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A healthy mouth is essential for cosmetic dental work so our hygiene department is very busy helping people with their gum disease and oral hygiene problems making sure you are well looked after and healthy


Private or NHS for the aspiring Dental Hygiene Therapist?

  Here’s Rebecca Newbold, Smileworks’ newest Dental Hygiene Therapist with a insightful, data-driven approach to some of the differences between working in the NHS and Private Practice and how this distinction can impact the career of an aspiring DHT.  If you think you need help with your oral health then visit our main page all…

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How do e-cigarettes affect oral health?

    e-Cigarettes and Gum Health   There’s been a lot of speculation around the healthiness of e-cigarettes, as these devices continue to increase in popularity. The full range of side effects is not yet documented, however new e-cigarette regulations came into effect on May 20, 2017, with the purpose of restricting tank size and…

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Ultimate Guide to Oral Hygiene Gadgets

Here’s our complete and unbiased review of the best (and worst) oral hygiene gadgets of 2017-2018 compared just for you by our cosmetic dentists and therapists.  click the link to download and also watch our video where the team discuss their findings.   If you think you have gum disease and want treatment from one…

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A Word of Whitening to the Wise | Illegal Whitening in Liverpool

  Whitening at Smileworks   Here at Smileworks we take whitening very seriously indeed. As seriously as Simon Cowell? Perhaps – although judging by his teeth – perhaps not.  But what’s for sure is that our beautiful patients deserve nothing less than the best products delivered in the safest possible way.  Illegal whitening is absolutely…

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