Semi Permanent Makeup Liverpool

Ever wonder how celebrities and your impossibly beautiful friends can post such perfect no-makeup selfies?  Here’s how:   Recent advances in technology and have allowed us to create beautiful and customised semi-permanent makeup results that have become one of our most popular non-surgical beauty treatments here at Smileworks Liverpool.  Imagine being able to wake each morning and look as though you’ve had professionally applied makeup whether you’ve been dancing, out late, swimming or even at the beach.   Semi permanent makeup Liverpool   The proper name for SPMU is Micro pigmentation or Cosmetic tattooing although patients refer to it as eyebrow tattoo, permanent lip liner or permanent eyeliner.  But whatever you like to call it, one thing is certain, in 2024 this life-changing and transformative procedure is perfecting and enhancing the natural beauty of millions of the most beautiful people in the UK.  So whether you’re looking for:

Perfect eyebrows

Beautiful plump-looking and defined lips

Professional-look eyeliner   …then micro pigmentation is the choice for you – so you can look in the mirror each day and love the person looking back. Some of our patients include celebrities, sportspeople, people who have physically active jobs, people who need feature correction or have asymmetrical features, alopecia sufferers or people who have difficulty applying makeup.  It’s not just a treatment for young girls either.  Take a look at this article from Helen Mirren claiming that “SPMU” is the secret to her decades of perfect looks:   Helen Mirren eyebrow tattoo    

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Had braces fitted with Eduardo and Faye. They're very friendly, explained me everything thorougly. I'm really happy with their service, I suggest everyone to visit Smileworks, they're the best! 😉
13:32 26 May 24
I completely recommend Eduardo for braces, totally satisfied!! Thank you for helping me having a great smile!
maite guaillas
maite guaillas
17:41 22 May 24
Thank you Eduardo!... I had been wanting orthodontic treatment for some time and in April 2022 I decided to go ahead with Smileworks after a consultation with Eduardo.Before starting the Invisalign in August 2022 I had tooth extractions and a... filling replaced by Eduardo. The treatment and aftercare were brilliant and I felt reassured to be continuing with the Invisalign.The comprehensive Invisalign package is so so SO worth it for the refinements. I have had a number of refinements to perfect everything and I'm due to complete in October 2024. I have had traditional train track braces when I was a teenager and the Invisalign is so much better; it's comfortable to wear and good to see progress as you change trays each week... In the time I've had Invisalign, Eduardo and the Smileworks team (Kayleigh and Rebecca - thank you for amazing cleaning!), were really accommodating for me to have a short break from further Invisalign treatment whilst I had teeth whitening for my wedding! Treatment resumed swiftly after and I really appreciate that the team coordinated things for this to happen.Eduardo has always been professional, knowledgeable and always explains what the plans are. Very grateful for his expertise... If you're hesitating - don't! It will be the best investment in yourself ever! 🙂read more
Lucy H (Lucy)
Lucy H (Lucy)
10:51 18 May 24
Thanks to Dr. Eduardo my braces journey has been amazing. His exceptional care and expertise guided me to achieve not just straight teeth, but a perfect smile that I'm proud of. I am incredibly grateful for his dedication and would highly recommend... him to more
Nikesh Gauchan
Nikesh Gauchan
09:29 14 May 24
I saw Delia for a hygienist appointment. I received an exceptional treatment, she thoroughly explained what she was going to do and was gentle, but thorough all the way through. At the end of the session she explained how to use the interdental... brushes properly and gave me advice on how to maintain a good oral hygiene. I had had gum bleeds before the treatment and after they stopped straight away. I recommend her services wholeheartedly.I've just had an appointment with Eduardo and Martyn and I couldn't be happier. They fitted my braces with care and expertise while ensuring that I feel comfortable. While in the chair I was being informed about all the steps they are doing. I am looking forward to my orthodentic journey. Thank you, guys!read more
Réka Tolnai
Réka Tolnai
12:48 10 May 24
I had my braces fitted today by Eduardo and Shay, and I couldn’t be happier, they both made me feel comfortable throughout the whole process.I can not wait to see the end result.
Sharni Deakin
Sharni Deakin
18:37 30 Apr 24
Today I got my braces fitted by Dr Eduardo and Steph. It was a very pleasant experience and professional. He takes his time to explain everything in details and answered all my questions about braces. Highly recommended!
Eissa Hussain
Eissa Hussain
13:23 17 Apr 24
Brilliant experience getting my braces on today, felt so comfortable and the putting on process was great along with all the after brace care instructions! can’t thank Eduardo and Koren enough! 🙂
Kayde Burke
Kayde Burke
15:25 11 Apr 24
I just had my braces fitted by Eduardo and I couldn't be happier with the experience. Both Eduardo and Faye were incredibly thorough in explaining every step of the process, ensuring I felt comfortable and informed throughout. I highly recommend... their services to anyone considering orthodontic treatment. Thank you!read more
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Nagy Henrietta
21:54 27 Mar 24
Eduardo did a great job, very thorough and a much better experience than a previous time I had braces, thanks!
Carrie Ryan
Carrie Ryan
11:24 21 Mar 24
Communication, patience and friendliness are the top 3 qualities I can think of for Eduardo who has been very helpful from the beginning with the braces treatment (ongoing).Highly recommend.
Mihai Nicolae Serbanica
Mihai Nicolae Serbanica
21:11 11 Feb 24
Had my braces off with Kayleigh and Shay, and my clean with Rebecca and Faye, and I would like to say they were all amazing and caring throughout my time at Smileworks. They made me feel at ease and I couldn't recommend the team more. 6/5 stars!... 100% recommend this dental practice and I'll be going to them from now more
Martyn Jones
Martyn Jones
16:15 02 Feb 24
I went to another dentist in the city centre (probably considered a big competitor to Smileworks) at first because I was sick of NHS dentists so thought I'd rather pay more for service and convenience, but the experience was awful. I then came... across Smileworks and was helped by Marnie at first who was amazing. Marnie walked me through all of my options and explained everything really well. She convinced me that Smileworks was definitely worth a go. I had my first appointment with Eduardo who was very thorough and professional, but also really friendly. Him and Marnie helped me get set up with a plan based on what they had found, but also making sure it worked for what I wanted to get out of it and in line with my wedding plans. This was followed up with Emma for a hygiene appointment which made me feel like I had a new set of teeth alone! She also gave great advice on how to change my habits and best look after my teeth moving forward. I then had a few appointments with Brian for some composite fillings. I hate fillings but Brian made it really easy to get through and did a great job. Everyone I've dealt with so far at Smileworks has clearly taken huge pride in their work. Service is really personal and clearly a massive focus here, and all of my appointments have started bang on time. The other dentist made me feel like another potential sale and had me moving from waiting room to waiting room for hours. I'm back at Smileworks soon for some more work and then braces with Eduardo, can't wait to see the end result and I've got no doubts that this team will continue to deliver!read more
theo lewis
theo lewis
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The care smileworks have given me over the last 12 months has been incredible, all the staff are really friendly and helpful, especially working around my shifts to give me appointments. Eduardo is very professional and caring, making me feel at... ease. Over the last 12 months he has treated my TMJ pain and been very thorough on assessing and adjusting my braces. It feels great to have them off and have such lovely teeth with no jaw pain! Karen was also really friendly and helpful throughout my final appointment. I will never go elsewhere for dental care now, I am signing up to a membership because I fully trust the staff, for their professionalism and outstanding more
Clare Murray
Clare Murray
07:50 11 Dec 23
Incredible service! I've just started my braces treatment with Eduardo and Faye as my dentists team. They have always been so nice to me and very professional! Eduardo also speaks my first language and explained everything to me in my first... language. Great costumer service. I would completely reccommend!read more
Ane df
Ane df
15:49 19 Nov 23
Highly recommend going to Smileworks for dental treatment. All the staff are so lovely and helpful. Had braces fitted by Dr Eduardo and Martin and both were amazing and made me feel safe and comfortable throughout. Dr Eduardo is great and so... knowledgable. He takes time to explain everything and is non judgemental and genuinely cares. Big thanks for making going to the dentist not scary anymore ☺️read more
Maddie Barton
Maddie Barton
21:17 10 Nov 23

What is medical tattooing?

Medical micro-pigmentation and is the application of eyeliner, lip blush and the shaping and contouring of eyebrows by a special type of medical tattooing.  Micropigmentation does not use tattoo ink or even the same equipment as traditional tattoos and requires special inks and processes to provide precision strokes that do not spread or blend into the skin like tattoos because of the design, colour value and pigments used in treatment.   It also requires specialist training and at Smileworks we have the experience and talent to give you the best results.     Imagine a super-high definition tattoo. That’s micropigmentation.  We use smaller and less invasive needles that are quieter, penetrate to a lesser depth and are consequently much less painful.  The process is slightly different depending on what you want and the part of the face being treated. Permanent lip liner or blush is a block colour to fill in the entire lip just like professionally applied lipstick.  Whereas so-called eyebrow tattoo requires ultra-fine strokes and microscopic precision to give either a subtle result or dramatic brows.     The specially designed pigments are inserted into the dermal layer of the skin so that they remain for an extended period of time.  Cosmetic tattooing of the body is also slightly different and this can include restoring the shape of the nipple, restoring the hairline or covering scars.  The pigment is gradually broken down over time and is completely safe.  Asymmetrical lips or hair lip scars can also be corrected by these techniques.

Treatment Areas


Eyebrows frame the face and provide a focal point, giving you expression, individuality and beauty.  Precision, professional look eyebrows give you confidence and subtly enhance your eyes and natural beauty no matter your complexion.  Here at Smileworks we use the best state-of-the-art eyebrow makeup and the most advanced procedures to give you results that will make you look ‘wow’ from morning to evening and well into the night.  Medical micro pigmentation can recreate each hair strand at a microscopic concentration for people who have over-plucked, thin or non-existent eyebrows.  Patients report the results create a genuine feeling of increased confidence, happiness and success.     Eyebrow tattoo procedure     Whether you’re looking for a subtle look, to replace lost or thin eyebrows or going for the full on Cara Delavigne brow then this is the treatment of choice.  Smileworks provide professional ongoing and precise aftercare including the essential top up appointment which is very important for your makeup to last for as long as possible.

Permanent Eyeliner

If you want to wake up each morning with makeup artist airbrushed-look eyeliner for a glamorous, smoky or subtle effect without having to reach for the pencil then come and see our professionals who can advise you on the best course of treatment.  Our patients tell us that applying eyeliner is often the most difficult part of their routine and this treatment is truly revolutionary and life-changing for many of them.     Eyeliner tattoo application     The eyes are the most important facial feature for expression and intimacy so it’s important to get it right every time.  If you want a perfect look whether you’re sunbathing, swimming or partying then this is the treatment for you.  Never mind so called ‘waterproof eyeliner’ – SPMU eyes are ‘everything proof!’     Many patients refer to this treatment as ‘permanent eyeliner’ although this is synonymous with SPMU treatment so you are in the right place.

Lip Liner and Lip Blush

Lips are certainly en Vogue for 2024 and beyond with Kylie Jenner doing for lips what Cara Delavigne has for brows.  At Smileworks we’re famous for our injectable lip treatments and now for non-invasive lip liner.  Our precision treatments can create definition, plumpness and restore a youthful sensual effect with super crisp and defined borders and blended precision effects to create the illusion of fullness and beauty.     Lip blush before and after     As we age, lips become thinner and less defined.  This is a natural process and can be reversed with micro pigmentation for the lips and in combination with injectable lip enhancements can give truly breathtaking results.

SPMU vs Microblading Eyebrows

Semi-permanent eyebrow makeup comes in a few forms.  ‘Permanent makeup’ is the same as SPMU and means the same thing.  ‘Microblading’ is becoming popular in recent years but it is certainly not the same as SPMU.     The procedure is regressive compared to what we do and the training is much more basic and less extensive than for SPMU. Plus we wouldn’t let anyone near our faces with a scalpel who wasn’t properly qualified.  Not to mention the procedure can lead to scarring and uneven results because it’s often very difficult to judge the depth that the scalpel goes to and a practitioner might scar the patient or damage their skin. Also the colour may not hold because the pressure is not even and creates an unnatural look.     Here at Smileworks we use a German made premium Onix Machine and our pigments meet the highest standards of quality and safety.  The ET-Derma safe pigments that we use are authorised by the health authorities and meet with European regulations, from the industries most established and sophisticated manufacturers.

Hannah Taaffe - Your Clinician

Before and Afters



Before treatment this patient wanted natural looking hairstroke eyebrows to enhance the existing shape. This treatment took approximately one and a half hours from start to finish including the consultation and design.


We designed the shape together from pictures and matching precisely the patient’s requirements.  This is an extremely important part of the consultation and I take time to make sure everythign is perfect.  The patient was delighted with the end result using a Nano 2 needle to achieve the finished look which is one of the finest needles that can be used for the hairstroke style brow. This needle allows for each hair stroke to be softer which blends better with the natural brow. 

– Hannah Taaffe 2018



(appearance of bigger eyes & eye colour enhancement)


This patient wanted a defined look so we opted for a thicker needle (a 3 slope) and the process was repeated a few times over to ensure that the depth of colour was as dark as the patient wanted and perfectly matched her requirements. Upper lid eyeliner helps to achieve the appearance of opening the eyes up to make them look bigger and more beautiful.  This procedure has the benefit of also enhancing natural eye colour.  This treatment took just 30 minutes to achieve from start to finish. 

– Hannah Taaffe 2018



Lip blush before and after This patient is Dr MJ Rowland-Warmann, the lead clinician at Smileworks and following injectable lip fillers wanted definition around the lips and also added colour and shading to give a perfect, rounded and plump appearance.  Many patients use semi-permanent lip blush and injectable lip fillers together to get beautiful results like these.  For more information on lip filler treatment follow the link to our main lip augmentation page where you can see lip before and after pictures.  This is the final look with lip gloss. – Hannah Taaffe 2018      

Here’s some images of the finished effect from our patient’s social media:

semi permanent lip liner and lip blush     eyebrow before and after     User generated before and after   patient facebook after picture

Price List

2024 Prices

All prices include the cost of your top up 4-6 weeks after your first appointment

  • Eyeliner upper lid or lower lid | £150
  • Eyeliner (upper lid and lower lid) | £200
  • Brows (hairstroke and ombré) | £380
  • Lip Blush | £300


Procedure, Aftercare & Healing

First you need to have a consultation with our highly trained SPMU Clinician to ensure suitability and find out precisely the look you are after.  This includes medical history and filling in some forms on our personalised iPads.  It’s important at this stage that your technician or clinician  manages your expectations surrounding your treatment and ensures you know precisely what can be achieved and how the end result will look.  Then your technician will apply anaesthetic cream to numb the area being treated for maximum comfort.     The treatment takes anywhere from forty minutes to two hours depending on the area treated and this includes the marking up and preparation of the treatment area.  Following your treatment a special cream will be applied to keep the area clean and you will be given your aftercare instructions and booked in for your follow-up appointment.     The follow-up of review appointment is very important because this completes the treatment fully and ensures the look will last as long as possible.  The result is highly dependent on your skin type and can last between 6 months and 2 years. You can also have re-treatment whenever you want and some people like to keep regular treatments whereas others will let the procedure wear off before having it again.     Your aftercare will be carefully explained to you and you’ll be given everything you need to be safe and heal quickly and safely following treatment.  It is not advisable to:

Go to the gym or swim for a week following treatment.


Rub or mess around with the affected area. It may be itchy but you must not scratch it.


Don’t go in the direct sun because this may break down the pigment in the skin and cause further swelling and inflammation of the treated area.


Use the aftercare cream that you will be given as required and directed by your SPMU professional technician.

    Everyone has different healing times, but as a general rule the surface skin generally heals between 3-7 days after the treatment, and 10-14 days below the surface.  Many people will return to work the same day after a treatment.  We don’t advise driving after a eyeliner or lash enhancement.  This is because your eyes may be a little swollen or watery immediately after the treatment.

Am I Suitable?

Almost everybody is suitable for SPMU treatments.  Whether you have thin, non-existent or over-plucked eyebrows, uneven or thin lips or just want a perfect makeup-artist look each morning no matter what fun activities you’ve been doing without the hassle or constantly applying and re-applying make up.     Some people might be allergic to traditional cosmetic makeup and many want to reduce the cost of buying make up.  Ideal candidates for treatment can be anyone who wears makeup and men and women are both frequent patients of ours here at Smileworks.  People who have active cold sores, skin diseases or infections will have to see their GP and get these treated before coming to us for treatment.     Also some heart conditions are contra-indicated as are people prone to excessive keloid scarring will have to be aware of additional risks that will be explained fully before treatment.  You will be given an in depth medical history to complete so we will be able to ascertain your suitability at your appointment.  it’s extremely rare that people cannot have treatment so it’s best to come along or give us a call to learn more from our expert technicians.

Risks and Side-effects

The treatment carries few risks and is very well tolerated by patients or all kinds having many different types of treatment.  Sometimes patients come to us from other practices complaining that their treatment has not lasted or is uneven or doesn’t look the way they want.  This is something we can often help you with by corrective treatments and using the correct inks and techniques.     Infection and scarring is a rare complication.  Scarring is much more likely if you have had micro blading and contrary to popular thinking is very rare with micropigmentation.  Smileworks are a dental practice and have advanced cross-infection protocols and patients are unlikely to suffer from infections if they follow their aftercare guidance.     Some people are allergic to the materials that we use and our professional are very careful to test people with a history of allergic reactions beforehand.  Many patients experience slight swelling, tingling sensations and itchiness.  This is normal and nothing to worry about.

where to find us

Click on the map below or Google ‘semi permanent makeup near me’.



Common Patient FAQs


  • Where is the best semi permanent makeup near me?
  • Smileworks are experts in facial treatments of all kinds. We have one of the most highly trained and accredited semi-permanent make-up artists in Hannah Taaffe and you can be assured that you are in the safest hands.
  • Does makeup tattoo hurt?
  • A powerful numbing agent is used to reduce the pain associated with your treatment and make sure you are as comfortable as possible. The treatment is well tolerated by patients of all ages and skin types having a range of different treatments. Eyebrows are the least painful followed by eyeliner and then lips. This is usually a surprise to most patients although the pain is rarely rated as more than 5/10 with 1 being hardly anything to 10 being unbearable (traditional tattoos are rated by patients from 5/10 t 10/10! Although semi permanent tattooing is a form of tattooing, the pain factor is considered to be less pronounced as the treatments are gentler and less invasive.
  • Will I need a top up procedure?
  • The control, refresher, refill or sometimes called top-up procedure is very important and is free of charge and included in the price. We will take care of booking your refresher appointment after your initial treatment. There may be some inconsistency in the way your skin reacts to the the pigments. This must be done 4-12 weeks following your appointment to perfect the result. You can also have a colour boost treatment 12-15 weeks after your first appointment and this will ensure longer lasting results.
  • Is eyeliner micro pigmentation more painful?
  • People tolerate all the procedures well and lips are usually the treatment that is reported as the most uncomfortable. However, with our anaesthetic techniques you should be comfortable throughout your treatment. Remember the materials we use are not tattoo materials and are much less painful than a traditional tattoos.
  • Which is the best semi-permanent eyeliner?
  • Here at Smileworks Hannah will use the very best treatments and procedures so you can be assured that you are getting the longest lasting and most precise eyeliner treatment.
  • Can you get permanent foundation?
  • No – this is not currently available. We believe there are over the counter ‘permanent foundations’ which refer to waterproof foundations and are just makeup – not a procedure like SPMU. Head to the Harvey Nichols Makeup Counter Boots and ask them about this.
  • How long does treatment take?
  • Treatment time varies depending n whether you want eyeliner, brows or lips. Also how detailed or advanced the procedure is will affect how long it takes to perform. Some treatments take as little as 40 minutes whereas others can take up to two hours.
  • How long does treatment last
  • This varies from person to person because skin type, diet, genetics and environmental factors can all contribute to how long the pigments will be retained.  As a guide, it could be anything between one to two years before a new treatment is required, although refresher colour boosts are recommended for maintenance during this time. Once the colour starts to change you will know that you are ready for your refresher colour boost. It is important to remember that semi permanent make-up is a low maintenance not a no maintenance treatment. 
  • Will my makeup seem darker at first?
  • Yes it will. Immediately after treatment the result will look 30-50% darker and this will subside to a natural-looking result soon after the area starts to heal. Many patients like the darker look so you have nothing to worry about and when it fades, you are ready for your review or ‘control’ appointment to get the result perfect.
  • What’s the most popular treatment?
  • We find semi permanent eyebrows are the most popular treatment followed closely by eyeliner and then lip blush. Many patients who opt for lip blush often consider injectable lip augmentation also.
  • Can I wear make-up after the treatment?
  • Semi permanent makeup is typically used to enhance your natural features, therefore after your treatment has healed, you can wear makeup to complement and enhance your permanent cosmetics. 
  • What’s the difference between SPMU and permanent make up?
  • There isn’t one! These two terms are just different words for the same treatment. Microblading is different. This is cutting with a scalpel and ink and can cause scarring and is less precise and usually cheaper and not conducted in a clinical environment – increasing the risks to your precious face. We don’t do microblading at Smileworks for these reasons.
  • Are you registered and qualified?
  • Our SPMU makeup artist is not only extremely talented with years of experience but she has trained with Adorn, Dermace and Livava – all leaders in the industry. She has advanced qualification for eyebrow tattoo, hair-stroke, powdered and ombre style brows. She also holds advanced qualifications in lip blush and semi permanent eyeliner and is a qualified NVQ3 Beautician. Smileworks are a CQC registered premises with extremely advanced cross infection and sterilisation equipment – making us the safest choice in Liverpool.