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Plexr Soft Surgery – an introduction


Plexr is the revolutionary non surgical eye lift treatment now available here in Liverpool.  Today we are going to conduct an unbiased plexr review based on real experiences and real patients.  The information here should make you able to decide whether this treatment is right for you.



Plexr was developed by Italian company GMV to provide patients with a permanent alternative to Blepharoplasty surgery.  A Blepharoplasty is where the upper eyelid is cut with a scalpel and the fatty tissue and skin is removed.  The cut is then sown back together and the baggy or saggy skin is gone permanently.  The surgery is complex and carries with it the risks associated with general anaesthetics.  There are also additional risks that you can read about it on our main page here: Plexr.  Dr Rowland-Warmann has made a name for herself here in Liverpool for her talent and precision with more complicated aesthetic procedures such as Silhouette Soft and dermal fillers.


We have also found that plexr around the eyes can be wonderfully matched with semi-permanent eyeliner tattooing to produce really great results.  You can read more about that here:  Eyeliner tattoo Liverpool.  Both procedures work in harmony to open up the eye and make your eyes appear bigger and striking with an enhancement to their natural colour.


Here at Smileworks we were one of the first practices in Liverpool to offer Plexr treatment.  Our Facial Aesthetician, Dr MJ Rowland-Warmann is fully trained and accredited in carrying out Plexr procedures.  In fact, Dr MJ holds a Masters in Aesthetic Medicine making her the one of the most highly qualified aestheticians in Liverpool.



At Smileworks we only choose the best products and treatments for our patients and are careful of the hype that surrounds many new procedures.  Our patients only want products that work and we work very hard to select the right suite of treatments.  This is to ensure you get the best results that are permanent and safe.  Consequently, plexr soft surgery has become extremely popular and we are treating dozens of patients a month.  Our patients have expressed great happiness with their Plexr treatments and many have referred their friends and family to us for treatment.


Here’s Dr MJ with a video introduction to Plexr at Smileworks:




Treatment Risks

Here’s an assessment of the risks associated with plexr soft surgery, aftercare instructions and a comparison between a Plexr eye lifts and surgical blepharoplasty.  We’ve included information about the practitioners that currently carry out Plexr treatments and their level of training.



Plexr vs Surgery

A surgical eye lift or blepharoplasty involves surgical removal or repositioning of the eyelid tissue.  To perform a blepharoplasty, your practitioner must be a plastic surgeon and will typically be very experienced.  The procedure can be carried out under general anaesthetic or local anaesthetic with sedation.  Sedation and local anaesthesia is less risky that general anaesthesia as it does not carry significant or grave risks.  Surgical blepharoplasty carries all of the typical surgical risks including bleeding and excess swelling.  In addition, a poor or unaesthetic result may occur and the healing process can sometimes be complicated.  There are additional risks of ptosis or drooping of the eyelid and dry eyes.


The Plexr non surgical procedure is carried out only under local anaesthetic and no sedation is required.  There is no cutting or scalpels and the risks of surgery are not present.  Swelling in the treated area is a rick and the healing process might, just like a surgical procedure, be complicated.  There is significant downtime associated with Surgery that is significantly less with Plexr treatment.  Click here for our Plexr Downtime Video Diary.


Patients often ask the question, ‘do I need a blepharoplasty or plexr?’ and the answer is;

You’ll need Plexr if you don’t want to undergo a surgical procedure involving general anaesthetic.  Patients will typically have hooded or baggy eyelids that cause them concern and be happy to take a few days off work while the swelling reduces following treatment with Plexr.


Your Procedure

The plexr procedure lasts about 30-40 minutes and you will be able to resume normal activities immediately.  There is significant swelling and redness with Plexr and you will want to cover up the effected area with dark glasses for a number of days post treatment.  Plexr can be carried out on the same day and there is no need for either sedation or general anaesthesia.  Dr Rowland-Warmann will treat the eye area with local anaesthetic cream or a local anaesthetic injection for patients who want more profound anaesthesia.  You will not feel anything following the anaesthetic and patients tolerate treatment extremely well.


Here’s some videos of patients having the plexr procedure at Smileworks:




Your Practitioner

Plexr is distributed by companies in Europe and the UK who provide training for practitioners.  There is currently no illegal practice being carried out where untrained individuals are practising Plexr treatment on patients.  Plexr machines are very costly so we would hope that this state of affairs continues.  You should look for a Plexr practitioner who is either a doctor, surgeon or dentist.  It is not clear at this time whether aesthetic nurses are conducting Plexr treatment like they do with filler and Botox.  When choosing a practitioner who is not fully medically qualified patients are advised to be cautious and make sure that their practitioner is experienced and has the correct training certificates from their local or European training providers.


**Download our complete guide to plexr here, or read on for more reviews and opinions**



Clinical Studies

There are many different aesthetic treatments being developed all the time.  A month rarely passes without the literature hailing some ‘breakthrough’ in aesthetic medicine.  Understandably, Smileworks have become highly cynical of marketing companies who try to sell ‘non-surgical’ procedures to patients that have little or no effect.  Smileworks only work with products that are effective and we require scientific literature before considering a new product.


There is reported literature and good scientific studies that demonstrate the effectiveness of Plexr for a number of different treatments. The Italian society for aesthetic medicine and non-ablative surgery cites a number of clinical studies in which Plexr is effective. You can also see some before and after images below that give you an idea of what Plexr soft surgery can achieve.




reviews soft surgery non surgical blepharoplasty plexr non surgical upper eyelid surgery plexr review


Plexr Treatment Cost

Plexr costs significantly less than a surgical eye lift.  Here at Smileworks we looked at costs from around the UK to compile an average for our Plexr review.  For example, in London’s Weymouth Street hospital, they quote a starting price for eyelid surgery as £2,900.  From our research here at Smileworks it would seem that the range of cost for Blepharoplasty ranges from £2,000-£6,000.


Cost Risks Downtime Anaesthetic
£2,000-£6,000 General aesthetic risks
Surgical risks
Possibility for revision
Multiple months
or more
£1,200-£1,800 No general anaesthetic
No scalpels or cutting
No need for revision
Multiple weeks
or less


The cost will depend on factors such as your surgeon, the quality of the practice or hospital and also whether you have general anaesthesia or sedation during the procedure.  Conversely, Plexr at Smileworks costs £1,200.  You can also combining upper and lower eyelids and also the crows feet to rejuvenate the whole eye.  This procedure will cost you £1,800.  This cost includes the entire procedure, review appointments and aftercare.  We also supply patients with an aftercare kit to assist their quick recovery.


To see our Smileworks Plexr fees follow the link here: Plexr cost.



Patient Reviews

Patient feedback for Plexr has been overwhelmingly positive.  Not only have patients tolerated the procedure well but they have also returned to have different parts of their face treated with Plexr.  In addition, we have seen a large amount of patients referring their friends and family to us for this treatment.  This is the real acid test with any new treatment and tells us that patients are happy with their results.




Plexr Review Conclusion

So to conclude our plexr review, Smileworks have had an extremely positive experience with Plexr and treated in excess of 50 patients in the short time we have been using the device.  It is a scientifically verified, cost effective and much less risky procedure than a Blepharoplasty.  In addition, the results from patients and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.

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