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The one treatment I recommend to almost everyone is Morpheus8.  This device is unbeatable for skin tightening and facial remodelling and is the only effective treatment for jowls and creases in the lower face and neck.


Skin tightening is the last great problem in Aesthetic Medicine and we’ve been looking for a way to tighten skin for decades without much success.  I believe that with Morpheus8 the last great problem in aesthetic medicine has been solved.  We can now achieve profound skin tightening in the lower face to restore youthful contours. 


The technology is a minimally invasive Subdermal Adipose Remodelling Device. But you don’t need to understand the advanced technology just that I guarantee you this device will dramatically tighten the skin, reduce jowls and banish the dreaded ‘turkey neck’ that so many of my patients complain about.




Dr MJ Explains the treatment

Before and after pictures



“My face looks amazing!  Today when I looked in the mirror I was really astonished at the difference.  I really can’t thank you enough.  Incredible”

Kim K ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 5/5 Stars  [4.9 / 5.0 based on 39 reviews]



Really recommend Eduardo and his assistant Ashleigh. Had my braces fitted and 3 teeth taken out. Went quick and painless thanks guys
Krzysztof Lukacz
Krzysztof Lukacz
07:12 22 Nov 21
I have just had braces fitted on Wednesday by Dr Eduardo and Nikola. The experience was great. It was painless and I was made to feel very comfortable and relaxed. Once I’d had the braces fitted Dr Eduardo went through all the aftercare with me.... When I mentioned how the braces were feeling at the back of my mouth, where I needed small blocks fitting, Dr Eduardo called Nikola back in the room and investigated my comment and altered the height of the blocks slightly. Great attention to detail and professionalism. Looking forward to the results!read more
Robert Wolseley
Robert Wolseley
00:16 12 Nov 21
I enjoyed my time getting my braces fitted this morning by Eduardo and Ashleigh. They made me feel comfortable and we had a laugh at the same time. Eduardo explained the treatment thoroughly and I’m excited for my future smile
Connor McGoochan
Connor McGoochan
13:33 26 Oct 21
I had my brace fitting today with Dr Eduardo and Nikola who were both really good at making me feel comfortable and relaxed throughout the appointment. Eduardo explained everything thoroughly and gave me lots of advice on how to keep my braces... clean. I am so happy I chose smileworks as all the staff here are so friendly and welcoming, I am looking forward to my next more
Katie H
Katie H
19:56 21 Oct 21
I went few months ago to ask about braces, I have started the process and today I finally got the braces! I was always worried and scared..postpone it all the time..but when I went to smilework I felt like at home. Doctor Eduardo and Nikola were so... patient with me and they even put my favourite music during the braces seems a small thing but I felt amazing and so relaxed! A special thanks to all smilework team! Looking forward to seeing my perfect smile in few months! Highly recommended 🙂read more
Caterina Donato
Caterina Donato
16:02 08 Oct 21
Had the pleasure of seeing Dr Eduardo and his assistant Nikola today for my braces fitting and extraction. The appointment was amazing as per usual as I have been coming here a while now for hygiene appointments and implant consultation. Dr Es... extraction was so smooth and quick I've had a few in my time but none like that. Would happily let him remove all my teeth if needed haha.Brace fitting went without a hitch and was given clear instructions how to care for them and what to expect over the next few months.Couldn't recommend this place enough, all the staff are really friendly even if your not there to see them. We'll worth checking them out if considering dental more
Danny B
Danny B
09:03 30 Sep 21
I had my braces fitting with Eduardo and Ashleigh today. As an extremely nervous patient, they made me feel completely calm and took everything at my own pace. Going back in three weeks for tooth extractions and I feel so much calmer knowing they’re... with these talented more
Annabel C
Annabel C
15:55 15 Sep 21
First appointment for getting my braces on today, really friendly and took the time to explain any details and make sure you're happy with everything. Took care to make sure all personal requirements were met, couldn't ask for better treatment.... Thanks to Dr Eduardo & Nikola looking forward to the next appointmentread more
Jay Mullen
Jay Mullen
18:47 08 Sep 21
I am a customer of Smileworks and recommend the place to everyone.All the staff are professional kind and helpful.Ive had my braces fitted today by Eduardo and Ashleigh and i’m over the moon with their work.Also big thanks to Marnie for arranging... everything and making it a smooth journey.Ive also had some aesthetic work done recently by Dr MJ and i will never let anyone else near my face again. Amazing place - love it xxxread more
haseena khan
haseena khan
19:10 25 Aug 21
Rebecca and Nikola are awesome! First time I've ever had braces and I was so nervous but they made me feel completely at ease, were very quick and thorough and it was completely painless. I'm so happy with the braces too you can hardly notice them!... Thanks so much girls!read more
Natasha Taliadoros
Natasha Taliadoros
15:47 20 Aug 21


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Morpheus8 Before and after





Morpheus is designed to work best after three sessions so the price represents this. For additional sessions or a further package consult your practitioner.

  • Morpheus8 | £675
  • Morpheus8 (3 sessions) | £1,800

If you cannot afford more than one or two sessions then take a look at our 0% finance options or Smileworks memberships.

Morpheus8 Launch Webinar

Here is the Morpheus8 Launch Webinar hosted by Dr MJ.  Here you will find in depth explanations about the treatment, FAQ’s, live patient demonstrations and testimonials about whether the treatment hurts, if it’s worth it and anything else you might be interested to know.  Watch this video to become an expert on all things morpheus8!  Dr MJ runs the Inmode Facetite workshops training medical practitioners in the Facetite / Morpheus system.

*Note the launch prices no longer apply.  The prices for treatment are now £675 for one session or £1,800 for three.  We strongly recommend 3 sessions for the best results.* 

Who is Dr MJ?

Thousands of patients in Liverpool and all over the world trust their faces to Dr MJ.  She genuinely cares about her patients  and loves helping you look your best.  It really is that simple.


Dr MJ: “You can only achieve perfection for an individual if you fully understand what they want and how they would like to feel.”


The best way to find out about MJ is on her instagram here: Dr MJ Instagram


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Mj holds an MSc in Aesthetic Medicine and a Biomedical Sciences Degree, teaches Injection techniques and works on the faculty at Sinclair Pharmaceuticals as a Key Opinion Leader, Trainer and Advisor. 


Dr MJ: “Being highly qualified is the bare minimum.  People who practice on such an important area as the face should have a deep understanding of facial anatomy to create the very best results”



MJ changed my life


There’s no such thing as a ‘famous’ dentist.  No matter what you might hear people say.  That said, Dr MJ has been featured widely in the press.

Visit Dr MJ’s press page here:

MJ in the press and media


Morpheus8 FAQ's

  • How does it work?
  • Minimally invasive Subdermal Adipose Remodelling Devices work by using pins to deliver targeted radio frequency deep into the skin causing skin tightening and fat reduction. This dual effect causes profound tightening of the skin around the jowls and lower face and also the neck.
  • How much does Morpheus8 cost?
  • We recommend three sessions costing £1,800. If you would like a subtle effect then speak to Dr MJ at your consultation. One session is £675
  • Does it hurt?
  • The treatment is carried out under local anaesthetic (topical cream). The procedure is very well tolerated but if you are worried about pain then you can speak to us about additional ways of making the procedure more comfortable.
  • Why should I consider a SARD device?
  • For the lower face and neck, we traditionally plan patients with combination treatments. Perhaps a treatment plan involving fractional resurfacing with energy devices, some filler to restore volume and even treatments such as Aqualyx for fat reduction might be moderately successful. But the downside is we putting you through a whole range of treatments and the cost is frequently more than you’d pay for a surgical face or neck lift. Some patients don’t want surgery and for them, the Morpheus device is an absolute revelation.
  • How long does Morpheus8 last?
  • Yes the treatment is permanent and it doesn’t wear off like Botox or filler. People (especially women) do not age uniformly. You will notice ageing coming in fits and starts depending on lifestyle and hormones. So you must understand that age related changes are still happening and this treatment cannot freeze time! That said, Morpheus treatment is so successful that many patients simply return for more treatments.

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