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Dental implants are the most natural and advanced tooth replacement procedure there is. Here at Smileworks we carry out dozens of different types of Implant treatments from All on 4 to single Implants and Implant retained Bridges and Dentures.


Are Implants Safe?

    When patients get into our office and learn more about what they do they are rarely apprehensive about Implant treatments.  However, we have seen an increasing number of people searching online for information answering the question, “Are dental implants safe?”   If you’re looking for more general information on dental implants, take a…

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Dental Bridge vs Implant | Which is best?

    Which is best, a Bridge or an Implant?  A great deal of our beautiful Smileworks patients ask us; “so I want to replace this tooth, bridge vs implant, which is better?”  The answer might often be different for two different patients and we cannot stress the importance of getting a consultation so your…

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Replacement Teeth: and how to get them from Smileworks in 2020

Replacement Teeth: and how to get them from Smileworks in 2020   Many patients come to us asking: “how can I get replacement teeth?” Here’s all you need to know before coming along to see your dentist and getting a consultation.  For more information on Dental Implants Liverpool follow the link to our main article….

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Dental Implants Cost Compared by the Experts

  Ever wondered why dental implants cost what they do?  Ever wondered why different dentists quote you all over the place for Implant dentistry?  Well wonder no more because here’s some unbiased, itemised and neutral advice on the cost of dental implants.  If you’re looking for more general info then follow the link to our…

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The Smileworks Complete Guide to Implants

        About Implants Implants are a natural and effective way of replacing lost or missing teeth.  Smileworks implants are one of our best tools to restore smiles and make our patients feel amazing.  Implants are advanced titanium screws that fit into the jaw bone and have replacement artificial teeth attached to them….

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Caring for dental implants to ensure a happy smile for life

        Follow the link here for our main article on dental implants Liverpool.  This article discusses the different types of implants, the procedure and clinical indications of implant surgery.  The article here article is about caring for dental implants and will help patients who’ve had treatment with us already.     Caring for…

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