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Information for our braces and orthodontic patients including some academic articles from our dentists and specialists.


Orthodontist: How to brush your teeth with braces in 2020

  Here’s our very own orthodontist, Dr Laurence Masters with 7 expert tips on how to brush your teeth with braces.   To learn more about all the amazing things Laurence does for his patients and to see all our different types of braces that we offer here at Smileworks take a look here at…

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  Here is an academic article by Dr MJ Rowland-Warmann BSc BDS MSc Aes.Med. PGDip Endod. MJDF RCS (Eng) GDC: 178642 on the subject of retention in Orthodontic treatment.       *** CENSORED ***   If you are a patient looking for braces or orthodontic treatment from Smileworks then take a look at the pages that…

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Outline the significance of the pre-adjusted Edgewise appliance system and useful bracket variations in orthodontics

Here is an academic article by Dr MJ Rowland-Warmann BSc BDS MSc Aes.Med. PGDip Endod. MJDF RCS (Eng) GDC: 178642 on the significance of pre-adjusted Edgewise appliance systems in Orthodontics.  Dr Rowland-Warmann is currently studying for her MClinDent Orthodontics Masters at BPP in Manchester.         If you are a patient looking for braces or orthodontic treatment…

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White Marks on Teeth | Here’s how to remove them

Here at Smileworks we’re all about healthy, beautiful smiles.  And for some discoloured areas of enamel can cause you to feel self-conscious.  Luckily this is a common problem and one you can easily remedy.  White spots, white patches or a mottled white appearance of teeth is extremely common and many patients have lived with it…

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Discuss the significance of anchorage in orthodontics

    Discuss the Significance of Anchorage in Orthodontics Author: Dr MJ Rowland-Warmann BPP University MClinDent Masters in Orthodontics       This is an academic presentation for use by dentists and orthodontists about principles and efficacy of anchorage.  If you’re a patient wanting to speak to someone about your own orthodontic treatment at Smileworks…

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6 Month Smiles Liverpool: Reviewed by Dentists & Orthodontists

6 Month Smiles Reviewed In this article our Smileworks dentists and specialist orthodontists will give a detailed and unbiased review of the Six Month Smiles braces system (6MS).  Six Month Smiles is a popular system here in Liverpool and certainly has some great benefits.  But time and again we’re seeing patients who are confused about…

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Invisalign Cost | We compare Prices to Save you Money

Why get braces at all?   Invisalign® is more than just straight teeth, it’s an investment in you.  Smileworks Invisalign® patients almost always report dramatic improvements to their lives and lifestyles.  Sometimes it’s more confidence, greater happiness or finally feeling like you can smile confidently again.  Some patients say their new smile has literally changed…

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Overjet & Overbite in adult teeth | Problems, causes & treatments

  Overjet Definition An Overjet is the overlap of the teeth in the horizontal dimension.  This means that the top teeth protrude over the bottom ones. It’s often called ‘overbite’ although this is not the correct term and an orthodontist would always use the term, overjet.  An overjet in adults can be corrected by getting…

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What is an Overbite & Deep Overbite Treatment for Adults

Overbite problems & deep bite An overbite is the overlap of the top teeth over the bottom ones.  In orthodontics, an overbite is measured by the amount that the teeth overlap in the vertical or the amount that the upper teeth cover the lower.  An ‘overbite’ is normal and everybody has one.  However when the…

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