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Teeth Whitening is often the fastest and most cost-effective way of getting a mini smile-makeover.  100% safest products. 100% happy patients.  100% Smiles.


White Marks on Teeth | Here’s how to remove them

Here at Smileworks we’re all about healthy, beautiful smiles.  And for some discoloured areas of enamel can cause you to feel self-conscious.  Luckily this is a common problem and one you can easily remedy.  White spots, white patches or a mottled white appearance of teeth is extremely common and many patients have lived with it…

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How to Spot Illegal Whitening in 2020 | Smileworks

Illegal Whitening in Liverpool is Prolific   We all know that the world is full of dodgy teeth whitening companies but do you know how to spot them? Many whitening companies are bang-to-rights illegal and practicing in Criminal Breach of the Dentistry Act 1984.  However, they have flashy web pages, blogs that look pretty convincing…

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Tooth Whitening Products Reviewed by Dentists

Whitening explained Tooth whitening is one of the most popular cosmetic dental treatments for a reason.  It’s the best value, most straightforward and quickest way to make a dramatic improvement to your smile, no matter what condition your teeth are in.  Here’s an unbiased review of whitening products, services, kits, strips and gels so that…

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A Word of Whitening to the Wise | Illegal Whitening in Liverpool

  Whitening at Smileworks   Here at Smileworks we take whitening very seriously indeed. As seriously as Simon Cowell? Perhaps – although judging by his teeth – perhaps not.  But what’s for sure is that our beautiful patients deserve nothing less than the best products delivered in the safest possible way.  Illegal whitening is absolutely…

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Enlighten Whitening – Doing It Right the Chuck Norris Way

Enlighten Whitening at Smileworks   We love the fact that the people of Liverpool take care of themselves.  You love looking good.  And we love helping you look good.  What’s more important though is that you stay safe in your quest for the whitest teeth in the world.  Here at Smileworks we choose our products…

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