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Information for our braces and orthodontic patients including some academic articles from our dentists and specialists.


Braces Before and After Gallery

    Braces Before and Afters   Here at Smileworks we help literally dozens of beautiful braces patients a week.  We not only straighten their teeth, we help them feel better about their entire lives.  Braces are a lifestyle choice and whether you’ve gone for invisible, fixed or removable, the results are always really special….

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Braces Colours Gallery

      So here at Smileworks braces are all about looking perfect and changing your life for the better.  We love taking photos of each patient and their braces journeys and a number of these photos have been based on the cool braces colours they have chosen for their treatment.  This article is about…

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Overcrowding in Adults

  Crowded teeth (also known as overcrowding in adults)   Crowding is a term used in dentistry to describe when patients have misaligned teeth.  People refer to crowding as overcrowded teeth, malocclusion of teeth or simple ‘overcrowding’.  The proper dental terminology is just ‘crowding’.  This is where the teeth are scrunched together and become crooked….

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Fixed Braces or Removable Braces? Your Choice

  Fixed Braces or Removable Braces? Choosing whether to go with fixed or removable braces is an important decision once you’ve decided that you want to improve your smile.  There are a whole host of different things to consider including price, how well each option does it’s job  and also how long each system takes…

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Braces or Aligners – Which is Better?

How to choose between braces and Aligners? Newsflash! Metal braces are not the only way to get straighter teeth.  At  Smileworks our team of cosmetic dentists offer a number of different tooth straightening solutions. These include traditional and tooth-coloured braces, and clear aligners. Each come with their own advantages, and the perfect way to straighten…

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