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Teeth whitening is our most popular cosmetic dental treatment for a reason. It’s the lowest cost, most straight forward and quickest way to make a dramatic improvement to your smile, no matter what condition your teeth are in. Here at Smileworks we understand the power of a beautiful smile, and our Dentists know that teeth whitening can instantly improve your smile. What’s more, patients report feelings of confidence, beauty, happiness and success following their treatments with us. Some even say whitening feels like they’ve had a full smile makeover.


Did you know many of our patients choose composite veneers in addition to their whitening treatment for really beautiful results?  You can learn more by following this link to our main composite veneers page. Patients interested in whitening can also look at our braces and lip fillers and airflow polishing pages, as these treatments are popular together.



Put simply, everyone should have their teeth whitened, and if you are looking for cosmetic dental work, teeth whitening is a great place to start. Our Liverpool teeth whitening patients are always happy and satisfied with their results. Our teeth whitening is quick, lasts for ages and comes with a 100% guarantee.  Here at Smileworks we use two tray-based treatments called Enlighten and Flightwhite. Most people are suitable for these treatments, and both will get you from any shade of yellow or brown to a brilliant white. We don’t do ‘laser teeth whitening’ at Smileworks simply because it doesn’t produce the same results compared to tray-based treatments.
If things are seriously difficult or you have grey teeth that don’t respond to normal bleaching, our dentists can also use something called ‘internal bleaching’ which will get all your teeth (even the damaged or non-vital ones) to the shade you want. Our patients are describe Enlighten teeth whitening as “the eighth wonder of the world” and “absolute top quality”. So don’t take your chances at the salon; get teeth whitening at Smileworks and become an overnight sensation with your brilliant white smile.
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In-Office and At-Home teeth whitening with Enlighten System

teeth whitening liverpool teeth whitening liverpool

We only use the very best quality teeth whitening products here at Smileworks. We proudly stock only Enlighten teeth whitening systems to guarantee that you get a brilliant result and your teeth stay healthy.

Enlighten Evolution 3


Enlighten Evo3 is the safest and most effective teeth whitening system in the world. It is the only system to guarantee a B1 shade, which is the lightest, brightest shade. The patented technology means there is no sensitivity during the teeth whitening process and the results are maintainable for life so you will have a beautiful smile forever.


enlighten day white system

Enlighten Day White is an easy at-home teeth whitening system that comes complete with custom made trays. Ideal for those who have whitened their teeth before or those who want a predictable whitening system, this has it all!

Smileworks Flightwhite kit


Smileworks’ official teeth whitening system. The kit uses your favourite gel for brilliant results. Want Flightwhite for free? This whitening treatment is included with all our Smileworks braces systems including Invisalign. To learn more about clear braces and free whitening, visit our page here: Invisalign Liverpool.


Why at-home teeth whitening?


At home teeth whitening is a much gentler, more gradual process than in office. The benefits are all in the results, which are a more even tooth shade and less sensitivity throughout the whitening process. You are in complete control, which means you can whiten as much or as little as you like in the comfort of your home. Where light-based whitening can dehydrate the teeth, at home tray-based systems are gentler to the enamel and result in much less dehydration of the teeth. This means the colour is more stable, keeping you smiling for longer. Whether you’re going out or on holiday, you will be able to refresh your whitening when you need to. Top-up gels are available from our practice providing you have started your whitening with us and kept up with your regular check-up appointments.






White Patch removal before and after


For more information on removing white patches from your teeth take a look at our main page here: white patches on teeth.


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Eduardo and Faye were very kind and helped me achieve a perfect smile! Thank you very much 🫶🏼
I have been to Smileworks today to get my daughter’s brace fitted by Edwardo, it was a very relaxed and efficient process. Edwardo and Teyha helped to calm my 11 year old daughter and kept us both informed and updated throughout the whole process. It went really well and very happy with the experience
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I’ve been going this practice regularly for maybe 10 years which speaks volumes in itself I honestly don’t know how they could make it any better really
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Teeth Whitening Cost

Teeth Whitening Prices | 2024

Teeth whitening is only available privately and you won't be able to get it on the NHS. Prices depend on where you choose to have treatment and what type of trays and gel you choose. Generally, budget whitening should cost around £249 whereas comprehensive whitening will cost anywhere between £325-£600. For our Smileworks prices see below:


  • Smileworks Flightwhite (1 syringe & trays) | £249
  • Smileworks Flightwhite Premium (2 syringes, trays, & hygiene appt with Airflow) | £325
  • Enlighten Evolution 3 (premium whitening) | £600
  • Evo Gel Refills | £85


Do you want your teeth whitening for free? Get braces at Smileworks and receive whitening after your treatment for no extra charge. To look at our braces options, follow the link here: Braces.

For beautiful results try...


Composite Veneers:  Many of our patients who come along for teeth whitening treatments are interested to hear about composite veneers and a less expensive but supremely popular treatment called Composite Bonding.  This is a remarkable new dental technique where composite material is fashioned over the teeth to make them perfect, symmetrical or appear straighter.  Once you are finished with your whitening and your teeth are the perfect shade, your dentist can sculpt your teeth with composite to give the appearance of a smile makeover.  Patients love the two treatments together and with the cost of composites being as little as £200 a tooth, it’s no wonder why. Take a look at the incredible result below.





Did you know patients also frequently get Botox treatment above their top lip to reduce the appearance of gums when they smile? This procedure lowers the smile line and creates a beautiful Hollywood Smile. In addition to its use in facial aesthetics, Botox can also be used in muscles called the ‘depressors’ around the mouth to bring out the width of a smile and create a more beautiful appearance.  For more information on Facial Aesthetics and Botox treatment take a look at our main page “Botox Liverpool” here. Some patient also commonly wish to further enhance their smile with injectable lip fillers and semi permanent lip blush. These are two extremely complementary procedures that go very well with whitening.  



What’s it Like at Smileworks?

How to Spot Illegal Practice

Any DIY dentistry is bad news. Whether it be illegal whitening or clip on veneers, it’s bad for everyone. Here’s some advice to help keep you safe so you don’t end up needing emergency treatment.


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