Silhouette Soft Non Surgical Face lift



Everyone wants to look young, feel refreshed and lead a happy and confident life.  In former times dramatic rejuvenation was only achievable with cosmetic surgery.


Now things have changed and with modern techniques it’s possible to turn back time with a simple 40 minute procedure.  Silhouette Soft (also known as  a thread lift, puppet facelift and non surgical facelift) is the revolutionary new technique for people who have suffered dramatic volume loss as they’ve aged.  This volume loss can create ‘jowls’ or saggy skin around the jawline.  Silhouette uses fine threads which are placed carefully under the skin to restore lost collagen and sculpt a feminine, youthful and perfect jawline. Now you can enjoy dramatically reduced risks, a more affordable procedure and the peace of mind that you don’t have to go under the knife to look ten years younger.


For mild volume loss take a look here at Dermal Fillers and to ease deep lines and wrinkles see our Botox® page.




Here’s what it’s like getting treatment at Smileworks


How does the thread lift work?


Silhouette Soft is a ‘soft surgery’ procedure.  This means that you can expect results similar to surgery but without the downtime or considerable risks associated with going under the knife.  There are no scalpels or cutting with a non surgical facelift and although it is sometimes referred to as the ‘one stitch facelift’ there are no stitches with the Silhouette thread lift procedure.  The threads are made of an advanced material called Poly L-lactic acid (or PLLA).  This material has been used for years in a number of surgical applications.  The threads are fine wires of PLLA with small cones on them to hold the skin in place.  Your master aesthetician, Dr Rowland-Warmann will place the sutures carefully under the skin where they will anchor in the tissue and mechanically pull the skin into place.



The results come in two parts.  First there is an immediate lift caused by the cones pulling the skin into place.  But over time, the PLLA is absorbed by the body and creates a collagen framework under the skin that creates a long-lasting, youthful regeneration.  The results can be compared to a facelift without surgery although it is important that you come along for a consultation and understand that the results will be less dramatic then a surgical facelift.  This might be so but patients return time and time again for this procedure because it is extremely effective for certain patients.


Silhouette Soft threads


Am I suitable for Silhouette?


Most patients are suitable for a non surgical face lift although it’s important that you come for a consultation to have your skin assessed by a professional.  You must have the correct tissue type to get a really dramatic result from your thread lift and you must also have suffered volume loss in the midface that’s causing jowls to form.  As we age, fat pads in our cheeks start to disappear.  This causes the skin to sag and the jawline begins to take on a shape associated with ageing.  For many patients they start to notice this in their 30’s and 40’s.



Patients might have filler to address volume loss that is less severe.   When the volume loss is profound, however, filler is sometimes not enough to lift the face and silhouette is required.  Silhouette can be used alongside dermal fillers and other treatments to give you a perfect result.  This can be discussed with you at your consultation.


Sihouette can be used to treat:



It also has a double effect including both an immediate lifting effect and a more gradual regenerative effect.  So you’ll notice the difference as soon as you walk out of our practice and will have months of regeneration to look forward to.  Gillian Taylforth of East Enders and Hollyoaks fame is an ambassador of the Silhouette lift and you can read her story in the Liverpool Echo right here.


teamI'd like to provide you with some feedback on my treatment to date:After 1:1 advice and guidance with the smile-works team, I recently attended for my first treatment (root canal). I was greated and treated professionally throughout, experienced no pain, and was informed and entertained by MJ, whom I found to be extremely reassuring, competent and also hilariously funny. Withought hesitation I can fully recommend this practice, and I am so excited about completing my planned course of treatment, which is bespoke and excellent value for money, just in time for Christmas !Kindest regards DaveSent from my i
nicola jonnes
nicola jonnes
15:31 22 Nov 17
If you're looking for the best place for your treatment, you've got to choose and visit smile works. They make you feel beautiful, their all friendly and talented personnel. Their welcoming smile alone will make you feel at ease that you're in the right place for your treatment. Their smile really works.
Tiana Bukolami
Tiana Bukolami
22:52 11 Nov 17
After breaking a tooth whilst away in Liverpool, I googled local dentist and called the first number in the list. Smileworks offered me an A1 service and managed to temporary fix my tooth until I returned home allowing me to continue my few days away. Not only was the cost very reasonable for an emergency appointment their practice is the funkiest I’ve ever seen. The dental staff were all fantastic too, I couldn’t have asked for more. Just gutted that there isn’t a smileworks in Cambridgeshire!
Lee Clayton-Harvey
Lee Clayton-Harvey
16:21 24 Oct 17
I did went Saturday morning as an emergency customer. No previous contact with them in the past. I was extremely happy of what I found. The place itself & location is great. But even better the staff; They were very understanding and helpful. MJ who finally attend my case did work the extra mile (and extra time too :)) so later than 17:30 Sat. Quick/Nice/Effective & Reliable. So far the best dental clinic I have been. Definitively I will recommend & use them again.
13:30 03 Oct 17
Had my fast braces fitted at Smileworks at the beginning of the year and recently had my lips done, MJ and the team are Lovely! Always a Friendly and professional service! Perfect opening hours which work around my job. Highly recommend! 😀
Elle Benson
Elle Benson
13:25 05 Sep 17
The most welcoming and friendly staff I have ever experienced anywhere, let alone a dentist. I felt in safe hands from the get-go and was so happy with the staff arranging appointments for me even outside of the practice. The creative and clever practice design (airplane) topped the fun experience off! Thanks MJ, Georgiana and Heloise.
Sean Donohue
Sean Donohue
22:03 03 Sep 17
Visited smileworks Saturday, place is amazing everyone was really welcoming and friendly. I was given all the answers to any questions i had before I even asked them!. Hannah was fantastic she gave me a full consultation. I am really happy with the outcome. I will be visiting smileworks in the future.
Laura Harte
Laura Harte
18:39 07 Aug 17
I received my Spmu eyeliner treatment today at Smileworks. I am completely over the moon with the results and would highly recommend the treatment. The clinic itself it just wonderful really clean, fresh and highly professional. My therapist was Hannah Taffe who was extremely knowledgeable, but also so warm and welcoming and put me completely at ease. The treatment was really relaxing and didn't hurt one bit. So very impressed and will certainly be back. Next time I will be booking in to see an orthodontist. Huge thanks to Hannah you really are just fabulous. Sarah Bell xx
18:10 05 Aug 17
The staff at Smileworks are fantastic, very welcoming and accommodating. They are always happy to go the extra mile to help you. I had fast braces and 1ml lip filler, i absolutely love the result. Would 100% recommend to anyone looking to get braces or facial aesthetics, they really listen to what you want and combined with their professional knowledge you achieve the perfect result.
Kerry Browne
Kerry Browne
10:46 27 Jul 17
I went to Smileworks to have the composite reconstructions on my two front teeth replaced as well as my teeth whitened. On my first appointment with M.J I was given detailed explanations of what these processes involved, which not only eased my apprehensions but stood out from all the previous dentists I had visited. The teeth whitening took approximately two weeks, after which I had the most amazing reconstruction done on my front teeth by Dr Billal Arshad, including a flawless colour match to my newly whitened teeth. The treatment I received was incredible and the end results speak for themselves, I have had numerous people within the fist week comment on how incredible my teeth look. To all the staff at Smileworks I say thank you so much, you have made me a very happy customer.
David Birtles
David Birtles
11:55 26 Jul 17
Easily the best dentist appointment I've had. I was recommended to go by a friend who couldn't have spoken more highly of them. The facilities are top notch, service friendly and comforting. The staff were great. The treatment was thorough, honest and well explained. First class (excuse the airline'll see why!)
Adam Samy
Adam Samy
19:10 01 Jun 17
Absolutely excellent service. All the staff are friendly and make sure all your treatment options are fully explained. Don't do anything unless your 100% sure of all that's available. Shiron made sure my treatment was the absolute best it could be.
Keith Chellew
Keith Chellew
18:41 24 May 17
Absolutely great find. Friendly staff and MJ who treated me was professional, reassuring and positively fantastic about what my needs were and what I was looking for. There was no pressure on anything and she spoke in depth about full details on every procedure without any rush in me in making an option. I will definitely be visiting again. Thank you once again!
Samina Mubarak
Samina Mubarak
20:02 06 May 17
I found Smileworks after looking online for the best specialist orthodontist, and after several visits now, I do believe that they live up to the hype! Every visit has been a pleasure, with the excellent reception always offering a warm and hearty welcome. Due to the severity of problems with my teeth, my treatment plan is extensive and means that despite being early days, I have met with and been treated by a range of the staff here; I can confirm that they're all fantastic and incredibly thorough - everything is explained in detail and nothing is ever rushed. I should also thank Paula (and her assistant whose name I've forgotten - sorry!) yesterday for cleaning the insides of my teeth so thoroughly when I don't even think it was necessarily part of the appointment (the appointment was for a filling). I look forward to continued excellent care from Smileworks and can't wait to get my braces on! Cheers guys!
Michael Kelly
Michael Kelly
08:04 14 Apr 17
I had dental work and a procedure on my top lip. I was really nervous on my first visit but the staff are truly lovely and put me at ease straight away. I loved the quirkiness of the waiting room- very different from any dentist/doctors waiting room I've been in. The treatment rooms are very clean, love the design and layout. I also loved the patients photo smiles on the wall!! straight away I relaxed and I could feel the friendliness of the staff. MJ really listened to my fears and listened to what I required, she understood completely my views and the treatment I received was given exactly as I requested!! They really want to help you and they're interested in what you have to say - they love their job!!! I've made a follow up visit and will continue to use them. I've also recommended Smileworks to my friends and will continue to do so.
Nicci Richards
Nicci Richards
20:11 26 Feb 17


The Thread lift Procedure & Aftercare


Silhouette is a thin biodegradable thread that is carefully placed under the skin and provides a mechanical lift.  The procedure is the natural evolution of Dermal Filler and is able to produce a lifting effect that was previously impossible without cosmetic surgery.  Your non surgical facelift begins with a consultation with our master Aesthetician, Dr MJ Rowland-Warmann.  She will assess your skin, tell you all about the procedure and make sure that you understand what you are getting and the results that you can expect.



You will get an accurate quote for the work that needs doing and this includes any additional work with other products that you want.  Our prices here at Smileworks are fully transparent and you will receive an itemised breakdown of the procedure.  You can choose to pay for the procedure up front or on finance.  Here at Smileworks we have patient finance that will allow you to pay in instalments.  You can also join our facial aesthetics membership plan to receive money off your Silhouette procedure.



When you’ve completed our consenting process, you will be treated with local anaesthetic and have your face numbed prior to starting the procedure.  The procedure takes around 40 minutes and involves carefully placing the threads under the skin to provide the lifting effects.



Once the procedure is over you’ll want to go home and rest and will probably want to take a few days off any strenuous activities, work or social engagements while the affected area settles down.  Downtime with Silhouette Soft is only a few days and many patients will be able to go back to work after a day or so without any problems.  The precise downtime depends on the procedure and the particular patient and you will be advised of this prior to the treatment starting.  The effects will be noticeable immediately but you may be swollen or slightly bruised.  It’s very important to let the threads settle naturally and not to mess with them or rub your face.  It’s amore invasive procedure than, for example, Botox treatment, that has virtually no downtime at all.


Patient Reviews


I am so pleased with the results, thank you so much. I visited Smileworks because I was looking a bit tired, and droopy, and didn’t quite know what to do to about it. Dr MJ gave me a consultation, it was in depth and not at all rushed, she really analysed my face before making her recommendations. I decided to take the plunge right then, and I was fitted in and finished within the hour. I am so glad I did. I had a little filler in my cheeks and under my eyes which has lifted my face and improved by baggy crepey eyes no end, I also had a silhouette lift, which has pulled up my flumpy cheeks. MJ warned me that it would be painful the next day, so I was dreading it, but it wasn’t bad, I didn’t take any painkillers, it was just a little uncomfortable. The result is VERY subtle and natural, no chipmunk cheeks! My friends keep looking but cant quite tell what is different (even my husband!). I must admit though, I am so thrilled I’m thinking of getting a teeny bit more, I am going to discuss this with Dr MJ at my 2 week check up……. 

Annette – Silhouette Patient







Threadlift Prices

*These are the 2017/2018 Silhouette Soft costs*


  • Browlift | £1,500
  • Mild Necklift | £1,500
  • Midface & Jowls | £2,000
  • Midface, Jowls & Filler | £2,500-£3,000
  • Midface, Jowls & Neck Silhouette £2,500
  • Midface, Jowls, Neck & Filler | £3,500+

At your consultation, you'll be quoted a bespoke package that suits your needs.

Want cheaper treatment?  Take a look at our aesthetics memberships and receive 10% off treatment and pay as you go.

Aesthetics Intercity£750 Per Year£62.50 (per month)
Aesthetics European£1000 Per Year£83.33 (per month)
Aesthetics Transatlantic£1500 Per Year£125 (per month)
Aesthetics World Traveller£2000 Per Year£166.66 (per month)
Aesthetics Botox Frequent Flyer£63.73 (per month)



Threadlift FAQ

  • Q: What are Silhouette threads made from?
  • A: Silhouette threads are made from PLLA or Poly-L-Lactic Acid. This is a natural sugar produced by your body and has been used in medicine for many years for sutures, dissolvable stitches and orthopedic pins and rods. It is absorbed into the body over time and leaves behind a collagen structure that gives a youthful appearance and smoothing of the skin.
  • Q: Which areas can be treated?
  • A: Face contours and jawline, neck, brows and even some areas of the body can all be treated successfully with Threads. The amount of threads that you need will be determined by your practitioner.
  • Q: Do I need to prepare for treatment?
  • A: You don’t need to do anything special prior to treatment except to listen to the instructions from your practitioner and make sure you understand what is to be expected.
  • Q: Is there downtime associated with Silhouette Soft?
  • A: You’ll need to take a day or two off work or have the procedure before the weekend. Patients experience of downtime varies widely and it’s impossible to say without consulting with you. You will however be fully informed of the downtime you’re likely to get at your silhouette consultation.
  • Q: Do non surgical facelifts actually work?
  • A: The results for threadlifts are excellent when used on the right patients and by a skilled practitioner. Many of the bad reviews for this product are caused by the quality, training and patient selection of the practitioner and not the product itself. Like many facial aesthetic products, your results will vary depending on who you choose to conduct your procedure.
  • Q: Does Silhouette ever go wrong?
  • A: We hear stories about silhouette threads ‘breaking’ or ‘snapping’. This is not possible with genuine Silhouette Soft threads. You may feel the cones and threads occasionally moving slightly or ‘popping’ when you yawn or sneeze. This is part of the healing process and will stop after a few days. A qualified and competent practitioner will advise you of anything unusual to look out for and you’ll be prepared for any strange feelings during the short healing time.
  • Q: Are threadlifts painful?
  • A: You will be treated with local anesthetic so will not feel pan during the procedure. Afterwards there may be tenderness swelling and bruising that can be painful but patients tolerate the procedure extremely well.
  • Q: How long do the effects of silhouette last?
  • A: Silhouette effects are immediate and last for 12-36 months. During this time collagen is built up in the tissues and the rate and quantity of collagen depends on the patient although many report the effects lasting longer than five years.
  • Q: What are the risks of a threadlift?
  • A: Bruising and swelling are the main risks. There is also a risk of infection with Silhouette and this is made more serious when infection protocols are not followed. Here at Smileworks we use a clean room and sterilized equipment and take infection control very seriously. We cringe watching silhouette procedures performed under non-sterile conditions although many less qualified aestheticians feel that this is an acceptable risk to take with their patients. Be extremely careful when looking at getting Silhouette performed in non-sterile environments as you are putting yourself at risk.
  • Q: Who should provide silhouette soft treatment?
  • A: Only trained doctors, facial plastic surgeons and dentists should conduct Silhouette procedures. So anyone who’s been to medical school. Silhouette is an advanced procedure and should not be performed by armatures. Although you are likely to dodge any major complications with a less experienced provider, the results will likely be unsatisfactory.
  • Q: How much does a threadlift cost?
  • A: See the prices section above for our Silhouette Soft Prices

Threadlift Secrets Revealed (Download)

Download our supremely popular report and discover the secrets of a perfect threadlift from Dr MJ Rowland-Warmann, our master aesthetician.

Threadlift Secrets Report