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Sometimes there’s nothing we can do other than extract teeth that are too damaged to be saved or that are causing problems (like impacted wisdom teeth) Here’s all the answers to help you feel safe in our hands.


Wisdom Tooth Removal | Pain, Advice and Cost

        Wisdom tooth removal:  The facts Wisdom tooth removal is having one or both of your third molars (wisdom teeth) taken out by a dentist.  Removal is required when the erupting wisdom teeth become impacted, or something is blocking them from coming through.  Wisdom tooth removal is also called a ‘surgical extraction‘…

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Overcrowding in Adults

  Crowded teeth (also known as overcrowding in adults)   Crowding is a term used in dentistry to describe when patients have misaligned teeth.  People refer to crowding as overcrowded teeth, malocclusion of teeth or simple ‘overcrowding’.  The proper dental terminology is just ‘crowding’.  This is where the teeth are scrunched together and become crooked….

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