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Smileworks Expert Advisors to Daily Mail on Katie Price

On 4th March 2018 Dr Rowland-Warmann was contacted by the team at Femail the women’s section of the Daily Mail to give her expert commentary on Katie Price and her recent aesthetic interventions.  This is sensible and practical advice concerning the importance of ‘age appropriate’ facial aesthetic treatments -something many practitioners are getting wrong here…

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International Women’s Day at Smileworks

International Women’s day at Smileworks The Dental Practice where Women Bill More than Men – Sorry fellas… Smileworks is Liverpool’s number one dental practice and we’re not only breaking the mould when it comes to the type of dentistry we do but also the type of dentists we have working here.  At Smileworks every day is…

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Private or NHS for the aspiring Dental Hygiene Therapist?

  Here’s Rebecca Newbold, Smileworks’ newest Dental Hygiene Therapist with a insightful, data-driven approach to some of the differences between working in the NHS and Private Practice and how this distinction can impact the career of an aspiring DHT.  If you think you need help with your oral health then visit our main page all…

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