Emily Jones

Dental Nurse and Treatment Coordinator
GDC: 253828


  • Currently studying Dental Sedation Nursing, Manchester University Dental Hospital
  • Level 3 Diploma in Dental Nursing, Liverpool University Dental Hospital, 2014
  • History, Business Studies, Psychology and ICT, Roby College 2011


Emily is both super-caring in her role as a dental nurse and super-efficient in her role as a treatment coordinator here at Smileworks.  When she’s not in surgery caring for patients she’s talking to them about different treatment options. As Treatment Coordinator, she also arranges treatment plans and talks to patients about dental memberships.

Emily seems pretty easy going at first glance but don’t let this fool you.  She’s made a huge impact during the time she’s been at Smileworks and is continually in demand amongst our clinicians due to her extraordinary talent for organising stuff, bags of good-natured banter with patients and a general no-messing-about attitude.
She was one of the Smileworks volunteers at Archbishop Blanch Careers Convention to explain students what they need to do for achieving a career as a dental nurse.



Dr MJ Rowland-Warmann describes Emily as ‘a comedy genius – the funniest person I’ve ever met’ and she was the proud recipient of the prestigious Smileworks “Most Trolled” Award of 2018.



…and her patients also rather like her too;

“From my consultation to the end result I received the best customer service I have experienced. I was looked after by Paula and Emily were both so welcoming, friendly and helpful and answered all of my questions. The consultation itself was so in depth and helpful and I learnt things that no other dentist had told me. I would recommend this place to anyone wanting dental treatment and I would definitely return”.


Sam A, |  5 Stars  |  December 2018



She was probably overheard once saying ‘joining Smileworks was the best thing I ever did’ , probably because she was one of the lucky team members who traveled to Vegas.  A small town girl, this was the second trip abroad in her life – so we agree, pretty great career move that one.



If you’d like to join Team Smileworks (and are at least the same or smarter than Emily) then check out our Dental nurse recruitment page.