at Smileworks. I am completely over the moon with the results and would highly recommend the treatment. The clinic itself it just wonderful really clean, fresh and highly professional. My therapist was Hannah Taffe who was extremely knowledgeable, but also so warm and welcoming and put me completely at ease. The treatment was really relaxing and didn't hurt one bit. So very impressed and will certainly be back. Next time I will be booking in to see an orthodontist. Huge thanks to Hannah you really are just fabulous. Sarah Bell xx
18:10 05 Aug 17
Visited smileworks Saturday, place is amazing everyone was really welcoming and friendly. I was given all the answers to any questions i had before I even asked them!. Hannah was fantastic she gave me a full consultation. I am really happy with the outcome. I will be visiting smileworks in the future.
Laura Harte
Laura Harte
18:39 07 Aug 17

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For non surgical nose reshaping follow the link here: Non Surgical Nose Job

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Botox® Prices at Smileworks

Here are the 2017-2018 Botox® costs

  • Botox® 1 Area | £175
  • Botox® 2 Areas | £225
  • Botox® 3 Areas | £275
  • Hyperhidrosis Treatment | £400
  • Gummy Smile Treatment | £175

Anti-wrinkle Injections


Anti wrinkle injections are by far the most popular aesthetic treatments available today.  Patients come to see Dr Rowland-Warmann from all over the UK to get the perfect look and her expertise with anti-wrinkle toxins is unmatched here in Liverpool.  Dr Rowland-Warmann is one of the most highly qualified injectors in the city, having undertaken her Masters Degree in Aesthetic Medicine from Queen Mary University.  She is also a cosmetic dentist so works every day in the face.  Her knowledge of facial anatomy is second to none and you can rest assured that you are in the safest hands at Smileworks.



Here at Smileworks we use Allergal Botox® to ease wrinkles and create a refreshed, alert and youthful look for our patients.  Botox® is a product that is dependable, effective and reliable in the hands of an expert injector.  Not everybody is suitable for anti-wrinkle treatment and you must come along for a consultation where we will discuss possible outcomes and how this wonderful treatment can make you look and feel years younger in just a few days.



Botox® is the brand name for Butulinum Type-A, a naturally occurring toxin that is safely injected into the muscles to cause them to relax.  This softens wrinkles and deep lines leaving you looking refreshed and rejuvenated.


How do Anti-wrinkle injections work?


This treatment works by targeting the root causes of wrinkles in the skin.  In everyday life we make facial expressions and in young individuals the skin has elasticity and contains lots of collagen so wrinkles usually don’t form.  As we get a little older and collagen begins to deplete, the skin loses it’s elasticity and hydration.  This means that individuals notice lines and wrinkles forming first when they make certain facial expressions.



Then over time these wrinkles and lines become a permanent feature of the face and give the appearance of an aged complexion.  Targeted Botulinum treatments can relax some of the muscles of facial expression and cause these lines to soften and disappear over time.  It’s sometimes difficult to understand how the process works but it is tried and tested on literally millions of patients the world over who choose to come back time and time again for the wonderful age-reversing properties of Botox®


Botox® Treatment Areas


Botulinum injections can be used to reduce frown lines.  These are the vertical lines that form when you frown in between your eyes.  The medical name for these lines is glabella lines and the area can be injected to cause the muscles to relax making you unable to frown in a way that causes the wrinkles to form.  If you’ve not had Botox® treatment before, it can be difficult to understand how it works – but you will be amazed at the difference after just a few days.


Periorbital Lines (Crows feet)


The next popular area for treatment is the ‘crows feet’ around the eyes.  This is called the periorbital area and your anti-wrinkle injections will temporarily relax the muscles that contract to cause these lines to form.  You’ll still be able to squint but the lines will not form.



This is an extremely popular application of Botox® and the difference can be dramatic on your overall appearance.  Crows feet are a remarkably ageing feature and many patients have crows feet that stretch all the way down their faces to their cheeks.  When they are gone, the difference will leave you looking significantly more youthful.


Frontalis Lines (Horizontal forehead lines)


Another popular area for treatment is the lines that form when you raise your eyebrows (or frontalis) As we age, these lines only appear when you raise your eyebrows or make a surprised face.  However, as the skin loses it’s elasticity and collagen over the years, these lines can become a permanent feature of your face and have a substantially ageing effect on your overall appearance.  Treatment with anti-wrinkle injections can soften the lines and even get rid of the static lines and smooth the forehead to give you a youthful and refreshed look.


Perioral & DAO (lines around the mouth)


Botulinum can be used off label around the mouth to help patients with marionette lines or wrinkles around the mouth.  The product can also be used very skillfully to help patients look less grumpy and help their smile really beam.  This is called treatment of the depressor angular oris muscles which are responsible for the sad or grumpy face people make when they are unhappy.  Botulinum treatment can also be used to lower the patients smile line and reduce the appearance of the gums when you smile.  This is called a ‘gummy smile’ and many patients get treatment above the top lip to drop the smile line when they have had a lip augmentation.


All of these applications are advanced and you’ll need to come and see Dr Rowland-Warmann so that she can advise you on whether Botulinum treatment is right for you and what particular benefits you will be able to achieve.

Hyperhidrosis Treatment (excess sweating)


Hyperhydrosis is a medical condition where patients sweat much more than normal.  Patients with hyperhidrosis will sweat profusely for no apparent reason or when they are triggered by caffeine, stress or heat.  Botox® is licensed for use in cases such as these and patients can get Botox® treatment once a year on the NHS for their condition.  However, the NHS only allows one treatment per year and patients will want all year round relief from sweating in the back, armpits, head  and hands.



Many patients come to Smileworks to be treated with Botulinum in these areas to reduce the amount they sweat.  The results are profound for some and mean a total stop to the sweating.  For other patients they may feel temporary relief or partial easing off of the sweating.  Dr Rowland-Warmann is experienced in treating patients for Hyperhidrosis in the hands, feet, armpits and other areas and you should make an appointment for a consultation to discuss your options.

Gummy smile treatment


If you don’t like the way your gums show when you smile then believe it or not Botulinum treatment can help.  Patients receive injections into the top lip and this relaxes the muscles that pull the lip up over the gums and cause a gummy smile.  When you smile your teeth should show but not your gums and some patients call this ‘gummy teeth’ but it’s in fact caused by the top lip pulling the lip up too far.



Many patients have gummy smile treatments with their lip augmentations as the two treatments work extremely well together.  Gummy smile Botox® is another advanced treatment that should only be carried out by an extremely talented and experienced practitioner.


Other Botox® treatment areas


Botulinum toxins can also be used to treat the head in patients who get tension headaches.  Careful application and targeting of muscles can cause the problem to ease.  Additionally some patients choose to have treatment in the jaw area to reduce the size of their jaw muscles and improve their facial profile.



Understanding Static & Dynamic Lines


One of the most amazing properties of Botulinum treatment is it’s dual effect on the face.  Firstly, the muscles of facial expression will be slightly relaxed and this means you will not make the expressions that cause wrinkles to form.  This doesn’t mean that your face will be ‘frozen’ far from it.  A competent and careful practitioner can create a situation where you’re able to make all the normal expressions but just not the ones that cause you to form wrinkles and look older.



You may notice that wrinkles form when you make certain surprised or frowning expressions but then disappear when your face is t rest.  These are called ‘dynamic lines’ and are common in younger individuals.  However as we get older, these lines begin to literally become drawn onto the face and become ‘static lines’ which means they are always there.  This can have a dramatic ageing effect on a person and make you feel older and tired-looking.  The wonderful thing about treatment with Botulinum Type-A is that the dynamic and the static lines will disappear, causing you to look much younger.  What’s more, the effect is permanent so long as you continue your Botox® cosmetic treatments every 4-6 months.



Many patents ask ‘what happens if I miss an appointment’ as though they will suddenly look 20 years older!  This is not possible.  Think about Botox® treatment as simply stopping the wrinkles forming.  If you stop treatment they will gradually return to the way they were before, the fact that you may have aged a few years will not be apparent.



Toxin Treatment Results


If you’re anything like us here at Smileworks, you’ve used every single over the counter anti-wrinkle treatment in the world!  Unfortunately none of them work and although the cosmetic industry is great at packaging up expensive crèmes and lotions, they have little or no permanent effects.



Botulinum is different.  It doesn’t reduce the appearance of wrinkles it actually reduces wrinkles.  Not only this, it reduces the deep static lines that you may have developed with age leaving you looking noticeably years younger.  The results are real and the results are noticeable.  You’ll be sure to get lots of people telling you how young you look and are free to blame it on cosmetic skin cremes if you want to!



You will notice results after a few days as the Botox® takes time to work on the target muscles.  Then the results will last between 4-6 months for your first treatment and 3-4 months for subsequent treatments.  Patients are encouraged to come for a review appointment to see how the product has taken effect and to perfect the look you want.


Risks of Treatment & ‘Droopy Eyebrows’


Like with any medical procedure, treatment with botulinum toxins carry certain risks of adverse events and complications.  The most common are tiny bruises from the injections and swelling in the treated area.  Following your treatment you will have tiny lumps where the Botulinum and saline is present in the tissue.  These will resolve in 10-30 minutes.  You may get small blue bruises that will resolve after a few days.  Then there are more rare complications that are typically caused by poor injection technique or cross-infection protocols not being followed.  Some patients come to Smileworks having been to salons and ‘mobile’ Botox® providers with swelling, bruises and uneven results.



A ‘frozen face’ is an adverse reaction to Botulinum toxin and poorly trained practitioners will cause this in their patients.  Patients also come in with droopy eyes having been treated by amateur injectors at other practices.  Unfortunately a droopy lid or ‘ptosis’ is not immediately reversible and patients will be stuck with it for 6-9 months.  This type of complication does not happen at Smileworks because we are the best at what we do and carefully treat our patients.  However, if you have a Ptosis, there are ways we can alleviate the problem if you come in for a consultation.






Download our exclusive Smileworks report and learn the secret to longer lasting Botox® from the professionals with all the inside information on how to get the best from your treatment.


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