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Information for our braces and orthodontic patients including some academic articles from our dentists and specialists.


Ladies: What Does Your Smile Say About You?

  What does your smile say about you?   Let’s face it, smiling is super-important.  Every girl wants to have nice teeth and cosmetic dentistry is an exploding industry here in Liverpool.  Researchers from King’s College London have made some really interesting discoveries about how a nice smile effects what people think of you.    …

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Do Your Kids Need a Private Orthodontist?

  No More NHS Waiting Lists Had enough of waiting for NHS braces? Have uncertainty and delays left you feeling tired and confused?  Now you can skip the queue and get braces on your kids immediately – surrounded by people who really care about perfect results and healthy smiles.   Here at Smileworks we have more options,…

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Adult Braces Improve the Professional Lives of Men

Adult Orthodontics for Men Adult braces improve the professional and personal lives of men says a new American Association of Orthodontists  (AAO) report.  Adult males are seeking orthodontic treatments, such as Invisalign®,  in record numbers according to an AAO survey.  More and more young men are getting private orthodontic treatment in order to improve their…

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Adult orthodontics | How to Fix Crowding and Gaps in Adults

  Adult Orthodontics at Smileworks Liverpool   Here’s the first part of a series on adult orthodontics at Smileworks.  Smileworks are the leading orthodontist in Liverpool and we treat dozens of patients a week with every conceivable type of problem ranging from simple to highly complex.  If you’re looking for information on Overjet or Overbite,…

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Lingual Braces Liverpool | Lingual & Incognito® Braces Reviewed

  What are Lingual & Incognito Braces? Crooked teeth are becoming a thing of the past, especially with so many options available to those who are unhappy with their smile or bite.  You’ve heard of traditional braces, this is where brackets are placed on the teeth and secured with wire.  The wire exerts a force…

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Orthodontics at Smileworks | TMJ Pain & Dysfunction

Orthodontic Presentation on TMJ Pain and Dysfunction Author: Dr MJ Rowland-Warmann BPP University MClinDent Masters in Orthodontics       This is an academic presentation for use by dentists and orthodontists about the TMJ joint and associated pain and dysfunction.  If you’re a patient wanting to speak to someone about your own TMJ or any…

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The Orthodontic Skeletal Vertical Assessment

    This is an academic presentation about Orthodontics.  If you’ve arrived here wanting to know more about getting braces or orthodontics from the wonderful people at Smileworks Liverpool the take a look at our braces and orthodontics page here:  Orthodontist Liverpool.     Presentation: The Skeletal Vertical Assessment in Orthodontics Author:  Dr MJ Rowland-Warmann…

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A Discussion of Interceptive Orthodontics

  Author:  Dr MJ Rowland-Warmann Student ID BP0150715     Note: This is an academic resource for dentists and orthodontists written by Dr Rowland-Warmann for her Orthodontics Masters at BPP.  If you’re a patient and want to know more about braces and orthodontics at Smileworks and how we can help you or your child with…

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Factors Influencing Choice of Extractions in Orthodontics

 Discuss the factors that may influence the choice of extraction in orthodontics Author:  Dr MJ Rowland-Warmann Module 2: Principles of Orthodontic Diagnosis and Treatment Planning Submission March 2017 Student ID BP0150715   Note: This is an academic resource for dentists and orthodontists written by Dr Rowland-Warmann for her Orthodontics Masters at BPP.  If you’re a…

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Inman Aligner | Smileworks Liverpool

Inman Aligner Liverpool Inman aligners are the gentle, safe, efficient and super quick removable braces taking Liverpool by storm in 2020.  Their popularity is due to a number of factors including the low cost, remarkable speed and the fact that patients can remove them to eat. These factors together make the Inman Aligner appliance the…

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